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  1. servers still open as of June 2018 with no sign of closing
  2. hey guys, just wondering if anyone knew if you could get the Master Builder trophy (20 Squad building challenges) in the world cup mode?
  3. just got this trophy now, i was playing a normal game of TDM of my normal European servers, maybe the fact there's double XP at the moment means that the trophy is popping? I'm not sure but its worth playing a game to try it if you have the time
  4. Lets be honest most people forgot they even owned these games until they said they were closing servers, if you cared that much about this game chances are you'd have all the trophies by now
  5. My PS3 has had pretty much everything in my room dropped on it and its still going on strong after 7 years, you'll be fine
  6. now this game is on sale theres no problem finding a game
  7. Servers still up as of September 2017