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  1. Heavy rain on ps3 was a bit dodgy with trophies so it's probably just that and not psnow.
  2. A 2nd list has popped up, did not expect stacking regions.
  3. The ps4 and vita psn+ games won't appear on your ps3 store unless they're crossbuy. There's no glitch going on. You can claim your bloodborne and ratchet and clank from the Webstore or a ps4.
  4. You have to make a UK(or any region 2) or Asian (region 3) acc then buy the game on the respective stores. And play it on your main account.
  5. That wouldn't work physically regardless, the vita memory cards are tiny, roughly the same size as microsd so no way there will be an adapter to vita size.
  6. This ruined the splinter cell HD Collection for me years ago.
  7. Had this problem with holtline miami 2, there's a ps4/vita version and just a ps4 version, accidentally bought the ps4 only version because I knew it was a cross play game. Only to find out afterwards.
  8. The land air sea expansion pack doesn't include those other few weapon packs right? I got it today but there's still some dlc to buy.
  9. On normal, there is no easy setting.
  10. Emailed them on support, gta online email and submitted a ticket, told them not to give me that automated robot response.
  11. Max payne 3 definitely.
  12. My 2 man progress reset at 11, I'm done with this shit until they fix their damn issues. It's really ridiculous.
  13. Do you get the mastermind payouts everytime you complete the challenge? As in getting the rewards 3 times for finishing with 2,3 and 4 players?
  14. If anybody is wondering you can get the individual act trophies just by completing the finale, don't have to play or host through the whole act, I got the act 3 trophy just by helping a friend finish. Haven't even started act 2 though
  15. Yeah you have finish act 1 then you can restart.