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  1. Anybody get their $250 and 15 gold yet?
  2. Has anybody actually been able to play the game yet? My game loads infinitely whenever I start it up, have left it 20+ mins and no luck.
  3. Yes, thanks, worked it out I just had to look in different location, guide I used said there's only 5 in games so I got a Lil scare but all is well. 😁
  4. I think this may be missable or at least I'm yet to find a workaround. I completed the exotics quests and picked up all 5 dragon orchids, nows there no more for me to pick for herbalist 9?
  5. It's capped to honor level 6, then you can finally reach max level 8 in chapter 6.
  6. The guy playing there only appears at night.
  7. Anybody else stop receiving the PlayStation emails for about a month now? Eu region.
  8. Rather buy a somewhat decent 32" fhd TV with good input lag. This seems very pricey for what it is.
  9. I want to change to something less silly and meaningless. I never expected this to be such a long lasting thing when I signed up back in the day and thought it's like just some other crap you sign up for back then. Then my profile synced all my trophies and within a few months I realised the implications lol. Online and especially online gaming was new to me back then.
  10. Hdr has nothing to do with resolution and can be had on a 720p screen according to uhd premium specifications. Though youll be hard pressed find anything with proper hdr support at 32" or 1080p.
  11. It would be quicker if you leave your questions.
  12. Yeah for an hour straight it wasn't working then it started working.