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  1. This year I got my very first trophy (28th of May). I bought a ps4 including Horizon zero dawn. At that time I wanted exclusive ps4 titles only and platinum them. Currently sitting at 1600 trophies total and 42 platinums. Hope to get 50 plats end of this year. This hobby is getting out of hand lol
  2. both I guess 😝
  3. Isn't ultra hard an absolute joke now if you start it at level 60 with all the new dlc weapons? Wondering to check it out as I'm now at 96%... OCD kicks in 😂
  4. I'll have a go at child of light. No problem at 2d still got that game in my backlog. Thanks for the suggestions. ^^
  5. Indeed something RPG / colourful games like this one. It's pretty unique in it's style that's why I couldn't find anything. The cats are a bonus my girlfriend likes the cats. I just like the rpg style 😜
  6. ah maybe good to mention it has to be ps4 (don't own a ps3 or vita) Thanks for the suggestion though looks like something like this ^^
  7. Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations for games like this one? Found this one really fun Graphicwise / gameplay and was wondering if there are any games like this. Open for all suggestions thanks!
  8. Can't imagine a life without it. Grew up with it and not planning any time soon to abandon it
  9. Christmas bonus edition: You are able to choose 1 game out of the store for free excluding deluxe/premium/ultimate 100+€ editions. That would be cool
  10. # Platinum 42: Adam's Venture Triggered and tilted: over 9000 Fun: -10/10 Difficulty: Hardest plat I ever did Thought I would get an easy platinum due the black Friday sale for this game. Usually I add some nice pictures and stuff but I cant be bothered for this abomination of a game. Used a full walkthrough from start till end to rush it for the plat. Graphics are shit controls are shit voice acting is cringy and just bad dialogues Think this was the hardest plat I ever did due 3 hours of tilt to finish it 😂
  11. Platinum #41 Planet of the eyes Fun: 3/10 Difficulty: 2/10 All 15 Trophies November 21st 2017 • Completed in 1 hour, 16 minutes Eye of the StormCollect all other trophies. Platinum percentage cleared currently: PS4: 81.4% PSNProfiles: 95.61% Meh just meh.. populair to bump up for the platinums as seen by the percentages but didnt really enjoy it that much.
  12. Still doubting to get Final Fantasy XV. Don't know if I like the game :")
  13. I guess I'll start this week with Final Fantasy XV. Hope I like the game as I don't want to ruin my 90%>
  14. Platinum #40 Tales from the Borderlands Fun: 12/10 Difficulty: 1/10 All 36 Trophies November 20th 2017 • Completed in 2 days, 6 hours We Had Fun, Didn't We?Complete Tales From The Borderlands Platinum percentage cleared currently: PS4: 19.2% PSNProfiles: 55.65% I've played all walking dead telltale games on PC, played Batman and wolf among us. But this! This is just in my opinion the best one they ever made. The story had it all and I'm really sad it's over now. I still hate I just recently picked this up and not sooner. Lucky enough I could binge play the whole game in one go ^^ Would recommond it to everybody who likes a good story.
  15. Evil within 2, fun game and I bet you can easily take it. Looking for a serious request on my profile cant make up my mind what to play next - looking for big title (no AC/last of us)