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  1. 1 hour ago, HusKy said:


    Just search "triplets", order by most popular (left side column) and on the top there will be blonde woman with black haired guy with at least 1500 downloads. That's the one you want.

    Can confirm this is the one I used as well


  2. 5 minutes ago, Malachen said:

    Are they at 100 friendship? If so, move one of them out to the lot next door using the phone to split household and move. Give them enough cash to buy the lot next door. Now the lot will load and you will have just the ghost. If you already got the career trophies with both then simply zoom out to the house next door and you should see the neighbour. If not, go round to the house and select the sim they are married to. One of the options should say invite to household. If it doesn't, then leave the person in this house and manage worlds from the main menu. Play as the original family again and choose the married Sim and select the Sim who should be in your house to move in. I will do a video on this asap. I hope this helps a bit though 

    Thanks I think its ths friendship! Its not fully green. But the description is clear enough now. Thanks again nearly done😁


  3. 15 minutes ago, Malachen said:

    Yup and even those 2 trophies have been gotten down to around 30 minutes total so very little work is required. You have to do a little extra stuff with the first two families but you have to wait for them to go to work to get the career trophies anyways so it doesn't add any time on to the plat and it is all detailed in the guide. I've submitted a far better laid out one just waiting for review. Gonna reorganise the first post tonight however to make sure it all looks good.


    EDIT: Done a small tidy on the guide so it is a bit clearer on some aspects.

    Just saw the text now on the first page and thank you very much for all your effort!

    I'll probably start tomorrow and try to get the platinum as fast as possible. Free platinums never hurt especially ultra rares :P 


  4. Pretty nice list and curious about this one.


    After checking the above posted steam guide it shouldn't be too crazy when it comes to speedrunning:



    Finish the game in 4 hours or less
    Self explanatory. You have to rush through the whole game and finish the whole thing under 4 hours. You can do it on any difficulty. On Rookie it's realistic to finish the game casually within 2 hours. Once you finish Chapter 5 you'll get the achievement.


    After playing RE2 multiple times for the platinum the speedruns were a joke