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  1. I know that. What I meant (it seems that the text got deleted) is that before campaigns reset in a week except for one which reset at 30 days. Now the game got updated and all campaigns reset at 30 days except for below lvl 50. That's why I said that I'll give this guide a shot, since I gave this trophy for lost as I had to wait 30 days in normal campaigns to try to rush the emperor but now it will be different n.n/
  2. I've been playing this game for a couple of years and the only character I used had all of the crafting traits (except for nirnhoned) I'll give this guide a shot since I only need emperor and imperial motif for the plat. And since normal campaigns now reset at 30 days instead of 7. I'll let you guys know my luck (and I'll also try to convince some of my guildies to help but they are not into trophy hunting xD)
  3. Hello all! Hopefully I am writing this post in the correct section 😅 My question is, are discount codes are thing? I always purchased games and saw that option and now I wanted to try it out and starting surfing the web to find some discounts but every code expired. Are these a thing? How can I get a code? I wanted to buy some games but I was missing a few dollars that's why I was looking for the codes 😅 Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks! A friend lent this game to me and I wanted to give it a try x3 (another friend installed the trophy list and never saw him again xD)
  5. If we get Jill I would love to see the rest of stars member. Barry, Joseph, forest.. and so on 🥰
  6. I collected all green gems and did not get the trophy. I watched several videos for guides but I got them all I dont want to keep playing this game x.x At least I got 100% 😅 Edit: Nevermind! I looked again and got the one I missed! Finally 100% completed. Time to erase it and never play it again! 🤣🤣
  7. Hello all! I was wondering of this game can be plat as for the other post said that the server for every body dance 1, 2 and 3 were closed. Thanks in advance!
  8. Oh , well thanks for the replies. Then I hope to find 4 ppl to boost the game. If not, I could always play this game on another account just to enjoy it and not worrying about the plat x3
  9. Hello all, I was wondering if the online has enough people so that this game can be plat. I bought the move to my brother and I got him some shooting games but I am afraid that this game may be unplatinable. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance~
  10. Hello all! I recently got this game as a gift from a friend but I don't know the current situation of the online. Is it playable? Are there people playing? Thanks in advance!
  11. Nope, I interacted with all of the conversations in 3 different runs. Sorry :/ Tried this too but got nothing The only solution that worked for me was to delete the profile save file and jump from chapter to chapter.
  12. Hello all! If you are reading this post, that means that you have or had the same glitch that I had. The solution is quite simple, just erase your profile data of the game. Not the save data but the profile one. If you want you can upload it to the cloud and then delete it in order to keep your progress of other things. Then open the game and follow a conversation guide with chapter select. Talk to the guys and check your statics every time you talk to someone so you can check the conversation counter rising from 1 to 37. Keep an eye on it! So you know which conversation gets glitched. As soon as you press the triangle button on every conversation required for the trophy you can exit the game and select a new chapter if you want in order to be as efficient as possible. I used this conversation guide Which tells you in which part of the chapter are the conversations when you go to chapter select. You will be jumping from chapter to chapter most of the time with some exceptions but this will make the trophy pop out. When you finish doing this, reload your profile from the cloud (if you want) I played the game 3 times and the trophy did not pop without doing this, I've read that people played the game 5 times or more to get the trophy pop out or they even quit. I hope that this guide helps every one to get out of '36/37' club. Thanks for reading and good luck!
  13. I mean that he was going to lend me his disc. That means that i cannot go for the plat. Thanks!
  14. A friend of mine wanted to share this game with me but I don't know if the online is up. Can it be "platinum"?
  15. For the ones who can't get the cooperative going try doing this: