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  1. I feel you. I've bought Mafia 2 and already got some trophies and later on I read about how shit these DLC's are. As a completionist I want it 100% but atm I can't even play my damn ps4 thanks to this shit glitch which takes forever :")
  2. How long would you say it takes?
  3. Just 

    Drive a total of 1,000 miles in vehicles in "Jimmy's Vendetta".

    left.. Whoever came up with this retard trophy has some serious mental problems. It isn't as crazy as my 20mil zeni grind in Dragonball FighterZ but what a waste of time..


    Time to check out the new WoW expansion and abuse the floating glitch the upcoming days.. Just in time for Cyberpunk and Nioh2 DLC :D 

    1. Anthony_1920


      I used to drive all around in GTA San Andreas all the time with no worries.

      But in other games like The Crew can get very tedious on doing just doing it one time would cause so much burn outs.

      Even with missions on individual cars to unlock somthing else, I try going to a mission or during a mission just using that one vehicle. Accumulates over time.

      But what's the point in the game worry over that? ocd? Seeing one there not there? its madness. cravenness. insanity. to just to complete it.

      Surly strangle over the person that decided to put that in the game. 😂

    2. Deluziion90


      Heavy OCD. Getting my first 10 maybe 20 platinums gave me such a thrill to scroll through that mini list and having everything 100%. After 200 and currently 300+ I just keep at it. I’ve always been a completionist and that will not stop very soon. 


      Sure there’s some games I didnt 100% but thats just bad luck.😄

  4. So I tried this last night the moment I was able to drive around on the map. And I had the following experience: - no pause happened - zero lag or frame drops. I monitored the first 2 hours without touching my controller. - I went to bed and 7 hours later RIP. - I got the millionare trophy but.. I was still falling without lag but the moment I opened the menu and turned subtitles OFF to get a save in I got a blue screen... this was all tested on a PS4 Pro which is still under 3 years old
  5. Joe's Adventures
    10 of 10 Trophies


    Closing in on the end for Mafia 2.

    Now time to start Jimmy’s Vendetta. 😭


  6. Platinum #324 Mafia II: Definitive Edition


    Fun: 7/10

    Difficulty: 4/10

    Time to plat: 2 days 20hrs


    Just a random pick a game moment as I played Mafia III before. I was really surprised by the story in a positive way.


    You can tell the game is older as the NPC’s who drive around are absolute baboons in cars. The amount of car accidents I made because they switched lanes out of nowhere.. omg🤷🏻‍♂️.


    I decided to play on hard difficulty from the start and playing the game like Uncharted 1 on brutal felt kinda easy. You can abuse corners with the crosshair and that made most encounters a joke.


    Now time to 100% both DLC’s which I’m not looking forward to especially the 1000 miles trophy


  7. Mafia 2 story done! But what a meh ending. Just 2 more easy trophies for the platinum and then it’s time for the obnoxious 1000 miles trophy. And other grindy stuff. Can’t wait to let my ps4 burn itself down when running it 24hrs+😆.


    1. HaserPL


      Congrats. I'm halfway through the miles grind. The entire DLC in this game can go fuck itself. It's rare to see something soo poorly designed and rushed.

  8. Who came up with all these Posters in Mafia 2 XD.. Feels like I'm playing AC again

  9. So just picked Mafia 2 blind. So far it’s been fun but really counting down for the new nioh 2 dlc🏆

  10. Hi fellow grinders, Currently I’ve started the 530k grind with a friend and we are doing a 3 win / 3 lose / 3 win and so on method. Question is sometimes one of us spikes way above after a match 20-30k bp. Is it still safe to push with the 3 on 3 win/lose or should we just alter sometimes. Would be shit if I somehow can’t find him again in a matchup.
  11. Borderlands 3 AGAIN 100%
    All 78 Trophies
    28th November 2020 • Completed in 11 months, 3 weeks
    Designer's Cut
    3 of 3 Trophies
    They added 3 new trophies and they were just not fun at all if you ask me. It's a sorta battle royal style. Find loot, Kill the boss extract the loot you want to use in the real game and that's about it.
    I went fully focussed on the 3 trophies as I didn't like the style.
    - First run was very serious. I got some nice loot and killed the boss. So that's trophy 1
    - Next trophy was just running like an Idiot around the map to unfog everything. Trophy 2.
    - Next and most annoying trophy was extracting 100 items to your "real" game. I just went with the starter gear extracted it and got myself killed and repeated that for an hour. Trophy 3
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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. MidnightDragon
    4. UltraFire121


      Your insanity lol. Fantastic job. :)


      I may considered getting Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition and also free upgrade to the PS5 version once it goes cheaper.

  12. I think faster. 1 serious run for the boss trophy Just spam runs for 1 hour to get 100 extracts and then just run around the map to get the all zones trophy. That shouldn't take 5 hours right?
  13. #323 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


    Well that was a really fast one and short one.


    It’s a great game, nice graphics and the collectables and side stuff isn’t a chore and fun to do. Only downside would be the lenght. I had a great time with this game and I wish there was more.


    Too give an idea the game requires Newgame+. It took me 2 hours and 17 minutes to finish from start to the trophy.



    Difficulty: 3/10

    Fun: 9/10

    Platinum time: 2 days 7 hours

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    2. Byeler



    3. UltraFire121


      Well shit. That's what I was really after for the milestone platinum. Anyways Congrats. ;)

    4. ZoutjeNL


      Well done mate glad you enjoyed it :)

  14. So what is this game? Really liked the other version
  15. Just NG+ left on spiderman. Great game. Sucks I’m playing on a ps4😅

  16. Already reached the final story part in Miles Morales. It really is as short as people say. Great fun though😄

  17. #321 - Assassin's Creed Valhalla Viking Legend Win Every Trophy Fun: 7/10 Difficulty 3/10 Platinum time: 111 hours Hard to decide how to rate this game as it's another AC open world game. It's incredibly massive but that's also the part where Ubisoft went wrong. There's a total of 780 collectables. Well That took me a total of 80 hours from my 111 total playtime so you can tell how that felt :D. The story is a bit repetitive. Pledge to a region in England with your Viking eivor, make friends and take over a fort. It usually repeats itself for most of the story. There's also your typical Isu stuff which gets really REALLY weird later on in the story. Overall I like the game for what it was but nothing special. When it came to the bugs and all the complaints I think I was one of the lucky ones who only had some really minor stuff which could be solved by a simple restart. Nothing game breaking for me as i cleared the whole map first before I even started the story.
  18. Platinum #321

    All 51 Trophies
    24th November 2020 • Platinum in 1 week, 6 days
    Bigger review up soon on most recent platinums.
    What a journey. Took me a total of 113 hours for the platinum 
    3/10 difficulty
    7/10 fun
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    2. Copanele


      Well  done! The grind  is finally over :D 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. UltraFire121


      Another fucking long grind must of been hell for you and yet you've succeeded perfectly. I most likely getting the ultimate edition along the PS5 free upgrade. Excellent work. :)

  19. I always went with Orange borders and the hands. Just spam that untill you can do the 12 damage god skill. Always worked for me
  20. I gave up on PS5 so bought Miles Morales ps4 version for now :platinum:

  21. Almost got the AC Valhalla platinum. I'm so burned out. 108 Hours in atm

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    2. Deluziion90


      I'm lvl 400 +30 in red +20 in yellow fully decked out. Nothing really scares me at this point 😂

    3. Copanele


      Lmao and i did the zone at lvl 220 or something xD doubt you would even be scratched. 

    4. Deluziion90


      And the main story has ended for me. With biggg question marks.

      Now time to kill all order members for the platinum :D

  22. Number of missable trophies: Completionist All the Way! (there are 3 missable Collectibles Wealth #12 & Wealth #13 in Jotunheim which are only available during a main quest & Mystery #10 in Eurviscire which requires fabric but this material stops spawning after having fully upgraded your Rations / Quiver). There might still be some more missable Collectibles. It’s recommended to make a Manual Save at the start of each region and complete each region when the story brings you there. Also don’t fully upgrade your equipment because it may stop spawning some mandatory materials.
  23. Full Mentor set + 2 daggers + Poison. You'll see the true god mode
  24. Game of the year: Nioh 2 I like souls games, I like RPG’s I like getting overpowered. This game had it all for me. Also recently got both dlc 100% Platinum of the year Red Dead Redemption 2 While playing I got annoyed a lot with all the heavy bullshit to get this platinum but after months past and looking back at this platinum it was an amazing journey and such a great open world game. It really felt alive. Backlog platinum of the Year Dragonball FighterZ fuck this horrible piece of shit game! But really happy I grinded 15+ hours a day for a week long to get the 20 mil zeni trophy. My hardest grind I’ve ever done in a game