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  1. Question regarding this trophy. I've got all other trophies in game (except the last gummi battle) however I'm only able to create 68 items and seeing the guy below me create 88 I'm definitely missing something as I can only create 7 accessories. Do I also need to do all the photo missions/collector's goals or something to unlock the rest of the recipes?
  2. Platinum 181: Far Cry: New Dawn Conqueror Earn all Trophies. Fun: 8/10 Game Difficulty: <5 hours 4/10 - after some upgrades 2/10 if not easier.. Platinum Difficulty: Very easy platinum. This is my 4th Far cry and the most easy of them all In game time for platinum: ~18 hours Lovely game as a followup for Far Cry 5 but this should have been a big paid DLC and maybe standalone in the future. The game was no doubt very fun but the story was very lacking. The twins were a very 'meh I dont really care' type of character. However.... Spoilers ahead: Overall the game is fun and a lovely time killer. Sometimes games don't have to be too serious when it comes to story for me (like RDR2/Yakuza games) and for anyone wondering the pink theme isn't too bad It didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.
  3. Platinum #181: 

    All 51 Trophies
    18th February 2019  Platinum in 2 days, 6 hours
    well this game is short.. Fun though. But really short..
  4. Super offtopic. Is there any information on DLC. I'd love to get this game but I want to wait if there's DLC on topic: Looks easy
  5. Been bored for days. I've been rushing big titles games way too fast. 😴

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      Then slow down!

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      A little suggestion. Yakuza 0 😁.

    3. ee28max


      Buy a tortoise shell :ninja:

  6. If you create the yoshi guy before NG+ you see all over the internet it will take you below 10 hours. I was able to solo twins around lvl 20
  7. Agreed on both. Give me 100 hours more of content it's not big enough
  8. 100% is rough anyways. I thought the same and then some bullshit DLC's came around the corner. 99% club is enough for me 😂
  9. Best: Crash Bandicoot - Just get all the crates which makes the game lots more fun Worst: AC: Unity - so.. many.. chests.. All Uncharted collectables. Kills the flow of the game. It just takes to long to go from a guide back to the game and back into action
  10. Just do the early stuff on galaxy 1. treasures, kill everything just level your ship up a bit. after that follow this guy: I copied this ship and it destroys everything
  11. Platinum #179: Kingdom Hearts III KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Unlock all other trophies. Fun: 7.5 Game Difficulty: Early 5/10 - Late game 2/10 - Playing on standard early as a KH noob was pretty tough. Later when getting Thunder aoe and a good keyblade the game was a faceroll Platinum Difficulty: 3/10. Rated overall because I got ultima blade pretty early for the rest of the trophies. I could destroy everything pretty easily. Overall time for platinum: In game time: 44 hours and 12 minutes. After playing KH1.5 Final Mix and checking out a ton of youtube video's to get ready for 3 I could only say I still got no damn clue what this game is about. I enjoyed every world and the graphics and gameplay were amazing. Late game was a bit of a long drag which got me pretty annoyed as I just couldn't keep up what was going on. Crazy enough the Gummi stuff wasn't too bad all thanks to a youtuber called: Primalliquid. He shows you how to build a very strong and efficient ship pretty early which helped immensely later on. If you plan on going for this platinum you should check him out! Overall a great game to enjoy
  12. Platinum #179:

    All 46 Trophies
    3rd February 2019  Platinum in 5 days, 52 minutes
    Still no clue what the story is about but the disney and pixar stuff was amazing. 
    Now time to relax on some easy stuff. Going all out on Resident Evil 2 and immediately this one was kinda though for my sleep 😂
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      Nice work!

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      Congrats, great work. 👍


      Not sure what else I could say other than I need to game behind this franchise at some point in my life :awesome: 

    4. thepeaguy


      I'll wait until it goes down in price and more dlc is available. The post-game content looks rubbish, imo. I love the story, don't get me wrong. I'm just not paying full price for it.

  13. 😭 and here I thought the platinum is within reach shitttt. Thanks dragon!
  14. easy for most: Slyde All 14 Trophies 23rd April 2018 • Platinum in 27 seconds Free trophy popping simulator lol
  15. Closing in on KH:3 platinum. Both big AAA titles done for January. Bring on february

  16. Can anyone tell me how to get: Shooting Star / Diving Barrage – Use once, hit an enemy. I've transformed this stupid thing into the double arrow shooter and the big missile but never get the option to use diving barrage ... Edit *** and ofc after testing more I got it. For anyone reading and struggling as well it's the second form. Max focus on 1 single target to cast this specific one
  17. This trophy is just the biggest fucking bullshit ever thats my 2 cents.
  18. KH3 in a nutshell:


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      Haha man! Epic meme! 😜👍

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      One of those stupid hashtag things on the loading screens is #donalddosomething , I laughed pretty hard at that one. The game knows.

    4. ResoluteRock


      I’ve only started the first KH game but I can already see what you mean about Donald not doing anything right... half the time he’s too unconscious to do anything. Goofy is doing just fine for me, but Donald gets dropped like a sack of potatoes in every encounter.

  19. Terraria! I've put 200+ hours into the game on steam but can't be bothered to do it all again on ps4
  20. 1. Jump in the blue and go to the back left and get the purple mech jump down afterwards. - NEVER use the triangle option. Its slow and can break your multiplier. DONT USE IT! - Also try to avoid the melee option just spam those lasers 2. Focus on the blue mechs. They are the weakest. If it's taking too long just kill one of those to keep your multiplier up. 3. always keep on eye out on the glass floor and make sure its broken all the time. 4. Keep on eye out on the tankers. Blow them up when you can. 5. Profit. I managed to get ~16mil after around 5 attempts this way.
  21. Adam's Venture: Easy with a guide but I wanted to stab my eyes out and destroy my room so bad it was . Save the Ninja Clan: 58% on EU. It was a challange but doable
  22. Does anyone know where to get honey, I saw it should be in acre woods but there's nothing there. Also did all 3 mini games which only gave vegetables.
  23. Good question wondering the same actually. Currently pumping all my mats into the sword from Herculus but would be good to know if they can be obtained later
  24. I'm not as far as this guy but his treasure/lucky emblem are spot on so far maybe it's something you can use
  25. Vitality + Guardian, Just building high damage yet tanky. Works so far