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  1. The degree to which any activity is a waste of time hinges upon the meaning you attach to your life, your own brands of religion or existentialism or whatever. If you believe we are blades of grass cast into an uncaring wind, enjoy the hedonistic pleasures you’re presented with during your short time on this small rock. Trophies have as much (or little) meaning as anything else. If you’re worried about how you will be perceived when you enter the afterlife, or if you think there’s some inherit meaning beyond humans being meat with eyes, it’s probably considered a waste. You probably don’t want to waltz up to the pearly gates and tell them you played “My Name is Mayo”.
  2. I need this trophy as well! User ID is PFinchen.
  3. *stops reading New York Times because it was depressing* *goes to PSNProfiles for some light hearted fun* *comes across 160 reply argument about trophies and trophy quality* *puts phone down garbage disposal*
  4. Ahhh yiss, the old “blame video games for societies woes.” Can somebody trot out Marilyn Manson as the target of our ire, just for nostalgias sake?
  5. Hitman Absolution. Just don’t have the skill and/or patience to go for the platinum in that!
  6. Arkham Knight. I love these games, but the challenges are always a nightmare for me.
  7. #118 - Beat Cop A fun game, but I admit that I didn’t go about it in the most efficient way possible. I wanted to enjoy the game without using a guide, so it’s absolutely my fault, but it got a bit tedious to wrap up with the various endings. Overall, not a particularly difficult platinum, especially if you use a guide.
  8. You have a remarkable completion percentage so this was not easy, but I would say Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Abstergo Employee of the Month can be a pain, but it can certainly be done.
  9. Red Dead 2. Especially impressive how quickly you finished it.
  10. First of all, very impressive trophy log! I would easily say Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. One of the original legendarily difficult platinums.
  11. It’s fixed y’all!
  12. Hitman Absolution. I struggle with stealth games and didn’t end up finishing this platinum, nicely done 👍
  13. Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I am absolutely terrible at that game, very impressive rarity percentage on that platinum as well!
  14. I’m also getting the same error code. I called network support and reported the issue, the CSR said that nobody else had yet reported an issue, but that he was forwarding it to the right team to take care of it. It’s too bad that this problem is affecting everybody, but I admit I was relieved to see this wasn’t a problem with my own vita.
  15. Mortal Kombat X. Fantastic game that I’ve put a decent amount of time into, but not nearly enough for the platinum.