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  1. You need to do these these heists with 4 people anyway for trophies, I hope the progression for 2 and 3 player teams is counted when doing it with 4, otherwise would have to play through the whole thing 3 times doing criminal mastermind each time.
  2. Same thing happened to me, it might be related to having already met the requirements on a previous expedition but not escaping as I kept going for skillful raider many times before getting it right. Either that or its because you met the requirement in a endurance Co op expedition previously, which I also did before playing the sp endurance. If not for those reasons maybe the trophies are just bugged in a good way lol.
  3. Cheat codes lock you out from 100% on the ps2 era gta games, so if you used a weapon or armor/health cheat code you're locked out of 100%
  4. Think the sale updated with more deals with the end of psn+ early access. So bummed that the just cause 3 season pass isn't discounted like on the USA while everything else is the same.
  5. add me on ps4 psn: x7eight
  6. Wow, this is pretty epic, Pick me
  7. no, but its really easy to do, just get another person to do it with quickly.
  8. The platinum is super easy with a controller bro, don't even stress about it.
  9. I raged hard on chapter 20 after trying that ship fight area for 2 hours. I figured I'd just put it on easy, finish the game and come back and replay chapter 20 on crushing with cheats. panicked a little after beating chapter 20 and it not popping but then replayed the epilogue and got all the other difficulty trophies. can potentially save yourself a lot of time and effort skipping very hard parts on your crushing run then just clean up afterwards with infinite m14 or rpg ammo.
  10. Very viable still, those odd activities always had to be done with a friend anyway, long as you have somebody to do the those couple of misc trophies with, you'll be fine.
  11. Not sure how it ended up in the list, but van helping is definitely not on sale.
  12. I would kill them before they explode just to be sure, learn their location then you can shoot them from almost off screen and they die in 1 or 2 shots.
  13. Significantly harder for na plat then, my first playthrough I played getting no civilian kills and it was quite a pain, and took me exponentially longer than just going through the game. I don't know anybody with the no civilian kills trophy unfortunately, but I'm 98% sure you can die if you accidentally kill a civilian as long as your actual run has no civ kills. The shit thing is not knowing if you accidentally killed a civilian, but I'd say if you not 100% just die and start the checkpoint over. I'm sure you could ask those players with the trophy how they got it though. I'd say probably 10-12 hours to plat on NA version, 4-6 on EU,
  14. Those civilian trophies don't work on the EU version, if you're on the USA version they work, I would assume just dying everytime you kill 1 and playing through without killing a civilian would work though. It will be interesting to see if they are required for the US platinum.
  15. None of the trophies probably even work, I think they're riding high with this figure out the trophy gimmick tbh.