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  1. Second Update: Goosebumps: Dead of Night: 1 Pack Thankfully, a much faster and easier slog than Amnesia. This concludes my platinums with DLC added after the fact (for now). So happy to have all three of these cleared up. Now.... to work on my 2 lingering incomplete games, which also happen to have DLC: Tales of Zesteria and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Running List of Completion: Maneater (PS4): 1 Pack Amnesia: Collection: 1 Pack
  2. Everyone has been added or updated.
  3. First update: Completed Maneater (PS4): 1 Pack Amnesia: Collection: 1 Pack Finally, finally, finally able to delete Amnesia. Put off the hard mode playthru since it was unceremoniously added after I earned the platinum. Glad it is done. All of that for one silver trophy.... Only have 1 more DLC pack added to a previously platinumed game, Goosebumps. Ugh. At least it will be guaranteed to be less jump-scare-y than Amnesia. I also have a suspicion that a certain Disney Classic game will have a DLC list slapped on it before the end of the month.
  4. Spreadsheet has been updated. Please double check to confirm. Please voice any concerns prior to the end of November 7th. If you did not actively participate by providing updates at all, I did not check out the profile. I really appreciate everyone who participated, I enjoyed reading the progress/game updates. Some of the lists ended up looking really impressive for the short time frame.
  5. As a quick update, I will be finalizing the spreadsheet in the next 2 days and will give everyone an opportunity to communicate any discrepancies before locking in the results.
  6. October 2021 Update. Last Update as of 10/02/2021 Total Games of List: 57 New: 1 Eliminated: 3 Completed: 29 Since last update, I only managed to finish 2 games. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Also added 3 new games: Young Justice Legacy, Monster Jam: Path of Destruction, and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. I started the event with 38 games. I apparently got my hands on 23 additional games. But I did manage to finish 31 total games. Wouldn't mind another year to see if I could actually make some progress (or maybe I run out of games to add to the list)... Signed up on 10/27 with 38 games. First update 11/28 with 1 completion out of 38 games. Updated 12/27 with 2 completions out of 38 games. Updated 03/02 with 5 completions out of 41 games. Updated 03/31 with 10 completions out of 44 games. Updated 05/01 with 15 completions out of 45 games. Updated 05/31 with 16 completions out of 46 games. Updated 06/30 with 20 completions out of 56 games. Updated 07/31 with 25 completions out of 56 games. Updated 09/01 with 27 completions out of 56 games. New Update as of 10/31/2021 Total Games of List: 61 New: 4 Eliminated: 3 Completed: 31 PSNOW List (10): Completed 5 Owned (32): Completed 21, Eliminated 2, New 4 Hard Mode (19): Completed 5, Eliminated 1
  7. Final stretch, y'all. Congrats @Cassylvania for wrapping up your list. I just wrapped up my list as well. Added The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem. The most iconic (family-friendly) spooky family. The game is built to be up to four player co-op. The game is generally isometric and suffers from a distant camera, as a result. It gets repetitive pretty quickly. Also, the trophy for finishing a world without dying is tougher than expected for a kids game. Also finished up the last of the three set at the beginning: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Took some will power to make it thru, but ended up not being so bad. It is a stealth game with relatively short levels and weak combat mechanics. It was good for some jump scare thru. Sometimes a walker is waiting on the other side of a threshold and the came just pans straight on their face as you grapple with them. 1) The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct 2) Little Hope 3) The Walking Dead: New Frontier 4) Nier Automata 5) Slayaway Camp 6) Need a Packet? 7) The Innsmouth Case 8) MediEvil 9) Owlboy 10) Game of Thrones 11) Endless Fables: Shadow Within 12) The Last Dead End 13) The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem The list looks very different than I would have hoped, but Deux Ex caught my attention and soaked up much of September for me. A bunch of the games were added as a result of being completed during THL, saving the day.
  8. What's your 800th Platinum to be?

    1. blu3st4rdust305


      Not entirely sure yet. None of the games on my horizon have a particularly eye-catching platinum tile or name. 


      It will most likely be Creed: Rise to Glory.


      Thanks for noticing!

  9. All updated. Final stretch here y'all. Big few days for me on completions here. +5 here. Up to 11 total. Finished Nier: Automata. Blew thru it but picked up on the Biblical allegories set against a dystopian backdrop of robots trying to save the world (?). You can take possession of other robots via hacking and do a whole bunch of hacking and slashing, thanks to it being developed by Platinum Games. Slayaway Camp (Vita). Having had completed this on the PS4 several years ago, I snapped up this one when the Vita store was threatened with closing. You are a killer and you solve a slider puzzle to properly kill all of the innocents, save cats and not fall into any traps. Fun times. For THL, I also did Need a Packet? A anti-capitalist, environmentalist parable told thru a game based on bagging groceries for customers. It fits the bill as there are people affected by the pollution and zombies and demons to fight off on the way to work. There are also dragons threatening you while you are bagging groceries. Also for the THL, I did The Innsmouth Case, a CYOA text adventure. You play a detective you looks for a "missing" girl in a strange town. Most routes end in your untimely and often silly death. There are monsters of the Lovecraftian variety. Very much similar to visual novels minus the colorful images. Finally, also for the THL, The Last Dead End is a paranormal mystery to save the world. There are monsters, jump scares, and dark areas in Old Town. Not much of the story makes much sense.
  10. Halloween Sale! With a decent amount of time before Halloween. I spy the one game y'all pointed out: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle. Probably won't play for this event since I am already working on Slayaway Camp on Vita. But the price is great to put away into my backlog. Any other gems to call out?
  11. Updates completed. Got another 3 done, inadvertedly. First up, MediEvil. Did not hold up very well. Its like someone added finish to some really old and damaged wood without sanding out any of that damage. They could have worked on the camera, hit boxes, platforming, check points, etc. But they kind of did not. It fits the theme of Halloween perfectly. Undead hero, fighting pumpkins, pirates, zombies, dragons, serpents and so on. It is also pretty short, thankfully. Next, Game of Thrones. I was just playing it as I had gone thru the PS4 version before I watched any of the series. This play thru made a lot more sense as the characters do not get much of an introduction. You are dropped between seasons and are meant to know what is going on around all of the principle characters. Didn't remember all of the goings on North of The Wall. Definitely qualifies for Halloween with the White Walkers and one big decision Gared has to make near the end. Lastly, didn't realize this one still managed to stay above the length requirement. Endless Fables 4: Shadow Within. The typical Artifex Mundi supernatural story. Demons, the Netherworld and possession of characters makes this fit the bill. Up to 6 completed now.
  12. Thank you for catching that. @MissShake I removed Hellblade from your list for being too short. Did an update while I was it.
  13. The Day of the Tentacle, The Sexy Brutale and Hellblade all do not qualify due to length. All great games though.
  14. I get what you mean. Sometimes the mood just does not strike. I have, similarly, been engaging more heavily in games that do not satisfy this event, just because I have not been gripped by my choices. Little Hope was as good as it has gotten for me. I tried The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and it seems like it would take a bit of willpower to plow thru it. Started up MediEvil and..... well.... maybe some things are better left in the past. Not super keen on starting up a third at the moment. Stick around, even if you don't end up finishing a game that you feel would count or play anything at all. Maybe someone leaves some comments on a game that does end up catching your eye and sparks your interest again. I know I am still holding out hope for a Halloween sale for Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle.
  15. All updated I completed by third game: Owlboy. It was a nice change from the narrative adventures I have completed in my first 2 games for this event. Owlboy is a 2D platformer with a minimal story and limited combat and typed out story. The art is perhaps the most striking aspect of the game. The first sequences take place in a small floating village with a lot of blue skies in the background and swaying greenery in the foreground. The time of day shifts so that you cycle between day and night, which is a nice touch. The combat is limited and functions pretty much like a twin stick shooter. As the Owlboy, you cant really damage any enemies, only stun them. You need one of three companions that you carry to shoot down your enemies. The companions have different projectiles which creates a minor amount of backtracking like a Metroidvania. The exploration and platforming leave quite a bit to be desired. It is fairly linear and repetitive. It was only the siege on the pirate ship that felt truly different, with a scene of actual challenge. In that area, you often have to stealth around else you trigger poison gas that quickly depletes your health. Pretty clever. There is also a sequence where you drift around in a pitch black section with spikes everywhere and meat eating gnats that gnaw at your health as you remain in the dark. This section is needlessly frustrating. Speaking of....that cannon mini game was very unnecessary, but, of course, required for the platinum. The game was tonally, more appropriate than I expected for this event. Ultimately, you are dealing with pirates, relics, a weird character that is dressed (disguised?) as a spider. The climax of the game occurs in a library as the world ends. Ultimately, the game is fine. Probably not as good as the reviews, in my opinion, but a decent throwback to old style games.