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  1. I really like this idea. This way acquiring a platinum trophy would be more meaningful and getting rare platinums would be even more interesting, plus the players would feel more rewarded by achieving the rarest trophies.
  2. Getting 50 platinums and less than 1000 unearned trophies would be nice.
  3. If what I've calculated is correct, you should score more than12500 stylish points without getting hit in order to get an S rank on DMD. I believe that is impossible.
  4. GTA V: never liked the series that much. My brother bought it and my friends just said "come on, play with us, it'll be fun". I gave it a try but it ended up being booted just once. CoD Black Ops III: Same reason as before. I don't even remember playing it, maybe some of my brother's friends used my account to play coop.
  5. Hi! Last time you forgot to add #16. By the way those are my newest accomplishments: #5: Lords of The Fallen - All in; #6: Devil May Cry 5 - Light in the Darkness; #12: Lords of The Fallen - Go breaking my heart; #19: Lords of The Fallen - Treasure left alone; #27: Assassin's Creed Syndicate - A Modern Babylon; #32: Devil May Cry 5 - Reunion;
  6. I'm back with another fast platinum.😬 #9 : Conan Exiles - By this Axe I Rule! #13 : Conan Exiles - It is the King,or his ghost!; #16 : Conan Exiles - To crush all trophies beneath sandaled feet #18: Conan Exiles - The Devil in Iron; #21: Conan Exiles - The Haunter of the Pits; #22 : Conan Exiles - What do I know of Cultured Ways?; #30: Conan Exiles - Gods of the North; #31 : Asura's Wrath - Who Needs Health?; #37 : Asura's Wrath - The Whole Nine; #38 : Asura's Wrath - Shinkokou Soldier; #39: Conan Exiles - Iron Shadows in the Moon;
  7. Time for my first report: #1: Asura's Wrath - Demigod; #7: Asura's Wrath - Be the Fist; #25: Asura's Wrath - Movie Buff; #29: Asura's Wrath - Fighter; #36: Asura's Wrath - Art Appreciator; By the way, my favourite genre is adventure and the E (and less than 20%) game I've chosen is Assassin's Creed Syndicate. I also forgot that my timezone shifted yesterday. Now I am UTC+2.
  8. Hi! Please sign me up for Shadow warrior, I've got the trilogy's platinums.
  9. AC Unity for sure. There were so many endless activities that I got really bored.
  10. Hello guys! I've been visiting this site and checking the platinum guides for a while now so I thought I could be a bit more active on the forum since this looks like a wonderful community to share our gaming hobby. I'm an Italian university student who likes almost every kind of game, except the sport ones. I love especially RPGS and platform games, and I like getting the trophies for the games I really enjoy. Since I'm not an English native speaker I'll also use this forum in order to improve my skills, so if I make any mistake, please correct me. That's all, see you in the threads!😊