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  1. Gran Turismo 5 back in 2010. How I miss those times. :/
  2. This is more like a fail than mistake. So, I had to get this trophy "Time to kill" in GTA: SA, which only required me to let the credits roll down without skipping it. I did the contrary, skipped it and lost the trophy. Losing it was such a buzzkiller, and thinking that I would have to do the whole storyline for 20th time in my life really had me down.
  3. What about the games for PS3?
  4. Yeah, I know right? I bought the game four years ago when I created this psn account, I got bored of it too quick. I realized that in this game getting into police chases is almost impossible to get away clean.
  5. I'm planning to play this game again just for the sake of trophies. Is it worth to go for it?
  6. Yeah sure, some friends may have done it for me in the past but not anymore (you can look at dates those trophies were obtained, they are over two years old), I even thought of creating a clean account. Just look at other people's profiles that are over level 50 illlegally and don't compare my profile to those who are currently in level 100 thanks to heavenly luck, at least I admit I may have cheated some trophies, so don't decriminalize me like I do it every day for every game I have. End of discussion.
  7. I've been thinking of buying Vita so I could play games and still be connected to psn while I'm at work. But I don't know anything about, if the online functionalities are good, if there are great games for it. I would like to get some opinions from owners to help me make a decision.
  8. It was really a lousy mistake. Oh well, I'll get the remaining trophies and then move on to another game, I guess. I really had high hopes to plat GTA: San Andreas though, hopes which were flushed down the toilet.
  9. I don't think I have one... Whenever I resume the game it starts off with CJ in Groove Street receiving a call from Catalina expressing her sexual pleasing...
  10. I wish there was, it'd take a huge load off my chest.
  11. I skipped the credits part and lost the trophy that was assigned to it. Is there any other way of getting it without having to start the story mode all over again?
  12. My proudest platinium of 2015 and of all time for me would be Battlefield 3. For 3 years, I had been one trophy away from getting the Platinum, stuck on bullseye trophy which required communication through headsets. Just a few days ago, found a good partner to do the mission and managed to finally achieve it.
  13. Yet another platinum: Battlefield 3. Two platinums in a row in period of two days!
  14. Only one, and got it yesterday. Battlefield 4
  15. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, going for the platinum