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  1. If you have limited time and want to earn some plats you can always play some jumping sushi or other jumping games and get platinum in few minutes. I think the problem is that majority of players are casuals, and even if the game is not that hard, they will play it on easy difficulty anyway, because they are casuals, and in my opinion playing games on easy difficulty gives you almost the same experience as watching walkthrough on youtube, what fun you will get on easy difficulty? On easy difficulty u don’t need to think about anything, you can faceroll any fight. Easy difficulty is just for watching the story of the game, but if you want to watch just the story u can watch it on youtube, don’t waste your money lol. I think its not about limited time, its about being casual and weak gamer, as i said, there is a lot of 2 minute platinum games if u have limited time, because anyway majority of people will not look at your platinum trophies, usually they look just on how much plats u have, so there is actually almost no difference to get platinum in jumping sushi or in callisto protocol. Apologies for my bad english.