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  1. Fun fact - There’s a giant mushroom in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest with a root system that covers over 2,200 acres, making it the largest living organism in the world.
  2. He/she has found a great way to spell his PSN ID with trophies earned!
  3. My proudest platinum is EA Sports MMA. I don't have too many particularly grind-heavy platinums, but that required 1000+ hours of online play. For that alone, I was extremely proud when it popped.
  4. EA Sports MMA, due to the online grind. I bought the game on opening day and played it pretty relentlessly, meaning that nobody really knew how long the Master Red Belt would take at the start. By the time I had 1,000 fights in, the math became more clear that it would take some 5,000 fights, based on my win percentage. I would play the game for a few weeks on and off, and did this for well over a year, thinking there was little to no chance to platinum the game before EA inevitably closed the servers. Fortunately, they held a 10X XP event at some point, and I hit it extremely hard in order to platinum the game. Believe it took my about 3700 fights. Servers were closed within the next four months or so, IIRC. There’s a reason that was the first trophy I added to my cabinet!
  5. Fun facts for an unfun thread: On this day in history, Flavor Flav hosted an episode of Monday Night Raw. Christopher Columbus also discovered the Cayman Islands, but I think we all know which of these was the truly important event.
  6. Seeing conversations like this, it’s no surprise that MMDE can be curt and swift in his judgments. If I were forced to comb through this, I would’ve burned down my local Applebee’s three years ago.
  7. Since it’s Friday and this is supposed to be a fun thing instead of whatever this laborious discussion is, thought I would bring in some fun facts: The only state in the US that has never had a 100 degree day is: Hawaii! Worcestershire Sauce was originally an attempt at reproducing the flavors of curry that British imperialists had experienced in India. Eddie Van Halen played the guitar portion of the Michael Jackson hit “Billie Jean”.
  8. Hey, I respect the completionists! If it's your thing then have at it, this is all supposed to be fun. As you can see by my profile, I am truly horrendous at being a completionist. It's just a spattering of trophies across numerous games, it's like a Jackson Pollock painting.
  9. Nobody is forcing anybody to play the easy platinum games like Ratalaika or TellTale. The amount of posturing and gatekeeping around this topic lately has been wild. Admittedly, I'm guilty of a few garbage platinums in my time, but generally speaking I play games that are fun and go for trophies that are fun. It's almost like a fun thing ceases to be fun when your priorities get out of whack and you focus your energy on the tedious and/or mediocre. Certainly there can be a mild dopamine rush associated with the sound of a trophy popping, but none great enough to exceed the joy of playing a genuinely fantastic game.
  10. 46.12%. My rarity is, I believe, artificially improved by the amount of sports platinums I’ve gone for. I’ve got a lot of ultra rare trophies for sports games that are fairly simple, while an ultra rare trophy from a Rockstar game is going to be genuinely difficult or time consuming.
  11. Fallout 3, a fantastic game and my first platinum!
  12. The degree to which any activity is a waste of time hinges upon the meaning you attach to your life, your own brands of religion or existentialism or whatever. If you believe we are blades of grass cast into an uncaring wind, enjoy the hedonistic pleasures you’re presented with during your short time on this small rock. Trophies have as much (or little) meaning as anything else. If you’re worried about how you will be perceived when you enter the afterlife, or if you think there’s some inherit meaning beyond humans being meat with eyes, it’s probably considered a waste. You probably don’t want to waltz up to the pearly gates and tell them you played “My Name is Mayo”.
  13. I need this trophy as well! User ID is PFinchen.
  14. *stops reading New York Times because it was depressing* *goes to PSNProfiles for some light hearted fun* *comes across 160 reply argument about trophies and trophy quality* *puts phone down garbage disposal*
  15. Ahhh yiss, the old “blame video games for societies woes.” Can somebody trot out Marilyn Manson as the target of our ire, just for nostalgias sake?