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  1. Has 100% completion just like me! 😁 Just an all-around awesome person who is generous with reps and super supportive of other players' game progress. 🌠
  2. Classes start in a week.  So much prep to do!  I need to buckle down and get stuff done.  See you soon!  🤗

  3. #18: Secret of Mana 6th in the time of COVID Difficulty: 3 / 10 The game pretty much gives you all the tools you need to level just about anything standing in your way. Once you figure out how to wait until the meter charges to 100% before attacking, you'll find that enemies and bosses attack in very predictable ways. There were only a couple of difficulty spikes (Forest of Seasons, the Great Palace) and even fewer puzzles or navigation moments worth getting stuck. If you're having a dumb-dumb day, check the guide; it actually does a better job of telling you what to do next than most NPCs in the game. For what it's worth, the SoM remake is appropriate even for novice RPG fans. There are enough hack-and-slash and action components to keep you interested and few mechanics to obsess over. As long as you make it a habit of mowing down anything standing your way, you will do fine with this game. Enjoyment: 9 / 10 I played the original. The remake made my teenage heart squee. I remember why I liked this game so much back in the day. It wasn't all that serious. The monsters were cute. The status effects were nutty. As long as you could time your attacks and spell casts well, you could pretty much handle anything the game threw at you. I also remember taking a good, long pause before buying this game. More than one review was savage in the worst kind of way. I'll also admit; yeah, there were a few control mechanics that the original nailed down pat that didn't translate into the PS4 port. Making everything 3D showed me in the long run just how small Gaia is and how claustrophobic dungeons can get, let alone how easy it is for enemies and chests to hide in the Pure Lands. I also don't recall Flammie smiling so big after beating its drum and didn't expect to miss the aerial shot from getting launched throughout the Cannon Network. I wonder if co-op play would have gone as smoothly as me playing solo after figuring out the shortcut commands. Not even grinding for orbs brought me down. The truth is, Square-Enix preserved exactly what we needed from the original: a lighthearted tale about a girl who rescues a boy who got kicked out his village thanks to his dad telling him to pick up a rusty sword and dropped into a cauldron of Goblin Soup and then tricked by a compelling sprite to save the world and his mama the Mana Tree by proxy from certain destruction. Who cares if Primm obsesses about Dyluck? Apparently Thanatos did too and still couldn't possess the dude's body and win. Who cares that Phanna got renamed as Pah-maaaaay-lah? (Ok, I did; it sounded weird.) I still wanna know why Primm couldn't learn dark-elemental magic and Popoi the light stuff. And if I didn't hit level 97 before finishing up, I'd wish there was a hard mode to replay.
  4. Secret of Mana: Defeat Blue Dragon Defeat King Vampire Defeat Dread Slime Obtain all arm gear Obtain all torso gear Obtain all head gear Defeat Dark Lich Defeat Mana Beast Defeat all monsters All magic at level 8 All weapons at level 9 Complete the guide Reach the ending And finally, after grinding orbs in the Mana Fortress all day and somehow going from level 78 to 97 after racing to the end: Earn all trophies
  5. I started the Mana Fortress at level 78 and finished on level 97. I managed to get all of the rare gear for everyone on my team. The last orb I picked up was the Spear Orb from the Tsunami. I also learned that the three section of the Fortress is the best plan to grind for gear. Many enemies are near doorways. I either torched them with Popoi's Burst spell (Dryad) or buffed Randi with Primm's Moon Energy (Luna) to one-hit crit kill things.
  6. Secret of Mana: Defeat Dark Stalker Defeat Shadows #1, 2, & 3 Defeat Aegagropilon Defeat Kettle Kin Defeat Mech Rider 3 Visit all locations on Flammie
  7. Secret of Mana: Defeat Minotaur Defeat Vampire Defeat Mech Rider 2 Defeat Lime Slime Defeat Gorgon Bull
  8. Secret of Mana: Defeat Spring Beak Defeat Great Viper Defeat Mech Rider Defeat Boreal Face Defeat Frost Gigas Yes, I got the Mech Rider, Boreal Face, and Frost Gigas trophies out of order. 😝
  9. Secret of Mana: Defeat Mantis Ant Defeat Tropicallo Defeat Spikey Tiger Defeat Biting Lizard Defeat Fire Gigas Defeat Wall Face Defeat Kilroy Defeat Jabberwocky
  10. #17: Asdivine Hearts II 5th in the time of COVID Difficulty: 3 / 10 The good thing about this game is that trophy collection largely relies on progressing through the story. So long as you don't run away from fights and consistently grind up weapons, it's really hard to get defeated. The bad thing about this game is that the story isn't really all that interesting. It picks up right at the end of the first Asdivine Hearts game. The banter between the characters is identical. Nobody knows why everyone's fawning over Zack. The game is basically one extended fetch quest / solve the mystery of crazy weather affecting parallel worlds. It basically involves faeries, previous deities who are mad at their Creator, and... yeah, I didn't care and still don't. The one good thing I will say is that there were a number of much-improved mechanics in the sequel. The leveling up system for weapons makes purchasing them obsolete. Transferring Steal, Critical, and Paralyze between weapons is essential; anything else is just frosting. I also like the main-sub team dynamic. Sure, you sacrifice some direct action of the sub characters, but they make up for it with unison spells and trust attacks. You'll also luck into jewels and weapon combinations that motivate putting your go-to person onto the back row. I wonder why armor wasn't given the same treatment, but oh well. There are only a few painfully grinding trophies, thank goodness. If you're bound and determined to reach the level cap (999), then keeping an eye on progress for the non-story trophies is easy enough. There's even a helpful in-game Records section that can help you stay focused (not that you need to complete the whole thing). Enjoyment: 5 / 10 Kemco is really good at pumping out RPG Maker on a bad day-esque titles that don't require a whole lot of brainpower to get through. That pump out is really clear in terms of story, character development, and especially music and sound effects. A lot of content got recycled from the first game. A lot. As I said above, enough mechanic tweaks were put in to make up for some really mouth-droppingly horrible issues in the first game. You get a 5x5 Rubix for each character at the start, so that you don't feel hobbled until well into the game. There are enough currencies in game to buy awesome, potentially game-breaking stuff from the get-go if you wanna get through this title as fast as you can. And just like the broken Follow and Next Jewel combination on metal enemies in the first title, bad bugs persist here. Don't use Felix's trust charge attack unless you want the game to slow to a crawl after loading all the dropped weapons. Yes, it's worse than vanilla Odin Sphere fight against Queen Vivian of the Underworld. Some jewel effects overwrite each other for unclear reasons. Why can your sub fighter use spells but not weapon-based skills? And why is there a faerie NPC with a masochistic bent relevant to the plot? Y'all's kids, wuuut? Just absolutely positively refuse to take this game series seriously. In fact, refuse to take the game developer itself too seriously. I've played two games so far and can tell their key to success is making something almost virtually identical between mobile and console formats -- and it shows. But hey, if I don't need to use my brain too hard and can still walk with a plat, I'm ok with that.
  11. Asdivine Hearts II: Progress on July 24 Disbanded Showdown! Combo Hotshot The Great Battle! Combo Pro End of Enders Memories of Asdivine Harvester Progress today, July 25 The Great Battle! Master Collector Businessman True Craftsman Busybody Asdivine Forevermore Battle Expert Everyone Is Happy The Savior Tip for Combo Pro trophy: Place the Follow, Next, Hitman, and Octupler jewels on your fastest front characters. Make sure Uriel's speed is lower than the other front line characters. Wait for a battle formation of three or four monsters. Use physical attacks on the first target and watch the hits stack. When the hit count reaches 100, use Uriel's I Like You, Too skill to instantly double the hit count. Fair warning: Multi-target skills and spells like the very-spammable Destruction (Mini Big Bang x Dark Matter unison spell) will not trigger the trophy -- only physical attacks. Tip for End of Enders trophy: Equip Zack with a high-geared sword (e.g., Excalibur) with a decent amount of levels on it plus the Critical trait. His Warzard skill will easily break the damage cap. Since you're grinding levels anyway for other trophies, just break out the skill every now and then to see if you can get insanely high damage. Tip for Businessman trophy: Before post-game, make it a habit of converting your Garden plots to portals if you don't need to harvest seeds (or, heck, if you got the trophy and don't really care about getting more fruits anymore). If you remember to do this as soon as portals get unlocked, you will have much of the trophy work done in advance. When you're ready to get this trophy out of the way, purchase Accelerators from the Menu Shop. Buy them in packs of 12. Turn all the garden into portals, send out your best ranked buddies, and call them back right away. Important warning: I blew 2,000 Holy Stones on weapons for the True Craftsman trophy until I realized that you can't buy Accelerators using Guild Coins. Don't be like me. Keep 1,000 stones on reserve. Tip for True Craftsman trophy: I think this trophy is the toughest one, even tougher than the Maid Battle Arena just because there's so much grinding involved. After getting the normal ending, purchase a Metal Jewel using Holy Stones from the Menu Shop. Load Thief Jewels into your fastest characters' rubices. If you have the Stones to spare, pick up an Attract Jewel but don't load it onto you're on the power leveling area of choice. Start gathering gear on the island just northeast of Lupus Labyrinth in Archelio. Not only do the enemies drop ample Boots, but they're capped at level 100 and are survivable with a decently equipped party. Link a character with Void Stone alpha to a sub with Shadow Stone alpha in order to learn Mini Big Bang and Dark matter. Combo them into Destruction; this spell will level EVERYTHING. Make sure Felix (for now) isn't part of this team. Use her trust level skill on formations of four enemies in order to get a bunch of rare and super rare gear drops. With enough Thief Jewels, you might luck out and get a dying enemy to drop its normal weapons too. Grind until the weapon inventory is full; upgrade, then repeat. Upon reaching level 300, go to the island north of Tricory Village and continue. You can find more post-level 300 grinding spots here. I found out the hard way that it's just easier to upgrade your best weapon at the time. Counter-intuitively, you don't get more gear experience by wasting upgrades on weak weapons. For Nadia, it was her Crystal Heels (found in final normal run dungeon). It was also easier to fill out weapon inventory, upgrade Nadia's weapon, and then spend all the tickets (for the chance to get an extra weapon for her here and there).
  12. Asdivine Hearts II: Forger Deadly Strike Champion Arena Master Hint for Deadly Strike and Arena Master trophies: Just like in the original, as soon as you get access to the flying pugwort from Gutenberg Castle, head west toward Sirona Port. There is a cross-shaped set of islands nearby. Southwest of there is a peninsula blocked off by a mountain range that connects to the first area of the game. This is your first power-leveling area infested with metal monsters. Metal monsters have insane defense, but they are weak against critical hits. Here's what you need. 🌠 Follow Jewel 🌠 Next Jewel 🌠 Acceleration Jewel There is an early treasure chest with a Follow Jewel inside. The Doppelgangers boss battle will drop two more Follow Jewels and two Next Jewels. Equip the three Follows on your strongest physical attackers -- mine were Zack, Felix, and (weirdly enough) Uriel -- and the Next Jewels on the two strongest fighters. You can pick up the Acceleration Jewel in a Treasury Room in Rhuge City. Buy a Treasury Key with holy stones from the shop. Put it on your strongest fighter. If your weapons aren't strong enough, I recommend backtracking to an area where monsters' rare and super rare items are weapons. I also recommend playing Safe Crackers but only with 11 tickets spent at a time. Collect weapons, focusing on beefing up STR stats and, if you're lucky, transferring Critical hit properties onto base weapons. Even if you can't transfer a full 30% crit rate onto a favored weapon, any critical hit boost will be more helpful than a raw strength stat. As tempting as it is to do row or column BG skills, the smarter move is to stick to physical melee attacks. Next Jewels (unfortunately were nerfed but still) proc at a 50% rate. A critical hit can easily wipe out a metal monster; and if Next procs, you can wipe out more than one target. This worked on all metal creatures except the Boar-class ones (takes up two spaces, fast as all get out, hits like a Mack truck), which require a powerful skill like Zack's Warzard (which got me the damage trophy). It would suck to get OHKOed or to have it run away. When I went the normal attacks route, I had more reliable wins. My party was level ~50 when I found the isle; they're now level 120ish. With levels now up to here, Stella can easily return to the battle arena and waylay everything. Make sure you save after every battle. If you happen to have found Experience Bags or Trunks in your adventure, use them. Make your sub character use the item and have the main attack. However, if none of the monsters die and all manage to get away, the bonus EXP still says 100,000 (or more) but you actually don't get anything from the battle. That's why you save fervently. (h/t True Achievements for helping me remember when I found the Acceleration Jewel)
  13. Asdivine Hearts II: Nice Hit Newbie Mighty Guy
  14. Asdivine Hearts II: Part-Timer Treasure Seeker Globetrotter