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  1. Took some months but my gaming pc is finally finished. 

    I’ll still be active on the forums but platinum rate will slow down a lot. Next game would be Callisto Protocol but I got that game for free with my new gpu on pc😂

    1. EverythingOnFire




      Word of advice from an 11-year Steam veteran: Don't get spoiled with both bundles and constant sales. Nearly every PC gamer I associate with is so obsessed with that stuff, to where they'll have 2000+ games they'll never play, and will complain if a game doesn't have a 90% discount. It's very easy to fall into game collecting and gain a sense of entitlement. 


      Having said that, I highly recommend at least starting a Humble Bundle account, if you haven't already. Awesome site, and IIRC, you can currently get a year of Humble Choice for $89 (31% off). Makes PS Plus look like a bad dream.


      Have fun. 😎

    2. Deluziion90




      I've been familiar with humble bundle and all there games. The whole reason I went away from PC gaming is because I love the completionist journey with trophies and steam was an absolute garbage with 10k achievement games and achievement unlocker hacks. But after 5 long years of grinding good, bad and horrible shovelware games on playstation it just feels the same as pc.


      So just enjoying games I've always loved: Shooters and good old hearthstone :P.

      Currently having a lot of fun with Warzone MW2 in general.

    3. Alice Hiiragi

      Alice Hiiragi

      @Deluziion90 I see. You have a Gaming PC? You should come on to Steam sometime Deluziion. It'll be alot more interesting. This'll be fun. :)

  2. Platinum #531 - Goat Simulator 3


    Fun: 7.5/10

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Time total for 100%: 16h:41m


    A really fun sequel to the original game. Lots of easter eggs and lots of mayhem to create in this city.

    Getting all instincs for 100% was a bit of a pain but thankfully some people made a lot of guides in the early days of release otherwise this would be a lot of thinking to get everything done :P.

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    2. Honor_Hand




      Impressed that this series is at a trilogy at this point in time, lmao. Still haven't played any of them but I do look forward to it.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Honor_Hand 😂 Goat Simulator 1 and 3. There is no Goat Simulator 2

    4. Honor_Hand


      @Infected Elite Lmao, just found out. xxD

  3. Missing 1 Instinct but I'm missing the gear for it. I got 2 images with the stuff I'm missing. If anyone has a clue which of these it could be and where it could be found would be really great because I have no clue where to look anymore :/ Actually found it by pure luck walking by lol! A little bit east from the tower in Goatenburg is a shop called Cyborgs Lair. Inside is an item to posses the same person 5 times. Platinum achieved
  4. Thanks a lot this worked. Just put 10 in a row in a swimming pool and immediately got it!
  5. its the big golden statue topleft map. You need to spray his side of his face with graffiti. Currently not online so I don’t know the item name. thanks guys for the tips I’ll try it later
  6. Looking for some tips on how to get the following instincts: - Slap someone with a fish (I tried picking up a fish and throwing it, walking over people etc but counter doesn't go up) - reach the top of the mountain with a vehicle (Which mountain?) - one-shot 10 npcs simultaneously (blowing 10+ people up with red barrels doesn't seem to work)
  7. Just a few more where I could use some help. Another one would be: Slap someone with a fish.. how?
  8. Thanks a lot it all worked out😁. just a few left for the platinum
  9. Anyone got tips for: - one-shot 10 npcs simultaneously - Knock over Bajamaja's - Force someone to hit another person - force a person to hug you Crash into Rosie using the Rhino Tractor.. Still can't find out what car this is..
  10. Youtube: Real BuoyMake like Pinocchio and get eaten! when you're inside the whale just stand on it's tongue and lick it.
  11. Thanks a ton! I was also using al sorts of equipment no wonder it didn't work.. Dystopia festival where's that at ?
  12. Can anyone explain how to get this. I've tried way to many times at the moment
  13. Thanks for these. Having a lot of fun with the game but these trophies are always a mystery 😂
  14. I received a collectors edition in the mail today which I forgot I pre ordered lol :P 


    Maybe god of war ragnarok is in trouble for GOTY contender





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    2. Deluziion90


      I just came from work 😭 didn't even notice 

    3. Godo Fwar

      Godo Fwar

      Still won't surpass My Name is Mayo 3 for GOTY though 😁

    4. zizimonster


      This is



      ...G O a T Y

  15. Can't wait for another one of these. Trophies look good. Love to get hyped in my first run and get totally burned out on my 7-8th run