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  1. It's been numerous years since I stopped using Skype so I can't attest to its current state, but up to the point I stopped using it, the functionality of its features kept deteriorating constantly. It's a lot of little things that just piled up, so one might not notice them at first glance. For example, it used to have a good search tool with which I could easily find old conversations that I wanted to reference, until a point when I just suddenly couldn't. I was a Discord naysayer when my friends were pushing to move our chats over there, but nowadays I admit it has the functionality that Skype used to have. Also, the purge of the chat history really bothered me, because as I mentioned I had stuff in it that I used as reference. Thank God your entire chat history is also stored in an unencrypted file in your local drive. Speaking of, holy crap, the entire chat history is stored in an unencrypted file in your local drive. You can see the conversations of anyone who even temporarily logged from your computer.
  2. Thank you for your kind words. My usual MO is figuring out if the 100% can be achieved without multiple days of no-lifing. If the answer is no, I just write the speedrun off and directly do the blind playthrough on my main profile at my own casual pace. The only exceptions being the two noted above, one of which was... unintended. If I figure I can set a record with a single day's session, I instead do the blind playthrough on this profile, taking notes on potential timesaves. Then another (segmented) practice run if needed, while waiting for a day when I can set aside the time for the full session. For Crash Bandicoot in particular I practiced some more cause I knew I wanted to secure the #1 spot, since they were major parts of my childhood. While the final runs were by no means perfect, after having cut every corner I thought was possible to cut, some of the considerably lower times that popped up later had me raising an eyebrow. Which reminds me, I'm curious to watch the footage of the runs submitted on Since there are similar times there, I guess they were doable after all.
  3. @Lordidude Any update for the conclusion of the contest?
  4. #1 fastest times: - King's quest (100% in 6 hours 32 minutes) This one took quite some effort to find all possible corners that can be cut to reduce the 100% time. - Contrast (100% in 42 minutes 35 seconds) While there's another stack with a faster time, this one is #1 in its own stack - Syberia 3 (100% in 5 hours 57 minutes) - Tomb Raider: Legend (100% in 5 hours 25 minutes) - Tomb Raider: Anniversary (100% in 6 hours 52 seconds) Unlike Legend which was quite a bit more linear, I was able to break Anniversary in half with glitch skips. - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (100% in 6 hours 53 minutes) This one is easily my proudest achievement. It took a couple months worth of effort into doing as much as possible in the game while being painstakingly careful not to pop a trophy. I even made sure to have explored every nook and cranny of the world before I pulled the trigger, even though I didn't really have to. - Shadow of the Tomb Raider (100% in 1 day 1 hour) No trick involved in this one, just a single poor life choice. Yes, you are looking at 25 continuous hours of play. Since the other time that's just below mine did not exist at the time, my initial plan was to break it down to 2 days. At some point in the run I started wondering if it could be reasonably pulled off in a single day's worth of play. And by the time I figured out that no, no it cannot, I was in too deep to just pull out. - Frozen Synapse Prime (100% in 5 hours 10 minutes) I believe this is the sole entry in this list that is now unobtainable, so there ain't no beating this time anymore. It took some precise planning to get the online trophies out of the way as painlessly as possibly despite the sorry state of the servers, then speeding through the campaign. - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (100% in 8 hours 26 minutes) I was on track for an under 8 hours time in this one, but then the game decided to troll me by not allowing me to pick the final collectible up. I wasted some time running around in a panic, exiting the game and reloading, with no result, before managing to find a fix online. Former #1 fastest that have since been beaten: - Crash Bandicoot: Warped (Platinum in 4 hours 55 minutes) The 100% was invalidated by the release of the DLC, and I still refuse to overwrite the platinum time by doing it. Even after it was removed from the 100% list, it took a very long time for the actual time to be beaten. Looking at the current list, it should rank as #3. - Crash Bandicoot (100% in 4 hours 26 minutes) Same story as above. In hindsight I should have expected that the Crash Trilogy would be a juicy target for many a speedunner. Still, it held out for a few months. - Abzu (100% in 11 minutes 53 seconds) - Life is Strange: Before the Storm (100% in 4 hours 29 minutes) - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (100% in 1 day 9 hours) I knew for a long time that MGS4, the first game I ever played on the PS3, was going to be my 100th platinum, and it just so happened that it's almost exactly 10 years since the first time I played it. Now, marathoning through it for a top time, that was a recent decision. Going the extra mile for the 1st place was even more recent, since I did not believe I could get the Big Boss Emblem out of the way quickly enough. Still, here we are. Now, I literally finished this game just now, and yet somehow exactly today a faster time popped up that apparently was done as early as 2014. Go figure.
  5. Held onto this for a while, pondering giving it another try. But in the end April flew by, and I couldn't bring myself to run another 8 hour session. 8 hours 26 minutes, with a previous time of 18 hours 10 minutes. Used that time to practice for MGS4 instead. The first game I ever played on the PS3 as my 100th platinum, and hopefully my 10th #1 finish. 😁
  6. To anyone hoping to play cross-platform: Remember that currently if you try to swap region, you're stuck with unobtainables because the trophies are linked to the in-game achievements, which can only pop once. Meaning each individual trophy can only be popped in one trophy list, and only one. We can't assume they fixed that with the cross-platform release, so proceed with caution.
  7. Has it really though? I mean, everyone is aware to a greater or lesser extent of some of the more prominent events like AGDQ, but looking at various games on and even the fastest 100% on this site, the activity itself only seems to attract a limited number of individuals. Or niche communities in the case of's game Discord servers. A single person currently holds 1st place in over 1% of PSNP's games. Might not sound impressive at first glance, but the site currently has over 12.000 trophy lists. Trophy challenges can become really popular on PSNP. Have a look at the speedrun trophy challenge linked below, where only 4 people even signed up, myself included.
  8. Fair on the stress part, it can get quite heavy when the day approaches, since you only get 1 chance for trophy runs. Unless you're willing to keep deleting your local profile of course, which is still quite a bother. Funny you should mention SMB though, I have that #1 trophy run on my sights to claim as a milestone. The trophy runs don't have times as short as on, so it might be doable.
  9. Missing the point completely. The game was atmospheric and immersive, until the final chapter, which proceeds to demolish the lasting impression. And since it demolishes what came before, it's expected to bring something to the table that makes it a net positive overall. Thing is, this particular type of reveal by default brings no new intrigue to the table, and as a result the only positive it can offer is a "huh, I did not expect that I guess, neat" reaction, the first time you see it, and only the first time. It's the same reason people hate the "it was all a dream" reveal. Nothing was ventured, nothing was gained, none of what drew you into the plot mattered.
  10. I believe the succinct way to put it would be "It works exactly like PS+"
  11. Honestly, I'm really tired of indie devs only to then It's not new, it's no longer novel or interesting, you didn't have something insightful to say. You were building up something good and brought it all down for a reveal that has been done to death already.
  12. You seem to have a very wrong impression of how speedrunning works. A speedrunner isn't someone who rushes through the game on the first playthrough, skips everything and that's it. A speedrunner will spend way more time with the game than the rest of us, get to know it inside out like the back of his hand, to the point he could play it blindfolded. They reach a point where they can speedrun the game because they appreciate it more. The run you see is the result of many many playthroughs, the first of which is typically a blind normal playthrough to experience the game to the fullest. I tend to mostly do trophy speedruns. To give an example, among other games, I hold the fastest 100% for Mankind Divided, and in the process I got to know every nook and cranny of that game even in places where it was completely unnecessary for the 100%.
  13. Personally I've experienced both ends of the spectrum. There are dumb grindy no-skill trophies that have made me curse the fact that I'm a completionist and hate the game many times. On the other hand, there are games that I returned to after my initial blind playthrough, where I just trudged along blindly to the end because you're expected to be able to finish any game with the bare minimum effort. And because of the trophies I achieved mastery of the games where I otherwise wouldn't have, and those are the moments I can be proud of and will remember. Looking at my list, the examples that best exemplify that are: - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Shadow Warrior - XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Batman: Arkham series (These ones in particular you could beat the normal campaigns by just spamming the attack button. Now, Shock and Awe Extreme in Asylum can go f**k itself, but the elation from finally getting the 3 stars was tangible)
  14. Congratulations on the milestone mate! The correct answer is Drowning with 1284 points. I see you can view all games in the database if you enter a single letter in the search bar and repeat for all letters. Then it's really easy to distinguish between platinum and non-platinum games just from the point total.
  15. This has been discussed quite extensively. If we reach a point where your system can no longer check into PSN at all, you have a timebomb in your hands. When the system clock dies all (owned & PS+) of your digital purchases will become unplayable even if you've already downloaded them. If we take it for granted that this is going to happen eventually, there is literally no way to future proof against it save for jailbreaking the system.
  16. Is it not proprietary? If it is, it means it can currently be replaced. Probably not so much a few years down the line when it's not as easy to find one. "You still only have to connect to the PSN." Cool, cool, if you're cool with your machine becoming an online only console, that is. If I recall from the reaction to the xbone reveal, there's a significant number of people that aren't.
  17. I was aware, I was mostly adding to your post, not beating you down for it. I suppose confrontation is just always the first assumption nowadays. This post however, strongly disagree. They shut down their legacy platforms and provided no alternatives, at a time when backwards compatibility and game preservation is a hot topic, obliterating trust that they even wish to work on it when their primary competitor is making strides towards that goal. Also the internal clock is hardly overblown. You're not realizing that at that point your console just became an online only console, the thing the xbone was rightfully crucified for. Then you've either only experienced recent offerings or are misremembering. When I first signed up back in 2012-2013, IGC (it used to be called Instant Game Collection) reliably had something to be excited about each month, as in at least a couple AAA or sought after games that were relatively recent (this is the important part), before everyone and their mother had already played them. Even Bloodborne was offered 3 years after release. Now with the PS5 they're making steps in the right direction again, offering Soulstorm on release, but it didn't use to be either or.
  18. I really don't see how that justifies cannibalizing their other studios, cancelling their projects to get their teams assimilated into ND projects, like they're the Borg. "Start". Let's see what Sony has been doing the last few years. Made PS+ obligatory for PS4 (I would let them have that one back then, PS+ was huge value at the time regardless) Cut down the monthly games from 6 to 2 (later 3 when PS5 came into the picture) Raised its price from 50 to 60 Cut online functionality from first party titles like DriveClub and even delisted it completely less than 5 years after release Let PS3 and Vita out of the revamped browser store Actively made the choice to break the workaround the community had found Now shutting down their stores completely Let's not forget how recent events brought to light that the PS4 will refuse to even play discs if it's internal clock dies, while they had hypocritically 1 upped Microsoft at its release by pointing out how integral the offline disc play was to its ecosystem Nobody's unbeatable and too big to fall. That's what Microsoft thought they were when deciding to make the shitshow that was the xbone. Look at them just one generation later, having made a complete course correction and turned the game pass into the huge value that PS+ used to be. I'd rather return to PC than start over with a new console ecosystem, but I hope Sony eats their dust this generation and gets a wake-up call.
  19. While it likely won't be the case here, there actually is precedent of "cumulative" trophy lists. While in the same application, DriveClub and DriveClub Bikes trophy lists acted as completely separate games. That is, apart from the level and driver stats which were shared. You had the same level for both games and could raise it by playing either, but because the trophies for levels and driving a certain number of miles were in the cars DriceClub trophy list, they could only pop after meeting the condition and driving a race in cars DriveClub. In theory the same could apply here. The cumulative kills among all games would be tracked in the profile, then you'd have to get a kill in the game in whose list the trophy is.
  20. Except when they are. Days Gone 2 rejected, and a new IP in jeopardy as the studio's teams get assimilated into ND's projects one by one.
  21. It could still mean that the system forces a placeholder date when it sees a null value in the expiration date, so that the check can come back green. Bit of a patchwork workaround, but it makes some practical sense in a way. For my hypothesis I was taking into account the fact that the PS4 refuses to even play discs when the clock dies. Not gonna lie, I'm trying to make sense of a situation where there's little sense to be made. Edit: On second thought, the PS4 refuses to play only games with trophies, but allows something like P.T. so indeed there it checks to see if there is a date at all. The PS3 on the other hand allows for missing timestamps. Interesting consideration.
  22. Technically possible, but I honestly can't fathom the reasoning behind such an arbitrary check. As far as I'm aware you can't copy games from external devices to the PS3 (jailbreak aside), so if you have a game on your drive it means you've connected to PSN in the past. Would that be added exclusively for planned obsolescence? Has that already been documented before, or are we both guessing?
  23. But the expiration date would always be null in that case, why does comparing null to null then suddenly return an error? If the error only happens when the clock date becomes null, I can only see that as meaning that the other side of the equation has always had a set value. Still guesswork on my part, but I see that as the only logical conclusion.
  24. Digital content is always downloaded with an expiration date. PS+ content has a visible date which coincides with the expiration of your subscription. Full purchases have an invisible date at some unknown point far in the future. We know that because you lose access to all of it if your internal clock dies. As long as you're offline and within that expiration date, which in your case is far in the future, your console has no reason to believe there's a reason to deny you access. Now, in theory I believe you're fine even to connect online as long as you don't run the game, because in my experience your system doesn't get the new expiration date for your PS+ licenses without you attempting to run each game. Now, if you try to run the game while online, you're treading uncharted waters. I don't believe there's a risk of anything worse than simply being locked out of the game though.
  25. I'm honestly surprised that after 3 pages of trying to pick the word "Remake" apart, nobody settled the matter by pointing out that the game is actually a sequel in disguise. Every other story in the setting has already happened from Aerith's perspective (and I'm pretty sure Red and Sephiroth's as well), and this story takes place after it all happened, when Aerith decides to restart the sequence of events armed with the knowledge of the previous cycle. Is it the remake we were hoping for? No, it's a new story/sequel in the world we wanted to revisit, and what's wrong with that? Sure, at the end of the day it's false advertising, but how would you go about it without ruining the surprise for everyone? And yes, I also still want a 1:1 remake of the original, especially when it comes to the combat system, but as far as sequels go, I'm satisfied with what we got.