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About Me


* Only bought a PS4 a year ago for exclusives only. That didn't end well.  

* Managed to hit top 12k World - top 200 Netherlands in less then 1.5 Years.

* Always a crazy completionist at heart.

* Playing games since Sega Megadrive. My very first games were the Sonic games (thanks dad <3).

* Played PS1 and afterwards PC since present day.

* Addicted to World of Warcraft since Vanilla. Currently still manged to hit high item levels.

* Still waiting for more space to get more collectors editions. I love them.

* I like all gaming genres except racing and fighting. I'm horrible at those games.


-Real life-

what's that?

* Jokes aside :awesome:

* Fitness enthusiast, Vanilla wow days I was a pretty big guy and very unhealthy and around 22 years old I changed my life and currently healthy and strong 💪:awesome:💪.

* Lovely girlfriend who supports my idiot gaming life style and even helps me out with co-op/stupid trophies from time to time.

* I love horror movies and when I find the time I love going to the cinemas.

* I work in a 24/7 network operation center which means lots of free time and that's why I find so much free time for gaming and going to the gym.


that's about it I think?