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  1. Just finished up with the barong trophy, got it when there was 3 enemies left in gridwave, the first time I had luck with just 1 player remaining it didn't work even though his car blew up.
  2. Nope, can't restart them, that's how they work, 1 shot only.
  3. Glad to have been able to help out a bit.
  4. I also never got the "looks like an Xbox controller"
  5. Most everyone else could go and find it themselves without making a scene.
  6. Pass the buck on what exactly? You're the 1 demanding links, it's like you're blaming the guy for posting, get serious man.
  7. Jeez bro, it's not hard to Google these days. If he didn't create this thread nobody would have noticed until tomorrow or whenever it goes live.
  8. I won't complain lol, I see psprices just lists 51 new titles on sale, I'm assuming this isn't the complete sale, usually these sales drop on Wednesdays.
  9. Not as bad the guy complaining about how inksplotion is a 8/10 difficulty platinum because he spent more than 30 mins on it.
  10. What is the purpose or advantage with this?
  11. Nfs 2015
  12. Anybody who bought mafia 2 definitive edition, won't be buying 1 remake out of principle.
  13. I requested to join, but I see you're already at level 50, let me know if it's possible to join still.
  14. Let's be positive and hope that it's taking so long because they are fixing everything wrong with it
  15. Can definitely set it flat, looks great from this angle, still wish for a black 1. Maybe I'll wait a bit for special bundle version with a different paint job. A sleek black/grey gt7 edition would be nice.