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  1. Is anyone still trying to obtain this platinum? Are the servers pretty lifeless? I feel like the 100% might be out of reach now.
  2. Hello everyone, Quick questions and I’m sorry if it has been answered. Does the PS5 platinum autopop of you transfer your PS4 save over?
  3. This list gives me Overwatch vibes. Should prove to challenging if so!
  4. That challenge SSSSUIUCCCKKEEEDDD! 😩 took me like 20 tries....
  5. Love the fact that there is platinum trophy and the list looks standard compared to the first two games. Think we can expect the same experience. I just pray that the progress carried over from Hitman 1 and 2 will auto pop the DLC trophies. I literally about to finish off Hitman 2 and do not want to replay all levels again for trophies..... Completely agree. The just need a Hitman platform to release content on and keep the games seamless. I think most online shooters like CoD and Battlefield should take this approach as well.
  6. It takes about average of 6 hours I would say. If you have no idea what you are doing it can upwards towards 8.
  7. How hard will be to complete The Last Wish raid? I heard all the old content was being locked away or something???? I haven’t played since the last days of Destiny 1 so I’m very lost in how this game works now.
  8. Thanks for the reply! That is what I figured. This game was such a time sync that I’m not sure I want to commit to it again.
  9. This is why I will now wait for about 2 months with Sony exclusives that I don’t feel the need to have day one. They will always add another difficulty/playthru trophy and most of their games I’m fine with just one play-thru. Don’t want to feel forced to play again for one or two trophies.
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew or believe that Naughty Dog will come out with DLC trophies requiring you to beat the game on the hardest difficulty or New Game +. I haven’t picked up the game yet because Sony tends to do this with their exclusives and I don’t want to play this game multiple times. Thoughts?
  11. Yeah, I’ve heard this about the MP. I believe it will be a separate list, sort of like the Resident Evil 3 / Resistance scenario. And that inclusivity thing makes me feel better. Honestly, if they did add a Grounded mode, I probably should have a play thru so my weapons and gear have upgrades.
  12. I bet that they add DLC trophies that are difficulty related. It’s a very common trend with Sony first party games. They did this with Days Gone, Spider-Man, Horizon and couple of others I believe. So just be considerate that you all may have to revisit this on Survivor later on.
  13. Appreciate this GhostNinjaKidd! I will definitely refer to this when I’m going for the Supernova trophy!
  14. Hello PSN Profile Community, I have hit a wall on Neptune and need help completing missions so I can continue the story and get the Sedna Boss trophy. Would anyone be willing to help me get there? You can message me here or my PSN Tag: BumpkinPumpkin
  15. Would someone be able to trade me all the pets so I can get the trophy? I'll give them all back, just want to get the trophy out of the way.