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  1. I want to change to something less silly and meaningless. I never expected this to be such a long lasting thing when I signed up back in the day and thought it's like just some other crap you sign up for back then. Then my profile synced all my trophies and within a few months I realised the implications lol. Online and especially online gaming was new to me back then.
  2. Hdr has nothing to do with resolution and can be had on a 720p screen according to uhd premium specifications. Though youll be hard pressed find anything with proper hdr support at 32" or 1080p.
  3. It would be quicker if you leave your questions.
  4. Yeah for an hour straight it wasn't working then it started working.
  5. Anybody able to connect online with the ultimate edition of the game? Seems as though the servers are down, keeps saying "you were signed out and disconected from psn" while I'm connected. Already pissed off enough that the ultimate edition doesn't include all the dlc but this is infuriating.
  6. Well seems my dagger moves never unlocked and the dagger tutorial is locked, no other option but to start all over again.
  7. I beat the game and got no trophy for beating if on medium. Afterwards I changed to hard and I can't choose medium anymore. Stupid game. Hard mode is complete shit, I'm actually going to try contact the devs because I've never such a stupid hard mode before, a regular grunt takes 10 minutes to die if you wail on him non stop, I can't fathom how some of the later areas would be doable.
  8. Lmao @ thinking these emulators are even close to playable. Ps2 emulation hasn't even hit 100% yet. These things don't work how they advertise and pretend they do lol.
  9. Anybody else running into this recently? I've opened tons of great chests and am almost done with the quarantine zones but still no trophy? The time trial trophies popped no problem. I'm playing solo.
  10. Try using the code regardless, I've used a couple codes back on ps3 and vita that were supposed to be expired but still redeemed fine.
  11. Pretty shitty that they let you sign up with South Africa(and I'm sure many others) as a country but then in t&cs it's only for a couple European countries, lol no wonder I never got a email or anything
  12. Thanks man, I was actually looking for this information too.
  13. The Royal edition has everything included upto this point. The Royal pack contains the Royal content without the season pass. Niether the season or royal edition or royal pack will include any future content. Hope this clears it up.