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  1. Figured it out in the end it. For anyone having the same issue with everything 5 stars - spam some orders to distribution south of lake knot city you will unlock truck long range 1,2,3 - 1 order to south knot city and you will unlock truck: defensive. Platinum is finally mine after this. Best of luck to anyone :)!
  2. Could anyone explain me how to get the last truck upgrades. It's my last step for the platinum. Everything is 5 star, collected all memory chips and still I'm not able to craft them Currently I'm stuck on only crafting "truck"
  3. Platinum #211

    All 63 Trophies
    25th November 2019  Platinum in 2 weeks, 3 days
    Ingame time 85 hours
    Big review tomorrow up in most recent platinum. This game deserves all the love 😍
  4. So I've found a random youtube videio mentioning the following: Radiun1 week geleden @Daniel Scott I was having the issue. I am 5 stars in almost every prepper except those pesky Hidden ones in the mountains. After watching this video and the comments stating the Junk Dealer. I noticed that the first Long range truck is tied to No.248 delivery from Junk Dealer. It is under the standard missions. After I turned it in, I got the Long range truck. Hope this helps! Now off to find the Long range truck lvl 2 >.> So I indeed did this order and unlocked rank 1 and 2 long range trucks.. Really weird Big thanks for all the help though
  5. Done everything you've mentioned. Still no luck
  6. Update* I've checked multiple websites now refering you need lvl 3/4/5 ranking with Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City Level. However I'm already 5 stars with everyone. Checked junk dealer again for maybe another truck related order but there's non either
  7. Death stranding grind finally done! Couldn’t be more excited to get this done.

    tomorrow I’ll cleanup the collectables and then the platinum is finally mine🤩.


    star wars up next😄

  8. Like Katt said but just go rambo. get a non lethal assault rifle lv3 get in there and shoot them all. You then got all the time to loot everything
  9. So I got south of lake knot city 5 stars including a order from sam and unlocked It. Still no clue how I missed it. Anyways everyone thanks for the information!😊
  10. Could anyone tell me how I can unlock the truck. I've already finished the story and got over 20 5 stars but still can't use or create the truck. I've checked online and found out I should be able to get it around chapter 3 but I've got no clue what order or something I've missed. any help is appreciated :)!
  11. Death Standing story finished. In the end it was a crazy hollywood level finisher. Kojima definitely did a good job on this one😍


    now it’s time for the crazy grind to platinum this gem

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      Nice work get yo grind on ⚒️

  12. I think I've read somewhere around here that they don't want to join the UCA but the more you deliver the more they are convinced to join and so level up normal after a while.
  13. Just put the like for like sign in front of terminals and unavoidable spots where people can't dodge it . It's an asshole move but I'm now around 45k likes thanks to that . Currently rounding up Episode 6
  14. Hi @Hakoom I'm wondering if you could answer my question. When entering post game for the cleanup and maxing all stars will we have enough bandwith to spam the map full with ziplines? Currently I'm in Episode 6 and I'm constantly out of bandwith (so I can't place any more ziplines or other buildings). Out of my head I'm around 16k Bandwith now appreciated for the help !
  15. I didnt know contracts work that way. Anyways people can add me on this name because in the long run I want to spam the map full with these things. Sucks my bandwith is currently maxed
  16. Just for anyone going for the platinum and checked into some guides. The start of chapter 5 gives you the zipline for PCC2. Currently I’m working around the map and placing them everywhere and I recommend anyone going for the plat doing the same. It makes everything super easy
  17. Personal review currently almost done with chapter 3 gameplay 4/10 it’s the same stuff over and over but I keep playing because I’m very interested how the story will end.. being a completionist doesnt help either to get this one 100%😓
  18. So far the post grind wont be too tedious I think. The guide was made offline when almost noone was playing. Currently I’m in episode 3 and there’s ladders, ropes and even some bridges already by other players. It all adds up to being faster
  19. Managed to get Death stranding a day earlier. This platinum is going to be a mindless grindfest in the end but finally I won’t be bored for the upcoming weeks😝

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. BB-BakkerJ


      I hope you enjoy it. The game sounds extremely boring to me...

    3. Deluziion90


      Ill update in a few days 😁

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  20. Can't wait for this one instabuy for me if EA doesn't fuck this one up
  21. Borderlands 3 or wait for Death Stranding release. 😥

    1. Deluziion90


      Seems like Death Stranding so far. Didn't know all the drama around BL3. Only thing I've touched from that genre is the telltales story so I don't have any experience with the previous games :o 

    2. StewartBros


      BL3 will be on PS+ eventually. Go for Kojima and help make his first post-Metal Gear game a success.

    3. MidnightDragon
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  22. Rather a long platinum then a crazy hard game like crypt of the necrodancer if you ask me .. Although I do hope when it's related to "grindy" it's not as crazy as RDR2 because that game just takes the piss when it comes to trophies.
  23. Platinum #210

    All 49 Trophies
    3rd November 2019  Platinum in 1 day, 4 hours
    And that concludes all telltale games for me.
    Loved the ending of this story and happy they finished this after telltale got shut down 😊
  24. The walking dead final season.. such a pain....💀

    Screen 1: Guide what trophies to miss

    screen 2: the game itself
    screen 3: Another collectable guide

    so many repeated acts to get all trophies in 1 go.

    Thank god telltale didn't do this to all there games it really kills the vibe of the story when going for a platinum 

    1. ferginator88


      Was the final season any good at least?


      Bummer to here they made the trophies a pain :/

    2. Deluziion90


      @ferginator88 It's ok.. nothing special so far. I'm now starting the last episode so I'll probably make a #platinum xx post with my thoughts about the game tonight

  25. voted later on. I'm really curious about this game but I can't be bothered anymore with day 1 buys unless I'm a crazy fan of the genre (like last of us/nostalgic games like crash bandicoot/spyro) For now the game looks like an Amazon delivery game with the twisted Kojima mind mixed with it 😂