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  1. Trunk is American term for boot. So basically $500 of stuff in the boot/trunk of the car.
  2. Yeah I used to have it, you had to basically redirect the download server, changing the DNS on the PS4. It will no longer run on the PS5 now and I have sold my PS4 so for now for me it's gone.
  3. That's brilliant thank you, yep that is indeed in my list, just sent it to the Vita, will see if it gets there.
  4. Yep that's what I thought too, could always get to my download of Scott Pilgrim that way. But this has just straight up disappeared from UK store. I've asked a couple of friends if they can check too. I've also Tweeted UK Support to see what their answer will be.
  5. Thank you. Strange as I've done that too, scrolling through them all more than once. I'll keep trying.
  6. With only a few more trophies to go, I needed to wipe my card, seems the game has now been removed from the store? Tried PDLSE too to try find it with no luck.
  7. Any ones suggested more than the others for this trophy, I'm finding that it's not registering my dodging to the side quite often today. Breaking streaks which is pretty annoying.
  8. Crushing It Workout for a total of 120 minutes over 7 days.
  9. Oh wow that's decent then, although I already have them so no use to me lol
  10. Likely not to be included in ESO+ if that's what you meant. The bigger expansions such as Morrowind/Summerset aren't included, just the smaller DLC updates.
  11. Yep same issue, earned trophy on Tetris effect 2 days ago, had to manually update today for it to show. Something is broken right now.
  12. Yeah timing ones can be a pain, even the first one you have to make sure you get to points by a certain time to miss the bombs. But I'd say they will all be doable.
  13. Great run, I think I would be too scared to go through gates on the last level, especially the end part that just boosts through about 6! I'll fire it up this weekend and see how I do.
  14. Guess I need to get back in to this game then, unsure about lasting 10 levels without losing a shield though. Has anyone alerted Jeff Minter to this issue?
  15. Reading through this thread makes me think I might regret starting this on the Vita, only on episode 2 and people are saying it gets worse!