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  1. Yeah, this is going to be tough. I have an emergency parachute ready for that number on the evening before the event ends, juuuuuuust in case. I do have a solid co-op buddy willing to help.
  2. Thanks for checking! I think I fixed. Seems like I had the spreadsheet under Restricted. My bad.
  3. I thought I made it public at the bottom of the first post. Anyone else not seeing it? Sorry for your loss. Updates captured up to this point. I completed 2 more. Still not sure what my final list will look like, but it is coming together. Still trying to knock out the Gaming by the Numbers event. 2 more plats to go there. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Demon's Tier+ Alien: Isolation Littlebigplanet 3 (100%) Lords of the Fallen (100%) Lone Survivor (100%) Lords of the Fallen involves going to the other realm, similar to hell. Lots of demons and a couple of demons have Lovecraftian influence. The game itself is a boring slog of repetitive enemies. Is this what Souls games are like, hope not. The platinum requires 3 playthrus, one with each magic build. Lone Survivor is a tiny survival horror game with a small amount of resource management. First, semi blind playthru took about 4-5 hours with several deaths. My last playthru on Expert timed at 1 hr 15 minutes.
  4. Still plugging along at my UR goal here. Up to 8 completions. 3 completed in 2 weeks. Can I get 2 more done in 6 days? Maybe not.... but we shall see. My choices, should they run on the shorter side of their completion times, are likely my best options for completion in time. 0 - Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion [6530] 1 - Thumper [5411] 2 - Oddworld: New N Tasty 3 - Operation Warcade [7493] 4 - Sonic Forces [6774] 5 - Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition 6 - Lone Survivor [2136] 7 - Littlebigplanet 3 [3127] 8 - Rez Infinite [5388] 9 - Lords of the Fallen [3049]
  5. Finally wrapped up Tier 1. Sonic Forces was mostly fun. A couple of the boss levels were a pain to complete in the time limit. Game probably got a poorer reception than it deserved. Knocked out Rez Infinite. Thin rail shooter with a grindy, repetitive trophy list. It was pretty brutal to run thru the game 6 times for a single trophy. Even at about 1 hour long, it was too much. Also knocked out Littlebigplanet 3. Glitchy, crashy, unstable. But fun with a friend. Thumper (3.12%) - 100% Handball 2016 (PS3) (3.49%) - 100% Littlebigplanet 3 (PS4) (1.74%) - 0%->100% Rayman Legends (PS4) (4.19%) - 100% Ark: Survival Evolved (3.51%/1.10%) - 100% PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (4.95%) - 100% Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (1.91%) - 100% Operation Warcade (4.88%) - 100% Sonic Forces (4.02%) - 97%->100% Rez Infinite (3.2%) - 0%->100% These netted 70 UR trophies. Up to 179 total. Tier 2 preliminary list: Lords of the Fallen (4.16%) - 95% Lone Survivor (4.58%) Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (2.74%) Tumble VR (4.11%) Zombi (3.32%) Dead Nation (2.64%) Gauntlet (2.13%) The Banner Saga (4.21%) Transformers: Devastation (0.90%) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (3.53%)
  6. Finally got my first completion to count here: Littlebigplanet 3. You have to put on a costume for a trophy and it is almost mandatory to wear costumes when playing in multiplayer to differentiate your character. Game was almost a fun time. Fundamentally, it is a pretty good puzzle platformer that is great fun with friends. The online connection was rough and the game was unstable overall. Most crashes from any game I have played in recent memory. When the game and connection were fine, I had a great time with a good buddy of mine. On to the next completion: Lords of the Fallen. Will update spreadsheet in the coming days.
  7. Sign me up please. Will inevitably complete some DLC packs during this time, not planning for a specific total goal though. Currently swapping out between 2 games that have 1 DLC pack each.
  8. Halfway thru now. Made a stretch goal for myself of getting 10 UR plats for this event. Finally got to 5 completed. Operation Warcade was UR when I earned, not going to sweat that too much. Filled in some likely candidates for the remaining 5 games. Would not mind some suggestions, as I am not exactly psyched for the remaining options. 0 - Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion [6530] 1 - Thumper [5411] 2 - Oddworld: New N Tasty/Zombi 3 - Operation Warcade [7493] 4 - Sonic Forces [6774] 5 - Tumble VR/Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition 6 - Lone Survivor 7 - Littlebigplanet 3 8 - Rez Infinite [5388] 9 - Lords of the Fallen
  9. Updates completed. Good to have taken a few days off. Still not yet started for this event. Still working on Rez Infinite. Based on your original post, you locked in The Evil Within and Zombie Army 4, the only game that needed to be replaced was Until Dawn. Please update accordingly.
  10. The 3 declared cannot be changed. Feel free to add the Last of Us Part 1 as one of the additional 10. Any three out of the 13 to qualify for a badge. @FFATMA please only declare a replacement for Until Dawn. Also - a game can count thematically with an explanation. Maybe a game has a haunted level, or includes dressing up as a significant portion of the game, or you collect candy, or whatever other Halloween tangent as it has meaning for you. Example: I recently finished Sonic Forces, which I could qualify as one of the three playable characters is an avatar that you dress up with hundreds of different portions of outfits. There is also a chance sequence with a mechanical spider. Sign Ups have closed. The event started about 20.5 hours ago. I will be missing in action for the next week or so, mostly away from my laptop, PSN, etc. I will update all progress when I get back.
  11. Another plat, another few changes. Finished Operation Warcade. Certainly not a great game, but it was pretty much what I felt like playing, a mindless gallery shooter. Started up Sonic Forces and remembered that I enjoy like 95% of Sonic games before a couple of challenges really get under my skin. Overall, I have enjoyed my time with the game. Hunting down the red star rings, the number rings and the silver moon rings was pretty fun. The levels are short and snappy. Most of the challenges were no problem. Maybe 2-3 were really annoying. The time trials of the 2 last bosses were a decent test and a grind on a patience. All of that is behind me, just need the daily challenge trophy to pop the plat and 100%. After Generations and Forces, I think the logical next step is Mania. Def not interested in beating my head into the brick wall that is Unleashed. Removed Bulletstorm and Lone Survivor for now. Just not feeling Bulletstorm, or any FPS, really. Lone Survivor may be coming up soon for the spooky season. I left LBP3, since action platformers with challenges still have not worn out their welcome, despite Sonic Forces. Added Rez Infinite. Recently did Thumper in VR, and I sense Rez is probably as fun and slightly easier. Still in the mood for some rhythm and shooting. Should be quick to knock out. Hoping to knock out Tier 1 within the next 2 weeks Thumper (3.12%) - 100% Handball 2016 (PS3) (3.49%) - 100% Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (2.07%) - 0% Littlebigplanet 3 (PS4) (1.74%) - 0% Rayman Legends (PS4) (4.19%) - 100% Ark: Survival Evolved (3.51%/1.10%) - 100% PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (4.95%) - 100% Lone Survivor (4.62%) - 0% Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (1.91%) - 100% Operation Warcade (4.88%) - 39%->100% Sonic Forces (4.02%) - 0%->97% Rez Infinite (3.2%) - 0%
  12. Updated. Remember, please make changes in new posts. I caught a couple of edits early on during this update. @FFATMA @damcrac5 @beastuk1 - Until Dawn and Little Nightmares 2 do not count. You currently have at least one of these games in your set 3. In order to secure your spot in the event please replace and post below. @willythom88 Which Guardian's did you have in mind? Looks like the most heavily featured game is Man of Medan. I am digging some of the more unique options so far. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is a great game, I have an eye on that franchise for 1 of my additional 10. Fun, little metroidvanias. Batman makes a good fit here, too. Thumper is a good get here. Challenging game made easier in VR. The most frustrating and violent version of Simon Says ever. Satisfying when the plat pops. Call of Cthulhu is alright. Obviously, a perfect fit to the event's theme. In looking at my downloaded backlog options, I have some considerations for adding to my list. I won't commit more games until a week or two into the event. I have a small assortment of LEGO games at my disposal. LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Batman 3 are looking like good options for mindless platforming action and collectathoning a few nights away. Iron Crypticle, a dungeon roguelike, has been sitting in my backlog forever, might be too similar to Demon's Tier+ to want to do it back to back. Wolfenstein The Old Blood or The New Order for FPS options. Gauntlet has also been kicking around my backlog for a while. Its going to be tough to get 13 done based on my options.. and that I am still working on the Gaming by the Numbers. @Man of Inaction yup, mid November for The Devil in Me is unfortunate. I just hope it sends the series off on a high note.
  13. I have read all of the discussion, back and forth, etc. No matter the cut-off, games will be excluded. Many games are much shorter but still count because of the low player count, like Ikai. Should those be excluded manually, while others are included? The rule is black and white and not subjective. Ultimately, there are tons of games that can be used here. To keep it simple, the rules will not change. Everyone has the freedom to play whatever games they want, whenever they want. The rules describe which games count towards completion of this event. You are welcome to play and discuss thematic games in this thread. You also are free to participate in this event or not.
  14. Thanks for catching that. 👍 I skipped checking it. Sheet has been updated. The rules will not change. They are posted. Everyone can read them and is free to choose to participate. Plague Tale PS5 also does not count, BTW.
  15. Please make any changes in new posts below. I will not monitor older posts for changes. Thank you. Couple of the games do not seem to count. Remothered and Dark Nights are too short. Dark Nights, I've played and can recommend for those who enjoy deeply B movie acting/story and FMV. I already preordered The Devil in Me. I can bite on Supermassive when they are on the budget side. The Quarry felt a bit step at $60, so I will continue waiting to snag it. Maybe it drops on a good sale closer to Halloween or I can grab a second hand copy. Why wouldn't The Quarry work? Hellblade, as impressive and interesting as it is, does not count. Unfortunately, the completion times are too short. The game is totally worth playing though. Very unique game, just be prepared to look past the combat. Its not bad, per say, just out of place. I am guessing that is one of the primary reasons why the sequel was announced/shown off almost 3 years ago and still does not have a release date. Well, that, and how on earth do they plan on carrying on the narrative after this game. Seems incongruous with what they were trying to do with the message of the first game. In looking at the lists put up so far. I like to see Miles Morales, Sonic Unleashed, South Park, and LEGO DC in there. Nice mix-ups for the event. A few others are shoe-ins but are still nice to see. Lollipop Chainsaw is a wild ride, even if a bit dated. Anything Suda would likely be easy to fit on here somehow. I got the plat for all 4 of his PS3 games last summer. I personally enjoyed Shadows of the Damned better, as it look the combat a bit more seriously and the humor somehow even more off the wall. Lollipop Chainsaw was a decent second place. The licensed music really helped it shine, I think. Hades is such a good time. I got sucked in deep on my first run thru to plat this summer. I could not stop playing. Hours upon hours dumped into that game. Probably too many. I think I clocked 100+ hours. Until Dawn is Supermassive's masterpiece. My first playthrough was sublime. Trope-y, but unexpected at the same time. Rush of Blood though, was something else. It felt like what VR was made for. Horror shooter on a roller coaster. A couple of levels and one boss sequence in particular had my blood pumping hard.