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  1. Currently playing the main game for the platinum so nice I can go straight into the DLC for that 100%
  2. I’ve fought myself through ac valhalla and this game is much better and doesnt feel like a grind at all. Sure there’s lots of chests and other stuff to collect but it isn’t really boring. Only thing I dislike are the vaults
  3. Loved the main game even got the collectors edition. the 3D bonus stage is just shit. Think that’s why many people didn’t 100% it.
  4. Platinum #339 Sackboy: A Big Adventure Big Adventurer Even Scarlet didn't get all the trophies, you're truly a Knitted Knight of legend. Fun: 10/10 Difficulty 3/10 but 7.5/10 for final trial trophy. Really hard trophy. Overall time: 3 days 5hrs. Also got sub top25 fastest achievers This game just screams FUN. Played it from start to finish with a big smile.
  5. #platinum 339 just before 2021:platinum:

    All 46 Trophies
    31st December 2020 • Platinum in 3 days, 5 hours
    Just before new year an amazing game platted! Everything was just fun about this game.
    Fun: for sure a 10/10
    Difficulty 3/10 but a 7.5/10 for the final trial that was insane and took me lots of hours to master it
    Overall time: 3 days 5 hours.
    I'll definitely play this casual to get all costumes with my other half as it's just an overall fun platformer game with amazing licensed soundtracks that just fit into the levels.
  6. Happy new year to the best people on the gaming community

    Bless you all with a healthy year and lots of trophies in 2021!

    1. Honor_Hand


      Happy New Year! Hope 2021 brings even more new trophies for you. ^^

    2. MidnightDragon


      Happy New Year! May 2021 be better than 2020!

    3. Roster60


      Happy New Year bud :)

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  7. Sackboy > Crash4 time trials!


    Currently 4 hours into practice for the trophy below. This is just one brutal gauntlet lol. I'm almost getting perfect runs and keep getting dry eyes and adrenaline kicks in when I'm nearing the end. I'm sure I'll get it the question for myself is how long is this gonna take xD...

    String it Together
    Get a Gold on the Knitted Knight’s ultimate trial.
    1. Deluziion90


      PSNP status complaints always do the trick finally got the trophy in 08:23.54 / 10min

      god this was brutal 

  8. Took me around 5 days of playtime. It’s easy but really boring if you want to do it the fast way
  9. Just started with the full trial run trophy that one is really shit though
  10. I've checked a bit on this game but wondered how difficult this one is when comparing to little big planet 3. That platinum is current UR and didn't give me that much trouble except for the co-op/mp related trophies. Any input from platinum achievers or people currently playing it and played lbp3 would be great Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Just finished the story and its indeed a lot easier. Only trial 16 will take some practice indeed. Very fun game so far
  12. Started with a new game! Sackboy. Having an amazing time with this one so far. Even when getting older games like this always cheer me up.


    Also finally convinced my girlfriend to help me with the platinum for some couch co-op trophies that’s going to be a lot of fun as her last game is probably from ps1 

    1. Roster60


      Have fun buddy! 😀

      Looking forward to play that game eventually myself.

  13. Might be a weird question but does anyone have a travel case or backpack or maybe anything to travel with this huge console. my max I want to spent would be around €80 I've been travelling a lot with my ps4 pro which fits easy into a normal backpack which is protected enough against travel. Travel is only from my house to my car and into my office so it's not getting much stress or bumps if people wonder. Also if people want to know why; I'm in a very lucky position where I can use my ps4pro at work when I have night shifts which is 3 times a week. Now I finally have my ps5 I've been searching on the internet and found some nice cases but everything seems sold out. It feels like searching for a ps5 again lol. Here's a travel case I had in mind which they sell in my country but sold out ofcourse
  14. Platinum # 329 - 338 Been a bit lazy at adding my new platinums on here so here's a list from the past 10 days. It's been a huge week since I got my ps5 and I've added a lot of trophies thanks to it Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Fun: / Difficulty: / A free platinum as I already did the ps4 version. Instant popped them all :D. Great game though! Astro's Playroom Fun 10/10 Difficulty 2/10 I've started gaming since Sega and this new controller from Playstation is something truly amazing. I can't wait for 2021 games and what developers are going to use with it. The game itself is really fun and I had a smile from begin till the end. Everyone who manages to get a ps5 should play this! Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Fun 3/10 Difficulty 10/10 childhood. 1/10 thanks to exploits This game was just a terrible horror and way to difficult. When I finally got it on sale I couldn't resist to abuse everything from the internet. No regrets Maneater Ps5 Edition Fun 7/10 Difficulty 3/10 Had a lot of fun on this kill and spam arcade game on PS4 and getting it free for ps5 was just another go at it. Thankfully all the bugs and glitches are fixed (atleast in this playthrough) so I had no problems of getting all trophies in 1 run. Mortal Kombat 11 Fun 8/10 Difficulty 3/10 Another free ps5 game so another free stack for me. Lots of trophies auto-popped and only the fun stuff was left. After some practice I had a great time getting 50 online matches. In the end I even got around 35 wins so that felt pretty good :D. Scorpion all the way! Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Fun: / Difficulty: / Another free ps5 stack so can't complain! Concept Destruction • EU Fun: 4/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Rata game with a free ps4/ps5 stack so seeing it's for PS5 I just added it to the list of my ps5 trophy rampage for the week. Bugsnax Fun 7.5/10 Difficulty 2.5/10 Free ps+ ps5 game and not much left for me so I gave it a go. It feels like catching pokemon while the developers were on some insane black tar heroin and other toxics. Creatures turning into food when eating alive bugsnax and oh boy what a ride. It was fun though but some crazy stuff xD.. Hollow Knight • NA Fun 9/10 Difficult 6/10 Few weeks ago I platted the EU version which was free on PS+ so some love for the developers and I bought the NA version. This game is just so much fun and I could take pages full about it.
  15. Platinum #338 

    Hollow Knight • NA
    All 35 Trophies
    28th December 2020 • Platinum in 2 days, 10 hours
    Double stack this wonderful game :D 
    Also back at 99.50% overall completion
  16. You saved me probably hours of searching! Had a panick attack. I was following the guide and stuck at 111% even though this is my 2nd time playing now at the NA version. I went to the seer and indeed she was there and after talking again I hit 112%. Endless thank you for this post !
  17. Thanks for the tip that one is maybe a good one to consider! Some of my colleagues want to try the ps5 out and just said that I had to put it in a plastic shopping bag. Well there's no way I'll ever do that
  18. Plat #337 Bugsnax!


    Real fun pokemonish game! Bigger review coming up soon on most recent platinums.



  19. Merry christmas!


    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Merry Christmas!

    2. DEsIx_KaerO


      Merry Christmas! :0

  20. Idiot proof build + very easy gear: The below is how I focussed on getting 100% in Nioh 2. There's tons of more Overpowered builds but this clears Dream of the Demon pretty easy and doesn't take much effort to get. Gear - Full Benkei Set - Weapon 1 Benkei splitstaff with Corruption. Only weapon I used (make sure it has Melee ki damage on it) - Weapon 2 Not sure what the name is but it's also from the Benkei set to get all the bonusses - Ranged weapons. I had 2 Ethereal's as a set who gave me more HP(read down below how I got those) - Scroll: Ultimate Magic and get Dyad Splitstaff. Hope for some rng to get more Ki damage or active skill damage Guardian Spirit: Main: Atlast Bear 1st. - Kasha Soul Core (GET THIS THING. This thing gives insane health regen and carried me in so many situations) -Nuppeppo Soul core. High Risk High reward. You'll get a crazy dps boost on bosses if you get there stamina down to 0 - Maelstrom Oni-Bi Soul Core Second: Ho Stats on all gear: - Onmyo magic - Untouched Onmyo Magic - Active skill damage - Ki Damage - Elemental weapon damage increase - +Attack on all. I had some spare orange transfers left Magic: - Weakness Talisman - Steel Talisman - Purification Talisman (This kills shit fast!) - Devigorate talisman - Barrier Talisman How I got my stuff fast: I rushed most side missions to get to Demon quick and got my set and weapon around +20 with some forging. After that I went straight into Dream of the Wise. It's not needed for any trophies but this will help a lot for clearing everything. With that in mind stuff is annoying to kill but the drops are really insane if you go there undergeared. Took me an evening of grinding and nitpicking easy missions to get my set and weapon around +25-28. Also it's a bit luck based some stuff drops so you can convert your divine into Ethereal gear. Playstyle - Always in High stance - Unlock all high stance skills. - Hold square for a high damage combo boost. - After playing for a while you can combo the square into a triangle to get a bigger combo but higer risk is higher reward. - Later on you can combo more stuff like L1+Square for a nice AOE move but that's just some practice.
  21. I stacked the walking dead telltales so many times I lost count. Would you say the definite edition you're playing is worth it or should I skip it?

    1. Deluziion90


      @Byeler Didn't know it's that price. Seems worth it imo. Gotta finish up Bugsnax first then I'll probably grab a physical version if I can find any

    2. Byeler


      @Deluziion90 It's definitely worth it for four seasons and two DLCs ! :)  Have fun with Bugsnax! 

    3. DamagingRob


      If you want to play through the entire story again, I guess it's worth it? Unless you're into things like developer commentaries, character model viewers, listening to the soundtrack, and whatever else they packed into it. Lol. 


      Only really bought this version myself, because I found a copy for $15 on clearance at Walmart. Otherwise, I might have just bought S3 and S4 separate during the current PSN sale.

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  22. Could anyone explain me how to get this trophy? I've checked the guides and read about it but I don't really understand what I actually need to do
  23. Platinum #333 Mortal Kombat 11


    a nice freebie ps5 stack with a lot of autopop trophies. I don’t know how I ended up 10w-44L on ps4 but have I improved. Ended up with 55wins this time around. I’m still a horrible person in fighting games though.


    Now thinking about Bugsnax as it’s currently free

  24. Answer would be america time. Found full lobbies all the time and got the trophy