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  1. I'm still planning to do the last trophy on this DLC but I agree 100%. I've gone from loving this game to absolutely hating it. lol
  2. haha I got it a few hours later, what a pain. I was trying to follow your pen layout and then said forget it and just did my own thing. lol For anyone reading this, I was 10 minutes or so behind Pirelli's times up to 3 stars and I still ended up getting 5 stars at 3:45, so don't freak out as long as you aren't WAY behind them. Ended up with I believe: Pen 1: Same as yours, but 2 of my Strut's died late so I replaced them with 2 more Corythosaurus. Pen 2: 1 Ankylosaurus, 4 Chungkingosaurus, 3 Huayangosaurus Pen 3: 4 Brachiosaurus, 7 Camarasaurus, 8 Diplodocus Pen 4: 3 Ceratosaurus, 12 Dilophosaurus Pen 5: 4 Apatosaurus, 12 Stegosaurus Some more general tips I don't think you mentioned above: Feel free to demolish your research center early in the game if you've gotten everything you needed for the current star rating you're on. Money was REALLY tight for me up until I hit 3 stars since the stores make almost no money before that so if I really needed to release more dinosaurs or pay for medicating dinosaurs I'd go ahead and delete it for the 300k refund to use. In terms of things I researched, I skipped all the modifcations entirely like you did, and I also only researched medications if I actually needed them. I cut it a bit close a couple of times in terms of curing dinosaurs but it worked out. Also transport doesn't factor into the rating at all, so I didn't bother getting the train station. I did research a few more of the stores though, I've found if you only put down clothes and restaurants everywhere then you don't make as much money from them. Guess the AI likes variety? I put a fast food place and an arcade on my second viewing center, a bowling alley, gift shop and restaurant at my third and I don't think I even made viewing galleries at my last two pens.
  3. I'm definitely going to have to start over somewhere in the middle of my save. Got to 3 stars at 2:30 and did the Deinonychuses which proceeded to break a million fences. Not going to even bother with them again.
  4. haha that actually makes me feel worse, cause I was doing all that stuff you posted above. The only research I did was the clothes shop, restaurant and the extra power upgrade and I hit 1 star with 4 triceratops and 4 strut's. Thinking maybe I made my pens too big and wasted too much money on that, plus I was pretty unlucky with my contracts (they kept trying to give me ones to release carnivores, which I definitely wasn't ready to do.) Just got home from work so I'll give it another shot from scratch with smaller pens to start off with and doing the contract reloading bit.
  5. Haha yeah, I really enjoyed this game when I got it and platinum'ed it in a few days because I was having so much fun with it that I would play for hours and not even realize it. Now I'm just like, spite-playing it because I want my 100% back. lol I played a bit this morning before work and got a good start...but once again my initial dinosaurs getting sick basically ruined my cash flow even though I had a ranger station at least up and ready this time. I think I'll google around for guides once I get home because I don't understand how you guys are making enough profit at the beginning to make it to 1 star. I usually build my main buildings + a pen and then two stores once I hatch my first dinosaur but I'm never getting more than 15 or so people in each store to actually gain any money so I'm totally reliant on getting good contracts. I spoke too soon. I was super annoyed with the game so I used the 90,000 or so I had left to just make a bunch of strut's and released them all pretty quickly which pushed me to 1 star at 37 minutes. Now I have no research center and no money so I have no idea what I'm actually going to do now (more strut's?!?) but hey at least I'm making progress. lol
  6. I forgot how FUN these challenges are. Made five triceratops and was profiting around the 25 minute mark and just then all five got sick when I couldn't afford a ranger station, so I ended up selling my research center, building it, medicated the dinosaurs....and then realized that had eaten a ton of time and I was already nearing 40 minutes. Think I'll just start again tomorrow rather than get sucked into a save thats almost surely going to fail.
  7. Ah so you didn't mod dinosaurs the entire way then? Good to know, I did it the same way on medium. If I remember right, I didn't release a single carnivore on the medium challenge and just loaded on the giant sauropods because they give great value. I gotta work tonight but I'm off early tomorrow due to the holiday so I'll probably give it another shot tonight or tomorrow night. I got annoyed with it and ended up just playing Spider-Man DLC. haha
  8. You tried the hard challenge yet Pirelli? Main thing I've learned so far is you don't have time to mess around at the beginning. lol On medium difficulty I would take my time doing contracts and getting one or two of my dinos to 100% before I even hatched anything, that money vanishes so quick on hard and then your first dinosaur you hatch will get sick about .0005 seconds after coming out.
  9. The thing I'm most excited about it isn't even in the DLC pack (which I didn't buy anyway) or the new challenges............I'm definitely excited to see if I can turn off social/population in sandbox mode and have a park thats just a walled off entrance area with loads of dinosaurs just roaming free outside it. Will save that for after I finish the 5000 rating trophy though.
  10. I really thought I was done with this game forever but here I go downloading it for the third time lmao
  11. hahaha yeah I had no idea what was coming so it broke out immediately and I had basically 0 money to do anything about it and wasnt gaining money since all my guests were in shelters. Reloaded and waited until I had 10M in the bank before I actually released the Spinoraptor, then released a modified T-Rex to kill it. Once you know whats coming, its not too bad. My big complaint was just having to sit in the jeep staring at a dinosaur waiting for it to do something haha
  12. The new dinosaurs are nice enough I suppose, I regret buying this DLC though. So much time spent sitting completely still in photograph mode trying to take a stupid picture for these trophies haha
  13. Agreed, don't know why everyone in here seems to think it has to be 40 hours of DLC to be good?
  14. I just took the small financial hit and dropped them haha Best of luck on the Jurassic Challenge, it annoyed the hell out of me but its definitely possible. My best advice to add to R3DLNR's earlier post is to mod your dinosaurs for lifespan as much as possible, it not only helps get your dinosaur rating to 10,000 points faster but it makes it much less likely that you'll start losing dinosaurs to old age (dinosaurs dying all at once and hurricanes are usually what killed my earlier attempts at the trophy). On my successful attempt I made a bunch of crap dinosaurs to get to 1 star, then basically fed them to my T-Rex to boost its rating once I had enough money/research to replace them. Then with all the lifespan bonuses I never had to worry about my dinosaurs dying from old age again.
  15. Just a quick note to anyone trying this in the future: don't panic if you're a bit behind those times at the end. I just got locked and was behind on all 3 of the first times (I hit 1 star at about 34 minutes, 2 stars at 1:30 and 3 stars at 2:10.) Money is a lot easier to make on medium difficulty so I once I hit 3 stars I had tons of it built up and started releasing the giant sauropods six at a time. Ended up releasing into 2 pens: 10 brachiosaurus, 14 diplodocus and 12 camarasaurus and got 5 stars at 2:55 without ever releasing a single carnivore and only having 4 pens. I got hit by a storm at 2:50 and realized in my rush to increase my dino rating that I had been neglecting my stores so my facility rating had dropped to 4.5, so I probably could have done it a bit faster if I had paid better attention to that part.