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  1. Since when can an account logged in as a second controller earn trophies? Or am I not understanding how it's supposed to be carried out correctly?
  2. I'm not loyal to Sony, though I do have every platform of theirs other than the PSP, because they happen to sell the products I want. Personally I wish Microsoft will do better than this gen. I'm not looking to switch, due to how many games I have here, but at least then Sony will actually have to compete and offer better services.
  3. It's all about getting a lucky streak, if it stays connected or disconnected for too long, it will then stay off.
  4. To be fair it's the other way around, a speedrun is a collection of all cheese tactics available in a game to beat it as fast as possible, but I can see why you were confused.
  5. 2013 is only available as a timed trial on the EU store, not sure you can get the trophies from that.
  6. This will likely get lost in the noise, but late syncing should never be considered adequate evidence for a flag on its own. Any amount of time set is going to be arbitrary, so there needs to be at least one more reason that would warrant any sort of suspicion and examination at all. For example a game whose servers have closed a while ago, or time stamps that have demonstrably been changed. Why would someone go out of his way to create false old timestamps for a game that's still obtainable anyway?
  7. Two questions for the mod team, even if they are probably not relevant to the referenced dispute in question: i) How can you tell when a trophy was synced after the fact, unless you were already keeping watch on a specific account? ii) If I recall it's been said that this site doesn't track users unless someone added them, and also doesn't update users that have been inactive for a long time. So how can you know for sure it was the user who synced them late, and not on the site's side?
  8. 2011 (I believe this is the one you're looking for?), 2012 & 2014 still show up on the EU store. 2013 only has a timed trial available. The US store only shows 2014, and also a 2013 listing without an add to cart button.
  9. Personally I believe it is more likely that someone with a DLC will take a detour to complete it before finishing the platinum, making the platinum time longer. But honestly? Auto-popping through different versions of the game is considered OK, and even presuming what you're saying is likely, the advantage doesn't even come close to that. Since the system would have to ignore DLC trophies after the platinum, presumably it would only consider a base game trophy as a first?
  10. Have you had any discussion with regards to how likely it is?
  11. Wolfenstein TNC was by far the biggest disappointment of 2017, and it came the same year as Mass Effect Andromeda. It was a step down to its predecessor in every regard. The gameplay design isn't nearly as polished, and it shows when there's a commandant in basically every area with enemies to facilitate the grind for the post-game. Difficulty really restricts your playstyle unless you drop it all the way down to the bottom. Story was also a major letdown. TNO made you care about every character, and I went in with high expectations, but by the end I wanted almost every new character in TNC to be killed off.
  12. Looks like your turbo controller has an idle timer like mine, which basically defeats the point of even having a turbo controller. However, I found a little trick that worked for me when doing the level 100 grind. Place the controller on a spot around the limit of its signal range, so it loses connection every few seconds, but then proceeds to reconnect. That should reset the idle timer every time, and if you're lucky and keeps doing it steadily like it did for me, it should be able to stay on overnight. Obviously that will completely throw off your calculations on how long you need to leave it on, and you can't exit the match or you'll lose your multipliers. So I kept a lot of margin of error and I think I ended up at level 108 or so.
  13. It's referring to the very specific scenario of deleting your local profile to clear all your unsynced earned trophies, then using the saves you prepared to earn the trophies in a time you couldn't earn without deleting your profile. That's what "impossible time frame" specifically means. If it's possible to deliberately not earn trophies without deleting your profile to achieve the same result, that's allowed.
  14. Hold the phone, am I getting this right? Are you really saying people are getting flagged with no further proof for playing an entirely offline game offline? Huh?
  15. That's a pretty interesting timing in the announcement, 2 days after FF7R announced it would be delayed to contest CP2077's previous release window.