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  1. Hi everyone, I just want to tell you all that you can buy the DLC of Dead Space 2 called "Severed" in 2023, even though it has been withdrawn from the store. A lot of people we were afraid to obtain the 100% because if you look "Severed" or all dlc that exist, only you could find maps, guns, armor and extras, but not the extra campign alone, only in pack with other dlc's that are not worth it. Buy "Severed" DLC only: For buy it, you have to be online in your account, enter the game and acces to extras menu. There, you can see and purchuase all the content, including Severed. At least, in Europe, it cost me 6,99€. I hope this information helps anyone.
  2. Hi there, I think that is not possible, because you have to finish the game without quiting the game. So if you go to the Ps menu, you will have to star again this Nightmare Mode.