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  1. whoever came up with uncharted 1 brutal chapter 7 I hope your next shower will have acid in it :D 

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    2. ZoutjeNL


      I just finished Uncharted on Brutal and that chapter is just pure luck. Another annoying moment is the last boss fight (where you need to press circle, you instantly die most times) hated that part too. 

    3. StewartBros


      I didn't bother with Brutal on any of the 3 Uncharted games - just don't have the patience for that kind of ultra-cheap, insta-kill crap.  Getting platinum and 91-92% in the games is fine by me. :D

    4. Avatar_Of_Battle


      The part I struggled with most in this game was the jeep section. Tweaks don't mean anything there it was really just a matter of "will the enemy have laser guided bullets this time or not?" :dunno: