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  1. But this Nikolai and Dempsey are not skins. They are in characters menu.
  2. Hi, guys! Does the characters from Absolute Zero event (Nikolai and Dempsey) and characters for COD Points (Richtofen, for example) will count for trophies ?
  3. Nope.Much worse.
  4. [Complete the 5 Serqet locations] I completed 6 zones and got nothing. No trophy, no costume. Has someone else experienced same bug ? --------------------------------------------------- No, sorry. I forgot Waset Desert camp.
  5. Yep.
  6. Ring of the Lucii ?
  7. It possible to get new trophies through chapter select or in free-roam after end ?
  8. Yeah, 15$ in my Store. So, basically i wasted 60$ for original game, then 25$ for season pass and now i need another 15$ for update, which looks like free patch from CD Projekt RED, while somebody will buy ROYAL EDITION for the first time for 50 bucks and get everything for what I gave 85$ and even more ? Wtf ?
  9. You sure about gold one ?
  10. Exactly the same situation was with me few hours ago.
  11. I found this method on Elders and used it only on them. I had all the crowns except of large Uragaan when I began to farm Elders. There is no sense to use this method on simple monsters, because you get dozens of their investigations on expeditions.
  12. I'm done.
  13. Really ?
  14. Yes. At least for all original game + season pass owners.