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  1. GTA V: never liked the series that much. My brother bought it and my friends just said "come on, play with us, it'll be fun". I gave it a try but it ended up being booted just once. CoD Black Ops III: Same reason as before. I don't even remember playing it, maybe some of my brother's friends used my account to play coop.
  2. Hi! Last time you forgot to add #16. By the way those are my newest accomplishments: #5: Lords of The Fallen - All in; #6: Devil May Cry 5 - Light in the Darkness; #12: Lords of The Fallen - Go breaking my heart; #19: Lords of The Fallen - Treasure left alone; #27: Assassin's Creed Syndicate - A Modern Babylon; #32: Devil May Cry 5 - Reunion;
  3. I'm back with another fast platinum.😬 #9 : Conan Exiles - By this Axe I Rule! #13 : Conan Exiles - It is the King,or his ghost!; #16 : Conan Exiles - To crush all trophies beneath sandaled feet #18: Conan Exiles - The Devil in Iron; #21: Conan Exiles - The Haunter of the Pits; #22 : Conan Exiles - What do I know of Cultured Ways?; #30: Conan Exiles - Gods of the North; #31 : Asura's Wrath - Who Needs Health?; #37 : Asura's Wrath - The Whole Nine; #38 : Asura's Wrath - Shinkokou Soldier; #39: Conan Exiles - Iron Shadows in the Moon;
  4. Time for my first report: #1: Asura's Wrath - Demigod; #7: Asura's Wrath - Be the Fist; #25: Asura's Wrath - Movie Buff; #29: Asura's Wrath - Fighter; #36: Asura's Wrath - Art Appreciator; By the way, my favourite genre is adventure and the E (and less than 20%) game I've chosen is Assassin's Creed Syndicate. I also forgot that my timezone shifted yesterday. Now I am UTC+2.
  5. Hi! Please sign me up for Shadow warrior, I've got the trilogy's platinums.
  6. AC Unity for sure. There were so many endless activities that I got really bored.
  7. Hello guys! I've been visiting this site and checking the platinum guides for a while now so I thought I could be a bit more active on the forum since this looks like a wonderful community to share our gaming hobby. I'm an Italian university student who likes almost every kind of game, except the sport ones. I love especially RPGS and platform games, and I like getting the trophies for the games I really enjoy. Since I'm not an English native speaker I'll also use this forum in order to improve my skills, so if I make any mistake, please correct me. That's all, see you in the threads!😊