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  1. I'm surprised to see no one else has encountered the issue I did. When I was going up against John, right after I killed him instead of it going into the scene the game loaded me to a random part of the map. There was no sound, and a truck drove up and started shooting at me. I couldn't use my weapons or open my weapon wheel. And the truck couldn't kill me. Seriously, I just stood there letting it shoot me for a few minutes. After I reloaded the checkpoint it loaded me right into the scene. Apart from that I've really been enjoying it, except for the amount of dialogue, even I got sick of it to the point where if it's not a scene I skip it. And I only use Boomer because I quickly learned I can't trust the human partners to not start shooting at their own shadows or blowing everything up. Especially whoever the guy is in Faith's region... I was going for a prepper stash and two helicopters started shooting at him, he kept complaining about it, wouldn't go down, and wouldn't move. He just stood there and did nothing but whine. I had to leave the house I was looking for the keycard in just to go kill the choppers because I just got so annoyed with all the noise. I've actually had that issue with him a couple other times while I was waiting for him to get his kills done. I say waiting because, as he wouldn't move or do anything most of the time, even if I told him to attack someone it was pretty much a coin flip on whether he'd do it or not. He got stuck in a doorway once too... Also, Nick's icon is still on the map and still triggers his radio call, even though I have that region, including his missions, fully completed. I'm sure I encountered a few other issues as well, like a deer head sticking out of the ground or a wolf getting stuck on a rock, both of which happened this morning. But like I said, I've been mostly enjoying it so far. And now there is a guy in the water who I can't kill so I can't continue the Doctor's Orders quest. Found another one where the icons when you tell a party member to attack or move don't disappear even after moving a fairly large distance away. Don't know if this is one, but I found one of Faith's crazies in Seeley's Cabin, there is no way to get in there but you're still able to mark him with Boomer.