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  1. Thanks for answering. I already buy it now and the license was update, the Br Handsome Jack hasn't expiration date. ☺️ Yes, not every ps plus game has that option, for example, Yakuza Kiwami or Hollow knight i can't buy them, that's a shame... Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate. Have a good weekend!
  2. Hi, i have this dumb question about Borderlands Legendary edition, but searching on google was fruitless. If I already have Borderlands Handsome Jack edition -when it was released on PlayStation Plus, two years ago-, and right now I buy the Borderlands Legendary edition -because i want to play the B1 Goty, but recently never go on sale-, will Borderlands Handsome Jack be my property too? Or it will stay like Ps Plus game beside i buy it? Sorry for my bad English and stupid question, lol.
  3. Thanks to everyone for asnwer my question. I really appreciate. 😊 Have a good day.
  4. Hello, I have this question: can I buy a game on Ps Store that was on Ps plus? I take Yakuza Kiwami when was on Ps plus, but now the game is on sale -5 dollars- and want to buy it. But in the Store from the Ps4 or in the app in cellphone, i can't buy it... Sorry for the stupid question.
  5. I pass it right now. This bug was so weird. Delete every save data, rush all the way till this room and again the floor was closed. I start moving like crazy at all directions and press square and the floor open up and Dante go down. I left this write if someone in future has this wtf bug. Hahaha. P.s: it wasn't my controller. I change it to my other controller and nope. That weird thing still happened till the "moving like crazy and press square". Last thing: thanks for answering my topic, Sunnyburrito. I really appreciate. Have a good day. πŸ˜€
  6. Yes, i tried to push more, also with the other sword, try to shoot with pistols and shotgun (i know it's silly but try that too). Now I'm going to delete the save files and start again the game till that room... I'm crossing the fingers.
  7. Hi, I'm playing the Devil May Cry 1 digitally on ps4 slim and in the mission 2, where you need to hit the ceremonial altar with the Alastor repeatedly until you push it back far enough or until it stops moving back to reveal a sliding panel in the ground, I'll hit it with the Alastor, push to the back but the sliding panel don't open. I searched on gamefaqs or reddit and no one comment that bug. The only one similar is this video: https://youtu.be/RRo0YaE78hs at 26:27. I do everything like he, and nope, still closed. I restarted the ps4, start again the game and no luck at all.
  8. Dirt 5 still in my account and I'm downloading it (my internet it's slow, only 3 mb), today 9 april, the game still can be played it for free?
  9. I'm sorry for the soo late of my reply. πŸ˜… Thanks for answer my question. I think the best is to sell the physical game and buy it digital. Those online passes are a pain in the neck. πŸ˜…
  10. Thanks for this topic. I'm having this problem first time when i play the Monster Energy Supercross, and later The Division... At least I'm not the only one, lol.
  11. Hi. The last year i bought this Resistance: Burning Skies totally new. The online pass was expired some years ago. In the store of the PS app i try to redeem code, it says "This code contains 1 item. Do you want to redeem it?" And the item is: "Download Resistance: Burning Skies Online Pass to active online fatures and multiplayer", and later says: "This voucher is no longer valid". Soo, the question is: there is some customer service for PSN EEUU i can contact for (online preferably, because i live in latin america), so they can give a new code? I know the customer service is kinda crap. But i want to try it. P.s: sorry for my bad english.
  12. Thanks, Totallycrushed; i was waiting for this new events online. I really appreciate this info.
  13. Desperation, by Stephen King.