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  1. Uhm, no, trophy time stamps use a hidden clock you have no power over. It can only be controlled by the Sony servers, hence why you will get a missing time stamp on any trophy earned from a machine that hasn't logged into them before. As for the game, since I haven't played it yet and made sure to remain completely in the dark about it, can someone clarify without spoilers: Are those voices other players that were shown there's someone with a birthday in the vicinity, or are they actually the game itself?
  2. Other than the bugs that can be ironed out after the fact (even though they shouldn't be), the only glaring flaw Andromeda had was the atrocious writing. But for a series that became what it is due to the world building and characters, that is a major hiccup that absolutely can't be downplayed. If their writing team can't pull their shit together for the new outing they're better off not bothering with Mass Effect and using the engine and gameplay to start a new IP. The unfavourable comparisons to its predecessors would mostly hurt its outing in the long run.
  3. PS4 has been hackable for a long time now and I'm pretty sure your example would still return a missing time stamp. If you see that something is definitely failing the criteria above, it's probably illegitimate and should be reported.
  4. To clarify what the above poster said: - What is allowed is to create various save files to get as far as possible in all of them without earning a single trophy. That includes setting up your save files at all of the trophy events, so long as it's possible to get there without earning any trophies. That's the important distinguishing factor. - What is not allowed is using those save files to skip an otherwise unskippable trophy. I haven't played this game yet, but if one trophy is completely impossible to earn without earning another, and the times between them are impossibly fast, then that's flaggable. Also it's impossible to change the system clock, at least legitimately. The internal clock the system uses to stamp trophies cannot be accessed by the user. It's possible to hack trophies and create impossible time stamps, but always look at it through the lens of the 2 criteria above before reporting someone.
  5. No, it's bad for sticking to a story arc way after it no longer makes sense to stick to, instead of coming up with something new and interesting. And if you mean about how
  6. I already liked Origins more than its predecessors because it was the first one to put some effort into making the storyline at least somewhat compelling, as opposed to the other 3 games that kept revolving around the long after it stopped making sense. You know, since But then Arkham Knight came out and made that statement false for a considerable amount of people.
  7. Does anyone know if the Arkham Knight version provided contains the Scarecrow Nightmare DLC? I've never pulled the trigger on buying that game because I couldn't find info on if there was a "correct" version to not screw yourself over.
  8. Word of warning, don't buy DriveClub Bikes if you have no intention of getting its own DLC (not included in the Season Pass). The game will detect it and force you to play a game of Bikes, autoearning you a trophy and making you stuck with that trophy list. That first race is impossible to skip or exit out of no matter what you do.
  9. Can someone explain to a new player who hasn't tried that level before, what is happening in this video that's an exploit, and how does it differ from the legit way to do it? Ah, so that's what I was doing wrong, worked like a charm, thanks!
  10. Can't seem to get this to work, any chance that they hotfixed it? Side question, is the playthrough on easy only to unlock crushing, or does it have to be done anyway even if you already have crushing unlocked?
  11. The Steam "rating" system is the only one that's worth keeping around in my opinion. The percentage of users that liked a game is actual tangible data, and not a completely arbitrary number that a nobody reviewer spit out.
  12. Let me stop you right there cause that changes literally everything about what you asked. The journeys shouldn't be your main concern then, cause you cannot expect to be able to reliably get the DLC trophies done alone.
  13. That makes literally no sense. If practicing for something bars it from being considered a big feat, you just negated most- no, all of the world records ever. If anything the first achiever isn't really as big a feat, because the playing field isn't even. There are a lot of people who can get their copies much earlier than everyone else.
  14. That's actually an interesting question and one I had never considered as someone who has acquired several #1 fastest for the personal satisfaction and setting up to get more. As people pointed out above, they did use this site as a source for Hakoom. Do let us know how it goes if you apply for it. 😀
  15. Been a while since I actually tried it, but if I recall the page isn't actually gone, just excluded from the store's search engine. You should still be able to manually type in the URL, but of course the add to cart button will be gone.