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  1. Maybe a stupid question but I do have Hitman 1 on PC with a bunch of achievements completed. Is importing PC>PS5 possible?
  2. I thought buying 3 gave me acces to 1 and 2 including the trophies needed. I got fucked seeing this topic
  3. Goddamn servers offline.
  4. Early access Hitman 3


    Noise *click *. Played hitman 1 on pc years ago so cool to get all 3 games at once.

    Atleast that keeps me busy a while


  5. Did you also happen to have Change to Attack (Heart) A+ on the weapon? I'm struggling to find that to complete the build. The smithing text finally dropped for me to get the armor. I've also got the weapon with all stats except that. Sorry for the quote's it's just a pain to get back into this game
  6. Almost got all pieces and now comes the stupid part I sold Yasukani when playing this game in 2018.. Already created a boosting session as 1 drops 100% in a side mission with 3 bosses at once but no chance to solo that. This isn't really going that well lol.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. Just checked and my current build is just question marks all over the place what was I thinking lol! So It's going to take a while but hopefully I'll get the set to make a nice start.
  8. Current backlog status to get profile 100%. The impossible task


    66 of 68 Trophies
    2x online trophies which require Crushing. I've talked with a booster who helped me a bit but still taking ages to 100% this one.
    I'll probably leave this for now.
    52 of 56 Trophies
    This game. I've talked so many times about it and keep deleting it. The speedrun trophy is easy mode I'll just afk my profile to 100 hours and defeat the final boss. I've actually tried the final boss once and not even remembering a single button and that worked out so that should work.
    Getting proud is just playing the game from fresh till the end and I've done much harder games so getting this 100% is doable. The only problem is I hate kingdom hearts so getting those trophies is probably a week of getting annoyed. 
    Final Fantasy XV • EU
    82 of 98 Trophies
    Just nope. Also missing 2 online trophies so never gonna happen.
    51 of 63 Trophies
    Hopefully one day. I've checked the game out a while back but I didn't remember any button or how to play and seeing these DLC trophies are hard as F*ck.. It's also just painful...
    46 of 52 Trophies
    Never gonna happen.
    62 of 86 Trophies
    And now finally the last one. I've just installed this and ready to check out if I can get a build together like Nioh2. There's over 26 trophies to get so that should get me close to 99.60% total
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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Let this sink in- I did the plat for Kingdom Hearts twice, on PS3 and PS4, the worst part for me was the materials grinding. I actually enjoyed the Proud Mode runs for the first game, though, especially on PS4. Count your lucky stars it doesn't have a Critical Mode!

    3. Deluziion90


      2 times KH. Well everyone there own taste it was just a bad choise by me. Can't love every game right :P

    4. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      The only aspect of the Kingdom Hearts games that I absolutely hated was having to do all of the records 3 times in Birth By Sleep. Gosh, what a grind!

  9. Looks interesting and also checked his youtube video. Doesn't look to complex as my Nioh2 build took me over a week of farming. Now I'm wondering if it's actually still this good as it's from 2017 and not nerfed to the ground
  10. DOOM Eternal 100%

    All 41 Trophies
    18th January 2021 • Completed in 9 months, 3 weeks
    Took me long enough to final start The Ancient Gods DLC but finally gave it a shot and 100%.
    Sucks I didn't went for all trophies in 1 run so I had to replay the whole damn thing for 1 trophy.
    Now time to find out what I'll play next.
    I've also reaced 99.57% total completion which feels crazy with this many games. Really happy with that result
  11. As you can see in my profile 1 day 18hrs and that included Sleep+work. I did the following steps (if you have the ps4 platinum) - Krypt trophies first. - Tutorial basic Just learn how to press forward and jump and everything popped for me. - Play halfway story mission (I think 7?) and final mission and all story popped - Then I went through all characters and performed 2x fatilities per char for all those trophies. 1 brutality unlocked every of those trophies as well. - Play 1 tower and you unlock everything - In the menu from towers spam all potions to unlock those related trophies Only real effort is play 50 online matches and hope to find some lobbies to get the Respekt trophy. I found a lot of people late at night (CET for me) I just went afk in the lobby and gave +10 points every match. If you miss any trophies in the MK11 forums on here there's lots of guides how to get the rest this is just what I remember so far. Imo free platinum if you have the ps4 version.
  12. Time to start Doom Eternal DLC1.

    hopefully that will get me to 99.60% completion. 2021 goal is to reach 99.70😄🏆

  13. I finished the story and a year later I went for the platinum. I’ve done much worse grinds in WoW tbh. There’s so much online guides and help now for the platinum. The two big motherfuckers in this game are the squirrel trophy and getting all the birds for 100%. I actually miss the grind from this game it’s not hard just lots of work. just my opinion though I can understand people hate grinding because it’s a lot
  14. Demon's Souls: Slayer of trophies - I like the name Crash Bandictoot 4 Platinum - Proud of this one and I'm a huge Crash Bandicoot fan Metal Gear Solid 5 - Legend - Had it as one of my first cabinet trophies and never removed it Persona 5 Platinum - Because best JRPG ever Last of us Remastered - It Can't be for nothing. Also for the name and a platinum I'm proud of. One of the first games I bought when I started trophy hunting. The Witcher 3 Platinum - Because also one of the best games ever Oddworld New 'n Tasty Platinum - Best nostalgic game from when I was a kid. I've played the ps1 version 100's of times.
  15. Darksouls 3 = easy and I liked that one the most but getting items offline is a nightmare grind I spent countless hours of farming for the platinum. Darksouls 1 = very easy if you get the OP weapon early game(not sure what the name is) Bloodborne felt hard because of the framedrops for me but only the DLC boss called Kos is superhard everything else isnt too bad sekiro was my worst nightmare because it’s imo pure skillbased and you can’t overlevel or use different builds Never played DS2.