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  1. Two more Red dead redemption 2 challanges and I'm finally done. Unlucky for me one of those 2 is getting all herbs/shrooms and so on. 

    - 2x herb challange

    - need to start on exotics (kill me)

    - 4 legendary fish


    No more other big title games before this one is done

    1. Deluziion90


      @MidnightDragon thanks all the help is appreciated :D.


      Well I've already checked a bit on how to level and so on but there's a class called collector which only needs to roam around and collect stuff to get xp. That combined there's a lot of 40-50% xp boost weekends. As soon as I see one of those events pop up I'll probably go crazy and play non-stop for a weekend. Only thing that bothers me is getting 3x mvp trophy

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  2. Two more Red dead redemption 2 challanges and I'm finally done. Unlucky for me one of those 2 is getting all herbs/shrooms and so on. 

    - 2x herb challange

    - need to start on exotics (kill me)

    - 4 legendary fish


    No more other big title games before this one is done

    1. Deluziion90


      @MidnightDragon when I hopefully get the 100% trophy soon I’ll start with the 70 gold medals if I manage to complete those then online is the next step. I want to be sure I’ll get single player done first for the platinum otherwise I cant be bothered going for online. But the main goal is getting this platinum the end of march

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  3. rdr2 updates: 70/90 challenges done and really happy with my progress. I can finally see myself actually getting the platinum this year. though.... Finally started with the gambler section and oh my it's even worse then I've read online 😂

    1. Deluziion90


      @PooPooBlast that turkey omfg... made me quit last year and almost this year and then I found it.

      Since then I got all skins/studies in 1 day. 70+ Challanges and rising lol. So I've just got gambler 8 done after a good 7 hours sleep. I just had husky's script running. Always cheat the system :awesome:

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  4. I finally got the annoying Break Ace trophy in Yakuza 3 which requires you to place a 9 ball from the break shot. I followed many videos online but none quite worked for me as I rarely got the 9 ball to move from the center with their technique. I slightly modified the spin direction (see video/read description if you're interested) and it happened to make the ball almost consistently move.  The rest comes down to luck because the 9 ball has a mind of its own :/. 



    Also, after listening to the BGM for almost 1.5 hrs trying to get this trophy, I couldn't stop hearing "Yoghurt! Yoghurt! Yoghurt! Yoghurt!" :lol:. Sometimes I also hear "Yo Barrif! Yo Barrif!" :lol:

    1. Deluziion90


      And here I am torturing myself with gamble shit in RDR2. Why are we doing this to ourselves 😂. Trophy hunting is awful!

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  5. #236 Gris


    Very good indie puzzle platformer with a pretty emotional story. I definitely recommend this although it’s a bit short and very easy.

    1. Deluziion90


      Congrats. Indeed a very short one which is a shame


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  6. 8 Hours RDR2 for that beauty

    It's Art
    Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue.


    Slowly getting closer to that 100% completion trophy but onto the next game for the upcoming days.


    This platinum drains your soul 😂

    1. Deluziion90


      @MidnightDragon Yeah for some hours its relaxing and not too tedious when you find things quick enough. But a true western shooting/robbing banks and all that stuff.. Nahh it's one big fuck you to everyone who wants the platinum 

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  7. Time to talk about all the games I've played/completed with my latest PS Now trial. Here we go...


    Super Hang-On- I played this in Shenmue. Or Yakuza 0. Or both? And I like it. It's a fun motorbike racing game, though it looks awful. Lol. 


    The Last Blade 2- This would be a hard completion, if it wasn't for one character (Koryu) being completely OP. Spam one of his moves, and almost never lose. Lose to final boss, switch to another character, and win for their trophy. Which, if it wasn't for being able to continue with the opponent's health staying what it was, would still be really difficult. This game feels like it was made to eat quarters. 


    Super Star Wars- The hardest completion on this list. I don't know how you'd do this without saving at any time. Would take an insane amount of practice and skill, that's for sure. Never played it before, but it was fun. Just hard as hell. Lol. My mom was coming to ask me something at just the wrong time.. I angrily said "Fuck!" when she was near. "Did you just cuss?" Naaaaah. :ninja: I've done an excellent job of hiding my gamer rage over the years, I suppose, 'cause that was mild. :P


    The Unfinished Swan- Balls! Lots of balls! Paint balls, to be exact. Very neat game. It's like you're playing a children's picture book.


    The Secret of Monkey Island 1 & 2- Nice to have all the Monkey Island games on my profile. 1 took me longer than I thought it would. The RNG for getting all the pirate insults burned me out a bit, and I had to take a break.. And then a second playthrough, because 3 hours is too little time if you care about seeing the story. 2 annoyed me a bit with its controls. Would walk into an area, and walk right back out.. Easier to get under 3 hours in it, though.


    And another Platinum. #433- Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode. I saw this dialogue in the trailer:

    Her boobs are big. And by big, I mean huge. They're super soft and bouncy. I grab them a lot, so there's no mistake about it.

    And pretty much knew I had to try this. :P It also worked for an event I'm in, because of the school setting. 


    So, including my two Plats before this, that makes three Plats and six 100% games with the trial. I still have a day left, but I don't think there's anything else short enough, that I actually want to play. So, I'll probably be starting God of War tomorrow at long last.


    Still, 9 completed games is pretty nice. Doubt I've played that many Plus games, since it got cut down to 2 per month. If only Now gave you online, I'd switch in a heartbeat..

    1. Deluziion90


      Gg always nice to abuse ps now😂. I got the full old ps3 god of war series in a week of non stop grinding that way haha

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  8. Milestone|Platinum #250 :platinum:

    All 51 Trophies
    18th February 2020 • Platinum in 11 hours, 53 minutes
    A weird milestone but I kinda liked the platinum name :P 
    Also I don't have many games too choose from at the moment.
    Anyways I would like to give a huge shoutout to @Malachen for his amazing guide on the sims4 page. Without his pre created families and help on the forum as well as private questions this platinum wouldn't be possible.
    Now my girlfriend can finally play sims4 on my account without me going autistic about my completion percentage :awesome:
    1. Deluziion90


      And for anyone who wants this super easy platinum:

      Steps can be found on the following link or just have a read here:

      Managed to get the platinum in 11 hours also because I had no idea how the controls worked and I had to ask Malachen a bunch of questions :P.


      For anyone wondering how I got it as a complete noob I'll add my big long list of steps if anyone is not sure how to get the platinum. This is from someone who hasn't touched the sims in 10+ years. This isn't a #1 spot race guide but I'm very OCD to keep my profile as high in completion rate as possible so it's safe to say if you follow this your sure about the 100%.

      In no way I want to take credit or anything for this It's just that I got stuck with a lot of questions and I hope this answers it for some people who have doubts to start this 1/10 platinum.



      Step 1: check page 1 on Sims 4 guide. Add all the families from Naomie_Len, NZBigC and Malachen (see video how to do this)

      Step 2: Search in item name for "Triplet" sort by most popular. You'll find a blond woman with a guy who has tons of downloads. This is a 100% safe choise to get this trophy.

      Step 3: These sims don't have any needs no stress about toilets, food or sleep in my experience they always stay fully maxed green so take your time googling/youtubing when you get stuck on something


      So you've added all the families in your library from this point on you should be ready to go:


      (Always replace the families who live in the house never use the merge option)


      1: Start with Legacy Family:

      Trophies auto popped - just afk

      Alphabet Legacy

      Legacy Player


      2: Start Family from NZBigC

      Trophies auto popped - just afk

      Full House

      Games Within Games

      Cast Away



      The Most Interesting Sim in the World

      All Nighter

      Beyond Repairs

      Smooth Talker

      Literal Genius

      Straight for the Jocular

      Green Thumb


      3: Start Family from NZBigC with the grimreaper and 2 blond girls

      Trophies auto popped - just afk again.

      Hello, Darkness, My Old Chum


      4: Start family from Malachen (Named Trop-Hee)

      Trophy auto popped: 

      Rosebud (Replace the family as mentioned above dont merge some people have issue that this trophy wont pop) If it doesn't pop just go to main menu start a new game and try again. Everything resets when you start a new game.


      5: Select family member Entertainer(She's called this way no worries you'll know who it is)

      - Have her talk to herself in the mirror

      Trophies auto popped (go grab a drink a whole bunch of trophies will start popping

      Ivory Tower

      Tungsten Chef

      Mischief Mastered


      Code Monk


      Fired Up

      Refined Palette


      It's Not Brain Surgery

      Tender Loving

      Connoisseurus Rex



      6: Select Writer. The following steps ignore all other sims and focus on this sim:

      - Buy an Insta-Large and Insta-lean potion

      - Drink the insta large potion. You'll get fat. Now drink the Insta-lean potion. You're thin again

      My, You've Changed!


      7: Buy an inspiration potion on writer again.

      - Go to build mode

      - Buy yourself the most expensive computer (It has a pink keyboard but just check the prices)

      - Drink the Inspiration potion and select Write and go write a book. Doesn't matter what and title doesn't matter either

      - Wait a few minutes and the writer should hit the max

      Over-Achiever should pop. In my case it didn't.

      Just exit game and dont save and try again. My second try it worked.


      8: getting all the skills trophies (Here I made some severe mistakes so follow me along:

      You can get this fast or just by afking.

      When you select a sim and check there trait you can see they all have 9/10 on something. The family members have there associated trophy name as there in game name

      Family 1 has the following trophies to obtain: Writer, Tech Guru, Secret Agent, Athlete and Entertainer.


      Example 1:

      Click on Writer. You'll see has a daily task to do. You can a) Complete this task and get her max fast or B) just afk and she will go to her work and get it anyways.

      If you want to do it fast you'll notice that some things can't be done because your probably in the small house. Just buy the needed thing for example the painter needs a canvas to paint. So buy a canvas, let her paint and your done. You can now go to the next sim for the daily task. (Do this for the whole family.


      Step 2:

      WORK HARD. When a sim goes to work you'll notice a really small white icon on there name.

      - Click on the icon and select Work hard. This speeds up the process. As these sims don't get sick or anything you should always abuse this to get the job done quick.


      Step 3:

      This is the waiting game. Your sims will go automatically to work so in the end you'll get all the trophies. Unfortunately some sims take some time and won't work every day. So just keep the speeder on max and wait there trophies out.

      Trophies that should pop if you've waited long enough:

      World Competitor

      Startup Upstart

      I, Spy

      The Pen is Mightier

      Are You Entertained?


      9: Unlock a new plant type through grafting. ALWAYS USE ENTERTAINER FOR THIS!

      You can do this in step 8 while waiting for all the trophies!

      - Go to a computer and buy seeds

      - I used a cherry seed and a random plant. Best to select a vegetable and a fruit. Don't use the same type!

      - Entertainer should have seeds in her inventory. This went a bit buggy for me but you should cancel all her task and walk her somewhere outside in an open space.

      - Select the seeds you want and if done correctly the seed should be seen really small on the ground. 

      - Click on the seed and select plant

      - Do this step for your fruit and vegetable.

      - Waiting game. Wait till these things are fully grown (that's why you can do this in step 8)

      - Select the fruit and choose: Harvest

      - Select the vegetable and you should have an option called Graft. When selecting graft you're done.

      Splice of Life


      10: Have a Sim listen to all radio stations and watch all TV channels.

      This one really bugged me out and took me a while but thankfully I found a nice topic on the EA forums so all props to them for this. 



      - "You need to make sure you have ‘The Landlord Whisperer” radio purchased, but you can use any TV for this. When you can, you’ll want to install the “Super Reception” Upgrade onto both objects. This will unlock all of the Stations and Channels.

      The list of Radio Stations is as follows:

      • Alternative
      • Blues
      • Classical
      • Electronica
      • Kids Radio
      • Lullabies
      • Pop
      • Romance
      • Spooky
      • Winter Holiday
      • Retro (Unlocked after Upgrading)

      The list of TV Channels is as follows:

      • Action
      • Comedy
      • Cooking Channel
      • Kids Network
      • News
      • Romance
      • Sports
      • Fireplace (Unlocked after Upgrading)
      • Music TV (Unlocked after Upgrading)

      Watch/listen to them all to unlock the trophy."


      Make sure your sim is listening to the radio and cancels the first station and is listening to the next station before you queue up a new station to listen to on the radio. Same for the TV.




      Ok halfway there.



      Exit to main menu and select Trop-Hee family 2 from Malachen.

      - Follow everything exactly as mentioned in step 8 to get the rest of the skills trophies these are Astronaut, Criminal, Culinary, Business and Painter career

      Flying Colors

      Stellar Work

      Suave Criminal

      Captain of Industry

      Up a Notch



      Painter and criminal are the ones you need. Rest can be ignored for now. These 2 are married and needed for some trophies.

      - Keep spamming Friendly chatting with them and focus on getting the green bar fully maxed out.

      - In this process build yourself a space ship and "woohoo" with them in the spaceship




      Painter and criminal max in love and friendship? Good lets continue

      MAKE A SAVE!! This part kept failing for me and I still dont know how but thanks to this safe I could retry until the trophy popped!

      Select painter or criminal and press: L1+L2+R1+R2 typ the following: traits.equip_trait laugh

      - selected person is now a ghost.

      - Select the ghost.

      - Click bottom left on the mobile and choose split from househould.

      - make sure the ghost has around 30k with them to buy a house.

      - Now choose the land with no house on it to make this easy.

      - Loading screen appears. You should now have your ghost on the land with no house.

      - Quit back to the menu with the neighborhood.

      - Select the family with the painter or criminal (the one who still lives).

      - Loading screen.

      - Quickly select painter/criminal and zoom to the open land. You should see the ghost

      - X on the ghost and click to chat. 

      - Go to more choices -> Friendly.. -> Keep selecting more choises untill you see the option: Invite to household.

      If nothing went wrong (this went wrong like 5 times for me before the trophy should pop




      You should be back in your househould including everyone.

      - Let painter and criminal Woohoo again. (Yeah have sex with the ghost weird people at the sims)

      What Would It Be Like?



      -Start the Triplet family.

      - Speed everything to max

      - Real life options: Grab a smoke, grab a drink, go take a walk or just stare at your tv.

      - Takes a while but the girl should give birth to a triplet

      Triple Play


      16: Have a Sim outlive five spouses

      - Start a new game

      - Check google or youtube or find out yourself how to do this as this takes a few steps

      - Create 8 Sims. 

      - I created 4 woman and 4 man. Make them all married to each other.

      - Buy a small house 

      - Create a swimming pool.

      - Let all 4 man or 4 woman get into the pool (I choose all man to make it easier for myself)

      - When there in the pool

      - Build mode

      - Build a wall around the pool

      - Just afk again and let all 4 man drown.

      - Save game.

      - It's some searching but you can add new sims into this family.

      - I created 4 man again and married them with the 4 widowed woman

      - Repeat steps, Sell the wall let the man jump into the pool and kill them off again.

      Black Widow


      and there you go my steps to get the platinum :)

      Ultimate Sim Guru
      Earn all trophies.
      11 hours, 53 minutes, 19 seconds

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  9. Olly olly oxen free


    I am a great game and I am on sale for a super low price for two more days. Please buy me.

    1. Deluziion90


      Did I eat shrooms? Are games talking to me!?



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  10. Another 100% in the books.

    All 53 Trophies
    16th February 2020  Completed in 2 years, 6 months
    Speedrun wasn't too bad luckily and had a pretty big gap left for failures :). 
    1. Deluziion90


      @ZoutjeNL zero skips some fights are just easier with run and gun using a uzi if you have that. It really isn't hard if you just pause at some parts and check the video's where to go next if needed :) 

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  11. Another 100% in the books.

    All 53 Trophies
    16th February 2020  Completed in 2 years, 6 months
    Speedrun wasn't too bad luckily and had a pretty big gap left for failures :). 
    1. Deluziion90


      2 went much easier for me. I had a feeling I was much more tankier then 1. So you can go crazy rambo and just run and gun in a lot of fights. See the second video I posted and try copying his style. You should be able to do it easily. 


      I had 2 video's at hand:

      1: This guy makes mistakes and doesn't abuse the reload checkpoint. Around 50 minutes in I noticed I had a 15 minute lead on him.

      Second video I used is from this guy: 

      I tried to copy most of his style which worked great.


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  12. Brutal in Uncharted 2 feels a lot better then 1.

    Managed to get from chapter 5 to 18 tonight.

    The train wasn't all too bad as I expected. The truck sequence in uncharted 1 was 10 times worse in my experience that took ages.

    I got a feeling this trophy should be in my reach from this point on.


    And for anyone wondering yes I'm abusing 1 shot + unlimited ammo. I can't be arsed to make this unfair game mode even worse for myself. :P 


    (removed patch, put on the cheats and reinstalled the patch that worked for me if anyone is curious)

    1. Deluziion90


      @PooPooBlast had the collection as one of my first ps4 games (platted mid 2017) I just had the urge to try and 100% the dlc’s finally. So playing with the disc version. I’m not sure if you can abuse it with the digital version.

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  13. All 54 Trophies
    14th February 2020  Completed in 2 years, 6 months
    speedrun and brutal were such a pain and really considering if I can be bothered with U2/U3
    1. Deluziion90


      @Nighcisama thanks for the input currently giving 2 a try on brutal now on ch5 and already dying so much 😅. The  bullet sponge wont be a problem as I enabled 1 hit and unlimitted ammo and patched it back to the latest. Still brutal is a total piece of shit

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  14. All 54 Trophies
    14th February 2020  Completed in 2 years, 6 months
    speedrun and brutal were such a pain and really considering if I can be bothered with U2/U3
    1. Deluziion90


      @Avatar_Of_Battle Well that doesn't ease my mind. I exploited the shit out of 1. Getting through walls and skipping everything possible. Amazing game but these DLC'S trophies are trash.

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  15. #234 + 100% Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey


    Took my time with this game as I clocked in around 125 hours. Probably my last new AC game as just as with Origins I don’t like the direction this franchise is going. Very beautiful open world, although a bit too large for my taste, but very boring gameplay. There is no challenge at all. Still got AC III & Liberation Remastered and my hope is that those game are like old ones. But it will take a while before I start any of them. Too tired of AC right now.


    So I need a new game. Thinking about picking up Spiderman GOTY from the US store or Crash Team Racing from the EU store.

    1. Deluziion90


      Congrats on ac!


       Spiderman is amazing but probably not much of a challange for you 😝! Don’t mind the ng+ run its super easy to burn through it again.

      CTR is a challange but ones you get the click how it works it can be done easily! Both great games 😁


      (liberation is horse poo if you ask me I hated it😂)

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  16. Gottem! 
    Finish the Game on Brutal Without Changing the Difficulty
    Zero shame and honest:
    I've abused:
    - Wall glitches,
    - crouch wall glitches
    - Infinite ammo
    - slowmotion on hard parts
    - 1 hit kills
    - Brutal chapter abusing to glitch from 8 to 12
    - skipping whole chapters afterwards thanks to a speedrunner
    Game being an asshole vs me
    1-0 to me 
    1. Deluziion90


      @PooPooBlast agreed when it comes to story. The whole series were one of my first games when I started with playstation (ps1 not counting). Grabbing these trophies again killed the fun and fond memories I had with them.  Though I’m going for the speedrun up next and moving one to 2 and 3 just for the sake of getting my 99% total completion back. 

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  17. So I gave up on KH1 for now. The game just bores me to death which is a shame the platinum is really close. Proud isn't too bad but it's killing my fun for sure. So I've picked up one of my first platinums which is Uncharted 1. I tried the glitch provided and I can be sure 1,2,3 will be 100% in no time :D. That's atleast 3 more completed games. 

    It's getting harder each week to find a new game as I've been blasting through most of the big titles

  18. Plat 34 - All the goat :D


    Flappy goat - worlds worst trophy (I have ever come across) 

    1. Deluziion90


      @MortalRikku If you hated flappy then you will kill someone with the space stuff so best to avoid indeed hehe

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  19. Plat 34 - All the goat :D


    Flappy goat - worlds worst trophy (I have ever come across) 

    1. Deluziion90


      congrats on the platinum. Still amazed how many people have issues with that flappy goat trophy. I remember the space DLC was 10 times more awful :P 

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  20. Over 40 hours in Mad Max, and I have to say, Avalanche Studios sure loves their open world games to be a collectathon and laundry checklist.


    I don't know if I will get Just Cause 4. The games they have made are more of a collectathon than most of the Ubisoft games I've played. They're a step above that.


    The ratio of story content and character progression to sheer amounts of collectibles and filler content is insulting. At least in Just Cause 2 and so some extent Just Cause 3 they explain themselves that they're sandboxes with lots of content without taking themselves too seriously. But Mad Max, a game which has a halfway decent story about a man who lost just about everything while the entire world went to hell, having this much filler content is... ugh.

    1. Deluziion90


      Just keep an eye out for that 90/91 glitch everyone is talking about if you are going for the 100%. I remember the game vague on PC and you're sure right about the things you mentioned.

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  21. Impossible lair sure feels impossible at the moment this is hard as hell..

    70% in 8 really bad attempts. Even getting golden boy on super meat boy didn't feel as cheap as this part of the game :")

    1. Deluziion90


      and the long night ended! Zero bees up till final boss holy shit platinum in my reach :D 

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  22. Impossible lair sure feels impossible at the moment this is hard as hell..

    70% in 8 really bad attempts. Even getting golden boy on super meat boy didn't feel as cheap as this part of the game :")

    1. Deluziion90


      grabbing way too much sigarettes in a few minutes. Walking around for 5 minutes and take 2 for this nonesense. And I start failing again HARD early part which went "ok".. This is going to be a long night🙃

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  23. Platinum #243

    Donut County


    Real fun indie game which was on sale so why not.😄


    Now finally starting KH1 proud run

    1. Deluziion90


      @PooPooBlast 300 this year AAA titles and trash doesn't matter haha. Back at it like I just started on ps4 few years ago :P 


      @BB-BakkerJ 100% is impossible with some games I have in my list and I'll probably never even try. Just for the ones interested I've got the following left:

      Final Fantasy XV  EU
      82 of 98 Trophies
      6th March 2018  Platinum in 1 week, 2 days
      I'll never be bothered again with the few multiplayer things left and the last DLC is a BIG maybe if I'll ever be bothered. If I could I would deleted all current 82 trophies.
      51 of 63 Trophies
      20th May 2018  Platinum in 1 week, 1 day
      I tried to get this 100% But it's been to long I've played this I had no clue what I was doing and gave up pretty much in the first hour just because I got frustrated. I loved the main game but all the DLC stuff just killed the 100% fun for me
      62 of 86 Trophies
      15th January 2018  Platinum in 2 weeks, 20 hours
      Possible to get but will take me a long time. Getting back into my old build, getting used to the gameplay again and all that stuff again I should never stopped where I was and the best was just to push for 100% at that time. I just get distracted really long after 2 weeks of non stop playing the same game.

      Uncharted 1 + 2 + 3.
      Funny enough I read about the "glitch" @HusKy provided on the forums yesterday and I'll probably go for these after KH1. So big + for providing that information. It's one of my first ps4 games and this gave me a reason to start trying for that 100% :D 
      56 of 68 Trophies
      8th August 2017  Platinum in 4 days, 21 hours
      I dont consider myself bad but getting
      Earn three stars on all Survival stages on the Crushing setting


      that just stopped me immediately from trying to get 100%

      that's pretty much everything I need for a 100% profile. Getting 99.50%+ is something I would love to get but getting beyond that is something I can't see myself doing :P 

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  24. Starting backlog project 2 today.. Kingdom hearts 1

    this game had been ages on my list non plat.

    the only thing I have left is proud mode so hopefully I’ll be able to do it.

    1. Deluziion90


      @starcrunch061 indeed missing speedrun as well but planning to use the 100+ hour glitch for that. Still got a save file infront of the final boss so I’ll just idle for that.


      @DEI2EK thanks for the tip I could use all the help. Alreaady have the starting stuff (shield etc as recommened everywhere on the internet)


      @Stan Lee I think I’ll enjoy it and will take my time grinding when needed. But doing all the extras isnt my goals I’m fully focussed on getting that proud trophy. 

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  25. Platinum 242

    All 36 Trophies
    It took me 1 year and 6 month's of hidding this game to finally platinum it. This has to be one of the worst most shit games I've played in my life. The amount of anger and rage I've had playing this game. I'm a huge fan of old platformers but this game took me to another level of anger.
    Because I've got no games to play I decided to give it my all and finally platinum this game and it was something else. Really beyong excited to got this 100%. Deleted and never ever will I touch a Yooka Laylee game again.
    Yes this is one big complain post but I just had to get all the anger and frustration out 😂
    1. Deluziion90


      @Elvick_ thanks for the suggestion I’ll check it out tomorrow. And indeed the lvl design is godawful I was constantly lost.. games like spyro are the same idea but so much more linear and better. this was just a big map with zero instructions

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