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  1. What is the best way to make/get some premium cards?
  2. So I called it? Reward book doesn't open the season? Is anybody else having trouble getting past the loading screen? I can't get into the game at all since the update.
  3. From the initial response, seems there's no way to get 2 bonus missions without a physical code?
  4. 120 kegs and no trophy, brilliant stuff.
  5. I'm not sure it opens up at all tbh, the previous one didn't open at all, unless it opens for a day and I somehow missed it, But I assume you would need a tons of points to invest, probably 100+ to unlock everything for the border.
  6. Ffs, Is there any other way to get a border? The season rewards is always locked in the reward book.
  7. Just to add, seems a 9 win arena run doesn't give a border any longer either???? I got a card as a reward.
  8. Not sure if I'm missing something but in the reward book, it always says coming soon? And nothing is selectable? As far as I know this is the only way to get a border?
  9. The mvp awards are pretty stupid in the team based games and don't go to the best player. In the mode for getting points with different weapons, the person with the most kills instead of points will get mvp, in capture the flag the person who "defends" a territory the most will get it even if do nothing else. Can be pretty easily cheesed.
  10. Anybody get their $250 and 15 gold yet?
  11. Has anybody actually been able to play the game yet? My game loads infinitely whenever I start it up, have left it 20+ mins and no luck.
  12. Yes, thanks, worked it out I just had to look in different location, guide I used said there's only 5 in games so I got a Lil scare but all is well. 😁
  13. I think this may be missable or at least I'm yet to find a workaround. I completed the exotics quests and picked up all 5 dragon orchids, nows there no more for me to pick for herbalist 9?