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  1. Can anybody comment on whether this is harder or easier to platinum than trials rising?
  2. I gave up on the dlc after struggling hard to platinum the game ages ago, came back to it and was able to knock out all 4 of the crash and sunburn extremes in 3 days. I remember them seeming impossible a year ago.
  3. Get your team ready outside of the game, you won't get far just trying randomly and asking people. It's so low because it takes 4 players, a lot of focus and effort.
  4. Doesn't matter, It's still what everyone calls the different regions. Everyone is used to saying PAL instead of region 2 or NTSC instead of region 1, etc.
  5. What a mess, sorry to hear my method hasn't worked for more people. Might only be helpful to somebody who hasn't played the dlc yet. Seems once you get the glitches you're screwed unless you reset your console.
  6. Yeah once it's glitched, there's no fixing it on that specific save file regardless of what you try unless they patch it.
  7. It's definitely buggy within the save system, there seems to be a "master save" that keeps track of settings and game wide information, I think this gets bugged very easily when doing chapter select or in between save slots etc.
  8. Basically yeah, Make sure there's no other save before starting either of the DLCs and don't turn the Internet back on until done with both. I can't say 100% that it will work for everybody, I just don't see how doing it this way is technically any different than restoring your ps5 completely and doing it that way. If you want to be 100% or already faced the glitch before and willing to go through restoring your ps5 then I'd still say do that method until anybody can corroborate my lazy method.
  9. I didnt bother with all that deleting, restoring console, too much hassle for me, here's what I did. After completing all the main game trophies, deleted my save and turned off the Internet connection in ps5 settings. Played through the 2 Colonels completely offline, After completing it deleted the save file again, Then I played through Sam's story again completely offline. All 3 trophies popped at the end. Not sure if it coincidence or I just got lucky. Either way it may be helpful for people looking to avoid the glitch before starting the DLCs.
  10. So, I uploaded and deleted my save, turned Internet connection off on ps5, played through the The Two Colonels dlc completely offline and everything worked fine, though this 1 seems to be way less glitched than Sam's story. I will do the same for Sam's story and report back once done. I can't be bothered to go through the whole restore ps5 ordeal.
  11. You'd think they would learn by now. If you don't want people being afk or boosting in your game then don't add crappy online trophies. Then whoever wants to play it properly can do so in peace with no worries of boosters or afkers.
  12. Well there goes that idea, my iron mode trophies just popped no problem, so I guess just yolo it and hope for the best?
  13. This is crazy, I was still in school, had my ps3 for awhile but not so many trophy games until I finally got Internet around 2009-2010 somewhere and a whole bunch of games all synced, I'd have to look what they were though I don't know how some of you remember things so well lol, Edit: looks like it was a whole bunch of fallout 3 trophies first.
  14. I think maybe upload and delete your save, then just play the dlcs with no save from the main game? I'm almost done with iron mode so I'll be doing that. Hopefully it works.
  15. It doesn't seem to be available?