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  1. Any word on the update? I didnt expect it to take more than a few days lol.
  2. Few weeks ago I wondered why the vita version of a ratalaka game was higher up in my trophy list when I was 98% sure I played it first on vita version and it had the earlier time stamps. Lol. I'm glad to know why now
  3. It's just dumb lol, not funny.
  4. lmao, they can't be serious.
  5. Some songs have been removed, other than that no changes.
  6. Imbeciles. Should just ask them if they know what they are saying.
  7. Maybe they forgot to release a day 1 patch? I see the game is on v1.01 but still, I think it's going to be a few days until we get an update.
  8. Anybody have trouble with feats not unlocking?
  9. What a stupid trophy, might As well make it, get through veteran without continuing cuz if you lose your powerups, there's no point trying to carry on. Also which imbecile decided you can't save between world's. I hate having to play through thr entire thing just to get to architect and have things go bad instantly.
  10. Yeah the career mode doesn't have difficulty, but as you complete championships the difficulty goes up, at the start it's easy on the open level championships and gets harder as you move up. It goes, open- clubman - pro - elite - masters. Though I don't think you have to get very far into it for trophies. The career mode is basically all the daily, weekly, monthly challenges. There's no real reason to do the standard championships in career after getting the trophies.
  11. This game doesn't let you invert the y axis, still easy enough but very frustrating.
  12. Well done everyone!
  13. It's much better and more fun to play overall.
  14. There's another group b challenge today you can try.
  15. It won't be much different it will likely go upto to 2:52 or so, you won't see major changes.