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  1. Thanks for the quick response, I hadn’t yet attempted this trophy so I didn’t know the option was still appearing.
  2. Did they deliberately remove the function, or is it just glitched? It sounds like the former but I want to confirm.
  3. Is it the landmark in the northeast of Fawtick Bayou? That’s the one I’m currently missing.
  4. There’s an event going through May 31st in which every triple threat offline win gives you a mystery card. I watched some YouTube videos and saw Opals and Pink Diamonds being pulled at a decent clip. Could be worth playing some TTO, if nothing else you could flip an ultra rare card for a lot of MT.
  5. I’m approaching 2,100 cards and I’ve been playing this game fairly consistently since day 1. I’m not the most active but it’s a decent measurement of the timeframe in question. I wouldn’t recommend pursuing this platinum if you’re starting today.
  6. Sims 3 NCAA Football 10, 11, 12 and 13 MLB The Show 13
  7. Exactly, it’s a hobby that brings joy, maybe even the occasional sense of accomplishment. I guess it depends on how much of a nihilistic/existential crisis you want to go through when considering what you spend your time on.
  8. There’s always something to be said about what people deem pointless on a site dedicated to arbitrary video game achievements.
  9. I’m not judging anybody else’s profile on a coolness level, but I admit to loving getting ultra rare trophies and pursuing them a quite a bit more than other trophies even if I know I won’t be getting the platinum (my choice of cabinet makes this more clear.) Admittedly, I play a lot of sports games which tend to have an inflated rarity due to the grindyness and seemingly different demographic of gamer in general. It seems that sports gamers are slightly less likely to be trophy hunters but I could be painting with a very broad brush, I’ve just seen a lot of ultra rare sports trophies that are considerably easier than some of the AAA title trophies that are simply rare or uncommon.
  10. Don’t worry, the MyCareer trophies are far, far easier than any of the MyTeam stuff.
  11. EA Sports UFC 3 is a fairly lengthy online grind in Ultimate Team. You can also fight the CPU in order to grind the trophy though, so it may not be what you’re looking for.
  12. I had been reading Revival to AEW even before this mass exodus, so I’m sure that’s happening.
  13. His decision to make the same mistake he did 20 years ago with the XFL is even crazier considering this is the most legitimate competition he’s faced in years (although admittedly the reason for XFL failure this time is largely out of his hands). AEW is going to have a huge opportunity to pick up talent if they can weather the financial storm brought on by the pandemic, and knowing who’s backing that company, it seems likely they’ll be fine.
  14. Stateside, the only doctor (on television) I’m listening to is Dr. Fauci.
  15. Dr. Drew has been on that stupid grind for about 2 months, doing the media circuit and not even saying “it’s just the flu” saying “the flu is far worse”. At one point he said people would have a greater chance of being killed by an asteroid. Makes every single one of my bones jump out of my flesh in rage.