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  1. Been a while since my last update, have some movement in the right direction. Added 3 (E, J and X), also working on Y+. Time is running out, but the list is still looking achievable. Also, have all 3 back ups completed, so I guess there is some cushion there. A - The Adventures of Tintin (Movies)B - Batman: Arkham Asylum (Batman) C - The Council (Choice & Consequence) -> CompleteD - Detroit: Become Human (Choice & Consequence) -> CompleteE - Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood (Artifex Mundi) -> CompleteF - Forma.8 (Metroidvania) -> CompleteG - G-Force (Movies)H - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Hitman)I - Iron Man 2 (Marvel) -> CompleteJ - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (Shonen Jump) -> CompleteK - Kingmaker: Rise of the Throne (Artifex Mundi)L - LEGO Legends of Chima (LEGO) -> CompleteM - Marvel's Spider-Man (Spider-Man)N - Noir Chronicles: City of Crime (Artifex Mundi) - > CompleteO -- First Swap -- Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (Ratchet & Clank) - CompleteP - Prince of Persia (Prince of Persia)Q - Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn (Artifex Mundi) -> CompleteR - Ratchet & Clank PS4 (Ratchet & Clank)S - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (Metroidvania)T - The Walking Dead: The Final Season (Choice & Consequence) U - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Uncharted) -> CompleteV -- Second Swap -- Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (Batman) V+ - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (LEGO)W - Where the Wild Things Are (Movies) -> CompleteX - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Marvel) -> CompleteY -- Third Swap -- Timespinner (Metroidvania) -> Complete Y+ - Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Spider-Man) Z -- Fourth Swap -- Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Price of Persia) -> Complete Z+ - Steins; Gate 0 PS4 (Science Adventure) -> Complete I will update the PP counts next time.
  2. That explains my stutter step in firing up games since the season ended. Hopefully, I can undo whatever damage has been done by the start of this next season.
  3. Thanks, haha. I think @jemmie and I expected days 3 and 4 to be heavy, maybe not as heavy as day 4 turned out, though. I was not planning on going so hard when I joined up. I guess notching a few wins in a row awakened a competitive beast inside of me. I guess it could be called Trophy Slayer. Thanks @AffectatiousDonk I solemnly swear to be less ridiculous in this upcoming season. Real life has some major things to deal with coming soon and I will also be concentrating on some games that are less favorable to grossly high scores here. Thanks @ShogunCroCop and others for counting, administrating, and wrangling this event together!
  4. This guide worked perfectly. Generally, I look at feedback on guides, such as comments, likes, criticism, to check a guide's reliability. This is regardless of the source, as different sites have various or overlapping authors and games differ in their need for detailed guides.
  5. It was a slog. Good competition! Regardless of outcome, my only lament for the day is failing to get that Full Set trophy. I had it set up (or so I thought), but I went thru the entire roster twice today just to clear it, but no luck.
  6. Tried most of the songs out. I was surprised by the frequency of offbeat swipes, really made it tougher despite knowing the songs well. Very doable, I felt. Probably, again, because I know these songs so well already. The shining piece of this dlc is the new arena/background. The aethetic changes the feeling quite a bit. The song choice works well and the beat maps are very thoughtfully laid out, as usual. Would have liked High Voltage or the Encore Jay Z remix in there, but the list is longer than pretty much any other DLC pack available already.
  7. I am not sure the LEGO games support online coop. The Borderlands games are on there, best when played in coop. Saints Row are also good coop, although I think only Gat Out of Hell has a readily achievable platinum (3 and 4 require a work around).
  8. Nice update! I was curious to see how/if Iron Man VR would be incorporated. I think I am up for promotion from Uncanny X-men to Guardians of the Galaxy, now with 8 platinums: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Captain America: Super Soldier Iron Man 2 Deadpool X-men Origins: Wolverine X-men Destiny Guardians of the Galaxy I have a copy of Thor somewhere, but I doubt I will chase the platinum here due to the delisted DLC of Marvel Super Hero Squad. Oh well.
  9. On the PP subforum, the closed ones have a locked thread, so they show up with a little lock next to their link. Others appear dormant and are not technically closed.
  10. Yay! I totally back the removal of Jurassic Park, as it was not issued physically, rendering it nearly impossible to get with its delisting. There is already a badge for it, so list cleanup should not be too harsh. This would push me to earn a plat rank here, for sure. Other removals would remove a few more Telltale games, but those are available as Season passes physically. Even Minecraft Season 1 has its DLC on disk. Removing these may be more of a pain than is worth. Plus, seeing something like Tales from the Borderlands get removed would be sad. The current TWD requirements are totally fair. One run thru of the story should suffice for credit. The PP is pretty broad and big already. Adding FMV games may make it overwhelming. While, they technically fit the bill, they are kind of shiny point and click games. Those would make a cool, separate PP thread. Other games, like Hidden Agenda would be cool to have added. I think I previously mentioned A Way Out and Planet of the Apes as other fair additions here. I am sure there are too many games to consider for addition. A much wilder idea that I will just throw out here is to make this a big Challenge Gate type of PP. Have one TTG (or episodic games) thread, an FMV thread, a horror thread, and a base C&C thread. Crazy, I know.
  11. Good to see an endorsement. The trailer makes it looks badass. Usually timid about VR games, as a couple of experiences on the demo disk were tough to stomach.
  12. Finished up all 10 numbers. Still not quite at my goal though. 0 - Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 4 Part I (280) - 65% -> 100% 1 - Dragon's Age: Inquisition (PS4) - 34% (Avicii Invector (10111) - 0% -> 100%) 2 - Assassin's Creed Chronicles India (4202) - 61% -> 100% 3 - ??? (Arcade Spirits (10763) - 0% -> 100%) 4 - Sonic Adventure (384) - 40% -> 100% 5 - Amazing Spider-Man (PS3) (1505) - 5% -> 100% 6 - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS4) (5096) - 8% -> 100% 7 - Tales of Zestiria (PS4) - 15% (Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (2217) - 0% -> 100%) 8 - Zone of the Enders HD Edition (1688) - 7% -> 100% 9 - Just Cause 3 - 7% (Truberbrook (8959) - 0% -> 100%) Honorable Mention - Amnesia: Collection - 97% Zone of the Enders is just not my kind of game. The requirement for the A Rank on the playthru made it so that reloads were much slower and painful. I skipped off on the single playthru and did the A Rank on the Rescue Missions for a separate Easy playthru. Phew! Glad that is over! Current Status: Unearned Trophies: 143 Completion Percentage: 99.24% Games Not 100%: 4 Improved my completion percentage by 0.21%. Still have a bit to go on my goals. Have another 1.5 months or so left, I may very well achieve 99.7% completion. I guess I will update if I have any significant developments.
  13. Having recently completed the game, it is very easy. For progession, you basically can do no wrong. When you tag a wall, you can pick any shape and size. You can create the genies however you want. The platinum requires a few specific tags on walls, but they are just a matter of matching the shapes that the wall shows you, so its really easy to select the correct painting. Really, this game is geared for a younger crowd and is very accessible, difficulty wise. Like the OP, I recommend this game. It is pretty and mostly relaxing and uplifting.
  14. Thanks. That was a tough run. You are relentless with the random gold trophies and new-ish games.
  15. Only 1 number left for this event, 8. 0 - Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 4 Part I (280) - 65% -> 100% 1 - Dragon's Age: Inquisition (PS4) - 34% (Avicii Invector (10111) - 0% -> 100%) 2 - Assassin's Creed Chronicles India (4202) - 61% -> 100% 3 - ??? (Arcade Spirits (10763) - 0% -> 100%) 4 - Sonic Adventure (384) - 40% -> 100% 5 - Amazing Spider-Man (PS3) (1505) - 5% -> 100% 6 - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS4) (5096) - 8% -> 100% 7 - Tales of Zestiria (PS4) - 15% (Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (2217) - 0% -> 100%) 8 - Zone of the Enders - 7% 9 - Just Cause 3 - 7% (Truberbrook (8959) - 0% -> 100%) Honorable Mention - Amnesia: Collection - 97% Got a couple random games in, but also took care of 1 more from my incomplete games. I started Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 with a couple friends, but they dropped off, so slogged thru a couple of playthrus and the fairly painful fusion trophy. Upped my completion percentage by 0.22%. First time above 99%! Zone of the Enders may as well be next to clear the last missing number for this event. Current Status: Unearned Trophies: 165 Completion Percentage: 99.03% Games Not 100%: 5