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  1. Die 5 times on a chair? This panty theft is higher stakes than I would’ve imagined.
  2. I do think they keep resetting it, but knowing EA, I wouldn’t take too much time getting this. The EA Sports MMA servers closed relatively quickly and without tremendous notice, although admittedly, that game sold terribly compared to this one.
  3. You can simulate your way back to the tournament you’re looking to win. To me this isn’t “missable” in the same way that, say, a missed collectible would require you to replay the entire game.
  4. Sometimes this community finds irrelevant things to debate at a staggering clip.
  5. I mean, the rarity definitions imposed by both this site and by PSN themselves are effectively arbitrary, they are round-type numbers but that’s it. Landmark trophies are also arbitrary by that standard, the 4,000th trophy is only more relevant than the 4,001st trophy because one is a more round number than the other, yet I’ve rarely heard users lobbying to have those removed.
  6. I have always interpreted this idea as being more complimentary toward tougher platinums rather than an effort to diminish easier platinums. Sure, somebody could look at a profile with 100 platinums and only 30 ribbons and attempt to use that in an elitist effort to demean somebody else’s trophy hunting, but I think that this is already possible anyways. I think this community is (largely) supportive of one another, and those people seeking to bring down other trophy hunters will exist regardless. I am very supportive of this idea, and I say that recognizing I have a few trashy Rat platinums, as well as a number of TellTale games that would not meet the ribbon requirements.
  7. I would love to see the next Fight Night game on VR assuming one ever came out. It’s cool to have the goofy boxing games and Creed, but a boxing game with real fighters would be a step up.
  8. I think the easiest way to get this is to do a 4 man tournament mode with landmine deathmatch as the match type, at least that’s how I did it. In the final match, my opponent was so damaged from the first match that I was able to finish in less than 3 minutes, giving me a low enough match rating for the trophy. As an aside, the AI matchup in the first round was 100% match rating, which earned me that trophy even though I wasn’t even playing.
  9. Spaz, you’re one of the best commenters on these boards and coming from an impressive completionist, I’ll take that compliment! Guess who’s drunk again and whose reps are back! Yo. Take a rep my dude! Chocolate GiddyUp, I’ve always thought you have the best avatar on the site. Genuinely. From my heart of hearts. Dont feel bad! I recognize that my post may alienate some folks, but here’s some plats of yours I love: FIFA 14, I never have pulled off a FIFA platinum and consider them to be the one sports platinum I need to get (NHL comes in close second). 99 Vidas, Driveclub and No Mans Sky are also very impressive. Hope to get No Mans Sky at some point!
  10. Thats a valid point regarding top folks just banding together. My use would be more personalized, my brother and perhaps friends of mine, but I’m sure we would see some mammoth teams form consisting of the highest ranking trophy hunters.
  11. Good idea, I named it something that hopefully makes the idea less opaque.
  12. Yes, sorry for my lack of clarity, I don’t mean the “multiple people using one account” concept. I mean pools of multiple accounts and kind of a combined trophy list, completely separate from our current leaderboards and such. Might be too much infrastructure to add, but there’s a pretty strong community here. I’m sure it could add some fun new ways to trophy hunt and compete.
  13. That is the notorious “Doc Chicken”, and you sir will be receiving some reputation once I get out of reputation jail for my drunken conduct yesterday.
  14. It’s possible that this has already been suggested previously (if so, I apologize), but has the idea of Trophy Teams ever been explored? Where groups would get together, form a team and have a shared profile/cabinet? The catalyst for this idea comes from the fact that my brother and I grew up playing games together, trying to rack up trophies, but ultimately kids get older and move away, and stop sharing consoles/profiles. I love the collection of trophies we’ve built, but at this point it stretches two profiles, and I would love to see them all together (especially given we genuinely worked on certain games together). In addition, it could add another form of competition on the site beyond individual competitions in the leaderboard or the forums. Anyways, just a thought born out of my own trophy lust!
  15. I wouldn't hold out much hope for tape deck. Or the Creedence. I like the Dead Nation and Hitman Absolution platinums. I’m frankly not good enough at stealth games, so I threw in the towel on Absolution.