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  1. I’m not familiar with the game, but what did you find disappointing about the list?
  2. Holy shit, thank god. I should’ve earned this trophy about 40 times by now. Also, not that it’s relevant for trophy hunting purposes, but I’m really hoping they fix the game crashes in MyGM. My game crashed 4 times in less than 90 minutes yesterday.
  3. I’ve had far too many of these to count, but I can say the most recent instance was the platinum in Golf Club 2019. I had to hole out a chip shot from off the green, which is quasi luck based and extremely dull to set up. Well, dull until you’ve sucked down a bunch of gin and you’re staring at the fairway out of one bloodshot eye.
  4. Wow, thank you very much for the level of detail here! I feel much more confident in pursuing this trophy. Definitely plan to continue doing challenges, and will slowly but surely progress through triple threat offline and domination. Thanks to my addiction to MyPlayer mode, I rack up a ton of VC for buying packs. While that currency doesn’t translate to the auction house, I’m selling all my duplicates to help convert some of the VC to MyTeam points. I think I’ll be able to claw my way there if I keep at it.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the information!! I play enough career mode to be able to buy a lot of packs with VC, and I plan on doing all of the challenges and domination, I just wasn’t ready to commit to playing a ton of triple threat and unlimited games unless I had to. Glad to hear it’s plausible!
  6. So, I’ve never played much MyTeam, and I’m curious how insane it is to pursue this trophy? I’ve done about 20 challenge games and a few domination games, snatched every daily login bonus since release, and I’m up to 100 cards thus far. I believe you need something like 2,950 cards for the trophy, does this represent a vast majority of all cards available in the game? Am I on the right track or should I not sink the time?
  7. I agree with this sentiment. I play a lot of sports games so my viewpoint is biased, but one would think people could at least appreciate getting full sized games. For instance, I have no intention to play Sniper Elite, but I at least thought it was a decent offering.
  8. 1.) UFC Undisputed 3 - 0.21% 2.) NBA 2K12 - 0.22% 3.) UFC Undisputed 2010 - 0.35% 4.) NBA 2K13 - 0.41% 5.) EA Sports MMA - 0.61%
  9. Why do you say it’s required to have a boosting partner? Is it due to the level of competition online these days? Not doubting the argument here, I just know that I had done it organically way back when it was originally released.
  10. Terminator Salvation. In a world pre-Ratalaika, this was considered an easy platinum and I picked it up via Goozex for cheap. That said, it’s an absolutely terrible game. God I hated playing it.
  11. Not that we need more evidence that this is glitched, but I was responsible for 72 of 125 points and did not get the trophy. So it’s definitely glitched.
  12. As somebody who typically focuses 95+% of their 2K energy in career mode, it’s fun to see so many career mode trophies, although I’m admittedly a bit sad that they haven’t brought back a hall of fame trophy. It adds a lot more play time to that specific mode if you’re playing exclusively for trophy reasons, and is far less hokey than hitting an OVR rating that unlocks a bike or something. That’s just my own personal bias though. Very happy to see a relaxed approach to online related trophies. I know GOAT collector will be a grind, but everything else seems quite doable. I only have 2 of the 2K platinums, and haven’t got one since 2K13, but maybe I can snatch this years. Mostly, I’m happy that they changed the list quite a bit. Seeing games like Madden trot out (mostly) the same trophy list for the better part of a decade gets really old.
  13. Die 5 times on a chair? This panty theft is higher stakes than I would’ve imagined.
  14. I do think they keep resetting it, but knowing EA, I wouldn’t take too much time getting this. The EA Sports MMA servers closed relatively quickly and without tremendous notice, although admittedly, that game sold terribly compared to this one.
  15. You can simulate your way back to the tournament you’re looking to win. To me this isn’t “missable” in the same way that, say, a missed collectible would require you to replay the entire game.