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  1. Thanks! I wish I knew, but I found the picture by browsing the internet.
  2. French toast
  3. After looking at the post above mine, I have a sudden craving for tacos. Hmmm...stange, lol.
  4. Toast with strawberry jelly.
  5. Monday is the worst day of the week.
  6. How I Met Your Mother
  7. Some of the status updates people post on this site are really really annoying.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's kinda of weird that some of the people on this site make status updates every hour like it's Facebook.
  9. Its Always Sunny
  10. A chocolate muffin
  11. Fruit snacks
  12. I haven’t been on this site very long or posted very often, but it kinda seems like a dead forum. Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t seem very active.
  13. Toaster in the Tub - The player has shocked an enemy in the water Completed Welcome - The player has successfully completed the Welcome To Rapture Level Hacked a Security Bot - The player has successfully hacked a security bot One Successful Hack - The player has performed at least one successful hack Hacked a Vending Machine - The player has successfully hacked a vending machine