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  1. Good lord, I spent 30 bucks on that sale and still felt insane. I guess I should feel better now. I doubt I’ve ever spent more than 65 dollars at a time, just for new releases.
  2. This is my feeling. I love trophy hunting, and I love being able to cooperate with somebody else pursuing difficult trophies in a game we both enjoy. That said, for lack of a better phrase, sometimes shit just happens.
  3. Do something Sly, we demand bureaucracy!
  4. Of course I didn’t, it’s 17 minutes and I’ve got beers to smoke. No disrespect to OP but my brother is in town and I’ve got priorities.
  5. Ethics? Jesus, I guess I’m not taking this trophy hunting business nearly as seriously as some people.
  6. Everybody who has been enjoying this game, take note. CritterK figured out that it’s bad, no need to play anymore.
  7. Would love to know if this works.
  8. Yes, there are at least two online trophies, and I believe PS Plus is required. I say at least two because the Ghost trophy seems to also require internet access, but I’m not actually positive that’s the case.
  9. I can confirm this one is buggy, but if you re-enter career mode after having achieved a +10 or better handicap and complete a round, both should pop
  10. Honestly I found the Undisputed trophy far easier than Blitz, if you did Blitz successfully you’ll be fine on Undisputed.
  11. If you’re playing on normal difficulty and spam leg kicks, the opponent will check your leg kicks to a point where you suffer a major injury. I was able to get that trophy on my first attempt using that approach.
  12. The actual weight class and game mode will change regularly, so those are hard recommendations to make. That said, I highly suggest using jab/straight combos if you’re in a tournament with KO mode. I got this trophy on my 5th try yesterday, largely by avoiding elaborate strikes and throwing a jab/straight when the opening was there. I was also pretty drunk on hazy IPAs so I wasn’t even in proper form.
  13. you have a damn good completion percentage so there are only so many options, but Fight Night Champion is the easy choice. Level 60 OWC is just a nutty grind.
  14. Your collection will decrease unfortunately.
  15. I’m just below 2300 cards, so still a way to go