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  1. Other games that should be eligible: Skyrim - Winterhold College Lego Harry Potter games - Hogwarts (hardcore) Final Fantasy Type-0 - the main hub is a school (hardcore)
  2. This month I've completed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Complete a game that fulfills the Hardcore requirement of that month. Complete all currently released DLC of a game. Complete a game that you started this month. Complete a game that starts with the first letter of your PSN name.
  3. Nier:Automata Undertale Final Fantasy 7 (both the remake and the original)
  4. I've been in quarantine since the early days of March, so I've had a lot of time to play this month. Assassin's Creed Odyssey The endgame has the main protagonist fight against Cyclops, Medusa and the Minotaur. Moreover, in the DLCs you have to fight against Hekatonkires and Cerberus. Complete all currently released DLC of a game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune In this game in the final chapters you'll have to survive against hundreds of "Descendants", which are some sort of transformed humans by an ancient curse. I don't know if this game or any other game from the Uncharted series that I'll list do effectively count for this month's challenge, because it depends on the definition of "monster", so I'll list them just in case they count. Complete a Game in which you got your first trophy a year ago. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves This time Drake had to fight against the brutal Guardians of Shambala. Complete a Game in which you got your first trophy a year ago. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception If I wasn't unsure about the eligibility of the precedent two games for this month's challenge, this time I'm almost sure this game doesn't count, since the Djinns you have to fight in this game are just hallucinations. Complete a Game in which you got your first trophy a year ago. Complete 4 games within one month. (if this game doesn't count but the other Uncharted games do, then this extra challenge gets transferred to Nioh's part) Nioh In this game the main character will have to deal with lots and lots of Yokais. Complete a game that you started this month Complete 4 games within one month. (if Uncharted 3 isn't eligible) And that's all I believe. I completed Bloodborne's DLC too, but it was just 3 trophies that I missed, despite the fact that I've started over the game for those.
  5. Yeah, I experienced it twice and both the occurrences happened pretty recently while playing Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 3 remastered. I had to restart the first Uncharted despite having completed more than half of the game, and I gave up on earning the last easy DLC trophies on U3 because of this data corruption. That's why I got myself PS Plus.
  6. Can confirm if you buy this digitally in Europe (I live in Italy so I suppose it's the same for all of EU) you get the Trophy list with the platinum.
  7. What a Great month this time! I'm looking forward to playing this games. The fact that they're available for 6 months and not the 3 that we've been used to is fantastic too. I hope that they keep going on this way
  8. This month I've completed Mass Effect Andromeda too, which I've started this month.
  9. It definetely is, especially if you enjoy a large open world with lots of side content, or if you've been following Assassin's Creed lore for a while, although absolutely not necesarry since it all is perfectly explained.
  10. This month I completed Detroit: Become Human. I didn't start it this month, but it counts for the hardcore challenge.
  11. Final Fantasy Type-0
  12. 1. Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 3. The Darkness 2
  13. I've managed to complete inFamous 2 this month, too. So, to sum up, here's what I did this month: inFamous: Complete a 10 year old game. Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. (Bingo Bonanza 2020). Complete a game that you started this month. inFamous 2: Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. (Bingo Bonanza 2020). Complete a game that you started this month.
  14. Got a new entry with inFamous 2: "With a # Or Punctuation Mark in the Title".
  15. Wow that's awesome, I wanted to play these games some time ago and now I got them for free.
  16. I've completed the first inFamous. That means I got the following challenges: Complete a 10 year old game. Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. (Bingo Bonanza 2020) Complete a game that you started this month
  17. Update! I completed the first inFamous.
  18. I'm in! This Is my card:
  19. I'd like to join the event! Platinum Trophies: 62 Completed Games: 47 Completion Percentage: 71.69%
  20. I really like this idea. This way acquiring a platinum trophy would be more meaningful and getting rare platinums would be even more interesting, plus the players would feel more rewarded by achieving the rarest trophies.
  21. Getting 50 platinums and less than 1000 unearned trophies would be nice.
  22. If what I've calculated is correct, you should score more than12500 stylish points without getting hit in order to get an S rank on DMD. I believe that is impossible.
  23. Hello guys! I've been visiting this site and checking the platinum guides for a while now so I thought I could be a bit more active on the forum since this looks like a wonderful community to share our gaming hobby. I'm an Italian university student who likes almost every kind of game, except the sport ones. I love especially RPGS and platform games, and I like getting the trophies for the games I really enjoy. Since I'm not an English native speaker I'll also use this forum in order to improve my skills, so if I make any mistake, please correct me. That's all, see you in the threads!😊
  24. GTA V: never liked the series that much. My brother bought it and my friends just said "come on, play with us, it'll be fun". I gave it a try but it ended up being booted just once. CoD Black Ops III: Same reason as before. I don't even remember playing it, maybe some of my brother's friends used my account to play coop.
  25. Hi! Last time you forgot to add #16. By the way those are my newest accomplishments: #5: Lords of The Fallen - All in; #6: Devil May Cry 5 - Light in the Darkness; #12: Lords of The Fallen - Go breaking my heart; #19: Lords of The Fallen - Treasure left alone; #27: Assassin's Creed Syndicate - A Modern Babylon; #32: Devil May Cry 5 - Reunion;