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  1. #40 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Although I got the platinum for the original last year, I was excited to replay the campaign again. Not really a difficult game to platinum (for a COD veteran), besides some time-consuming trophies. Where the original had Special Ops trophies, this remaster has replacements such as "Immortal" and "The Student Surpasses the Master". Because you can die quite easily even on recruit, Immortal was annoying sometimes, but not difficult. I actually enjoyed running the Pit, so beating the time was just a matter of time. #41 - Crash Bandicoot I never played this as a child, but it looked like a fun and challenging platformer. Well, it definitely was challenging... For me this is a platinum that I am really proud of (despite it being fairly common).
  2. #39 - Ghost of Tsushima After finishing The Last of Us 2, I needed a game that was less mentally stressful. I was looking for something different that I had never played before. Ghost of Tsushima was advertised in my local game store and at first, I had doubts whether this was a game I would like. After looking at the State of Play and realizing that Sucker Punch was developing this game, I was convinced to pre-order it. Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful game and the combat is still fun at the end of the game, which is surprising. The closest thing I have played is Assassin's Creed but it still feels like a compeltely different game. The story is well written and the characters are likable. The side stories were intriguing as well. Overall Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful, somehow relaxing game with a good story and enjoyable combat. I can highly recommend this game!
  3. #35 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Easy peasy lemon squeezy! They could have integrated some Spec Ops trophies in my opinion, but because the missions aren't available yet, I understand why they chose this construction. Will be a relative high percentage Platinum.
  4. BEYOND: TWO SOULS. Never played it.