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  1. Gottem! 
    Finish the Game on Brutal Without Changing the Difficulty
    Zero shame and honest:
    I've abused:
    - Wall glitches,
    - crouch wall glitches
    - Infinite ammo
    - slowmotion on hard parts
    - 1 hit kills
    - Brutal chapter abusing to glitch from 8 to 12
    - skipping whole chapters afterwards thanks to a speedrunner
    Game being an asshole vs me
    1-0 to me 
    1. PooPooBlast


      Grats man! Not sure if I'm interested in playing those games again on the ps4. The uncharted games to me are fun for a one and done playthrough. 

    2. Deluziion90


      @PooPooBlast agreed when it comes to story. The whole series were one of my first games when I started with playstation (ps1 not counting). Grabbing these trophies again killed the fun and fond memories I had with them.  Though I’m going for the speedrun up next and moving one to 2 and 3 just for the sake of getting my 99% total completion back.