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  1. Spyro trophy guide is out..

    Didn't expect it too be this easy.


    Playing those 3 for the nostalgic anyways so the free platinums are always great ^^

    1. HusKy


      Just had a look. This will be really easy but I'm looking forward to playing them anyway. Totally missed this series when I was younger.

    2. OneSkillPoint


      I'm also quite surprised by how simple the trophy list seems. They may have done that one purpose to help sell the game, but hey I don't mind!

    3. Sir_Bee


      I remember playing these games when they first came out, and I am not sure what could be more difficult for the trophies?  You still need to 100% the games, and the games themselves were pretty easy.  I am glad they didn't add any grindy trophies, but thinking about my experience with the game, I cannot think of anything that they could have done to make it more difficult.  Still plan on playing these again and getting three new trophy sets :)

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