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  1. Finallyyyy Mafia 3 in the mailbox. Finally a game to play. This month has been so boring 🙃

  2. Another milestone yay

    #5000 Trophies!


    It was a bit of puzzling with trophies but I managed one I really liked:


    Platinum Hero


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Fidel
    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Amazing milestone! 👍

    4. donut_plz


      Congrats! 5000 is a nice accomplishment. :yay:

  3. I got 280 trophies from 8 June untill now. They can keep that PS4 I want 1500€ 😂
  4. 100% Welcome Park. Holy shit this introduction game on Vita is made by satan himself. 

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    2. Fidel


      Took me over 2 years. Lol. Nice work!

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Oh yea, that was fu...cking fun.

      Sliding puzzle was torture xD

    4. Deluziion90


      It's fun to see so many share the same rage for this asshole of a slide puzzle. And here I thought I was the only one :P

  5. Tripple kill #133:platinum:


    Officially done with 2D souls. EU/NA/VITA. Now back to glancing at the store what the hell to play. It's such a boring month when it comes to new big titles 😔

  6. Platinum #132 


    Stacked this European version this time as I love this game. Probably going to the vita very soon :awesome:. On a roll lately. Top 100 Netherlands will be mine this year

  7. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul  EU.. Dont buy it it's so bad lol. I got tempted by all the gold trophies and well it's platinum 131 but pfft. Not worth your time if you consider buying it 😂 
    1. Fidel


      Congrats, I guess? Lol.

  8. Platinum #130 :platinum:



    Finally cleared this from my PS+ list. Fun indie game with pretty nice soundtracks.

  9. Hakoom put his profile back on public on the other trophy site(not sure if I can link it be you all know it).. Cheater or no cheater it just blows my mind how he keeps saying he plays alone on that account. 18 trophies per day with shitty to ultra rare plats. What a guy 😂👌

  10. Platinum #127: Salt and Sanctuary [NA] Saltborn Achieve all possible trophies. Fun: 8/10 Difficulty: 5/10 This game was an absolute blast. Platinum wise it scared me before I started as I was thinking. How am I going to keep track where I'm going in a 2d "open-world" game. With the help from PSNP I was able to have a basic route where to look and made the game fun from start to finish. I'm definitely going to stack this game with EU/VITA as it felt way too short unfortunately. nontheless a big ++ for this game. // Platinum #128: 36 Fragments of Midnight. Your mom knows it, your uncle knows it, your cat knows it and probably your neighbours know it. Yep it's a trashy easymode platinum. Though people who follow me know I just bought a second hand vita and this game was in my library so it was the perfect opportunity to test it out. // Platinum #129: The Adventure Pals Have my Babies Get all achievements Fun: 10/10 Difficulty: 2/10 (though the last boss was kinda hard😂) Ever Since I finished Cat Quest I was on the lookout for another cartoon goofy looking game and for some reason I missed out on this game. I had so much fun and laughed a bunch about the stupid gameplay mechanics. For example you have a Giraffe in your backpack who uses his tongue as a helicopter.. Developers were definitely on some good stuff. The platinum rarity is below 35% which is really odd as the game isn't hard and I would even compare it with cat quest which has a rarity above 80%.
  11. Platinum #129:platinum:

    All 31 Trophies 
    June 13th 2018  Completed in 3 days, 14 minutes


    BUY THIS GAME. you reading this? good, buy it!

    It's super fun! I just can't imagine why this is <50% platinum it's such fun. Just look at the giraffe alone makes you wonder what the hell this game is.

    10/10 fun!


  12. ffs.. I'm more triggered by the fact my list is going to get screwed up 🙄. Got all 3 games 100% clean in a row. Nonetheless can't wait to frisbee and slap my controller all around my room when playing time trials. It's the best! . Fuckers why couldn't they just leave this masterpiece alone and let it stay PSN exclusive
  13. almost all the time I rage about DLC'S killing my 100% but for this game I just cant wait.. let it happen
  14. So before I start this question keep in mind I have a girlfriend for a long time and I'm very happy with her and this isn't some weird give me tips topic. I'm just really curious how people start a relationship by gaming. As I was always the guy who found someone while going out in clubs/pubs and whatsoever. So on topic. Me and a friend were talking the other day how some couples have these relationships where they meet each other through gaming/MMO's/discord/teamspeak you name it. and before you know meet up, start to live together and in my case I even met a couple who were married when they met each other in World of Warcraft. I just kept wondering how do you meet your "soulmate" through gaming. Last time I talked a bunch with a "gamer girl" was when I still played WoW and the only thing I did was bitch about loot against her 😂. So I was wondering, Any couples here who found each other through online gaming and how did it all started?
  15. No further information about a release date or anything is it?