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  5. Easy list for the avid DMC player. DMD is challenging though.
  6. As of now the two expansion packs titled "Apex" and "Redline" are free on the Playstation Store. Grab em' and play some more Driveclub! Also, Driveclub is 25$ for Playstation Plus members, so if you haven't already jumped into the game, I suggest now is the perfect time to do so. NOTE: This is on the North American store, I'm not sure if it's the same on the EU store
  7. Lifer is still bugged for me sadly, which sucks.
  8. They stated on their Facebook that there are more surprises in-store for the players of Driveclub in the months to come after the season pass is over. Expect a bit more DLC OR and whole new season pass if they're planning a ton more DLC down the line.
  9. Daaaamn bro