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  1. I can also confirm that you take over the Shining Pom Items you have. So save them up.
  2. Yakuza 0 Where It All Began Ha, nearly like the guy above me! JUST BUY THIS GAME, I GOT IT ON A WHIM AND IT'S LIKE ONE OF THE BEST GAMING EXPERIENCE HAPPENED TO ME.
  3. The Ashen Chevalier Trails of Cold Steel II I started this game 2016, was done with my 1st run almost immediately, and the second 100% run dragged on up until... now. I really like the Famcoms JRPG now, I love the world, the characters, the lore... But honestly, next time I'm just gonna use a guide on my first run to save a lot of time. I recommend this game for people looking a new JRPG! Or better - don't play this one, play the first one, else you get confused as hell.
  4. L.A. Noire 100% daaammn those DLC just aren't worth to pay for tbh
  5. I really like to get rid of my backlog since there aren't many games for me this year in the first place. I finally finish two games from 2016/2017, so my next one would be... Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age. A little bit salty with this one since one trophy bugged for me. /shrug
  6. One should never question video game logic!
  7. Never played Xenoblade Chronicles, but if is this like Re:Digitize and Original Digimon World then no, your Digimon will die (but their "progress" will be saved - your new reborn one will be stronger) and there is no way to stop that. If you train him good (since this is kind of a tamagotchi game) he will live longer // evolve higher, but he will eventually die.
  8. Yeah, seems to be the same as Steam achievements. Trophy pictures are looking nice as well!! I prefer the later games much more tho regarding story/script-wise. I'd wait for a price drop since I already have the games on Steam and I'm not THAT much into easy plats. ;D
  9. He likes if you demand money for helping people. Dunno other stuff, I also got "He didn't like it" very often lol
  10. Master of Hearts Tales of Hearts R I'm proud of this one, it looks beautiful and it took me way too long, ha. After 7 months I can finally not think "Damn, I need to continue this..."
  11. Mass Effect 3 N7 Elite Plat! Took me 1 year and 4 months since the first time I started it! Took me about 75~ hours I think. (Two full playthrough). With this I have all plat of the triology. Really like the series, was fun to play - and Insanity wasn't that worst like ME2, heh.
  12. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! Finally! I really like this plat and its name. Really hands down for a really good pirate game... and some Assassin stuff. Can really recommend the game though the plat-grind is just kinda annoying (Multiplayer!). Needed 59h btw.
  13. Hope's Last Reward (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) Which is my 32nd plat and the 6th this year. The trophies are very easy to get, it's just time-consuming - still nothing compared to other games though. It just feels long cuz you repeadly have to do the same things over and over.
  14. It's funny. 1 year ago I wanted to 100% every game I have. Then I was done with school, got work and play MMORPG now - I can't catch up anymore. Seriously, 100% is one thing, but now I can't even get plat. Life, y r u so cruel ?
  15. Don't really have them all, but: Assassin's Creed II Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Tales of Hearts R