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  1. I would love to jump in. Going to use this event as a push to crush my PS Now backlog of some of classic games (and some less-than-classic older games). I know a list is not necessary, but keeping one will help push me a bit. I hope to change very few of these. 2200: Magrunner: Dark Pulse 1831: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3) 2932: Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments 863: LEGO Pirates of Caribbean 34: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2235: Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus 146: G-Force 887: Infamous 2 998: Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension 99: Infamous
  2. Unravel - PS4 (#213) "The Red thread" A truly beautiful platforming game. It has a very simple gaming mechanic of throwing a rope and swinging/climbing/tying. The puzzles are clever and straight forward and the platforming elements are also not terribly challenging. Playing the game was just refreshing and relaxing. It reminded me of playing Trine for the first time. Beautiful, refreshing, and simple. There are enemies but no combat, as your character, Yarny, is defenseless. It would have been nice to have a needle on hand for a particular series of birds........ Like Trine, the game was fairly easy and relaxing, but the platinum was not so much. The main challenge lies in getting the no death runs in on each level. Some levels have hazards such as water which can kill Yarny if you stay just a bit too long or end up going a bit too deep. This felt a bit arbitrary and some swings from points made death very difficult to avoid. The aforementioned birds were even more random and frustrating. It is just one small section, but the inevitability of failure felt like it was almost all luck. No death runs should be more skill based, but it did not feel that way here. Fortunately, the game is easy and the levels are fairly short, so it is only just a little bit of time and luck to earn the platinum. This is more about me complaining than the game actually being unfair. The art and music designs are amazing. Upon first starting up, the fidelity of the graphics pops. The backgrounds look like impressionist artwork, blurry, but still detailed enough to fully understand the composition and provide the supporting framework for the game. The foregrounds are crisp and sharp and fell very much like you are looking at real yarn move around actual elements. It is uncanny and amazing considering the scope of the game. The music is similarly remarkable. Settling somewhere between Irish folk and classical music, the music crescendos as moments of peril appear and cools off when the scene is serene. It definitely gives the game a sincerity that props the nostalgic and touching (?) story. I am pretty interested in checking out the sequel, specially with the co-op option. It seems like the puzzle mechanics would get much deeper and challenging.
  3. Up to 10 now: Batman (PS4) Batman: The Enemy Within Game of Thrones (PS4) Heavy Rain (PS3) Life is Strange (PS4) Life is Strange: Before the Strom Tales of the Borderlands (PS4) Until Dawn The Walking Dead (PS3) The Wolf Among Us (PS3) Please add me.
  4. An honorable mentions list/badge would be cool. Just an informative addition to alert people of other decent options in this genre. Honestly, I didn't realize Danger of the Ooze was a Metroidvania style game until a little after I started it. Not at all a knock. You put a lot of thought and care into structuring this PP and it's already really awesome and deep.
  5. God of War: Ghost of Sparta - PS3 (#210) "The Ghost with the Most" Finally got around to getting this 6th platinum in the series. Already have the new one lined up for a potential milestone. After playing the numbered entries first, all of the remaining games felt derivative and thrown together. For a PSP port, this game looks and plays quite nicely, just like Chains of Olympus before it. The parrying and blocking work better than in Ascension. The game is pretty easy and straight forward with few challenging areas or bosses. Even the Challenges of the Gods are pretty easy in comparison with the rest of the games. The magic and alternative weapons are not needed and often interrupt the flow of combat. The story was effectively nonsense. Where did this brother come from? Why is Thanatos the lord of the underworld? Why do the wraiths cause soooooo much trouble??? So many questions unanswered by this game. The final boss with the secondary assistance was neat and probably a jumping point for the father and son fighting dynamic the new game seems to have. Overall painless platinum and straight forward game, if unremarkable, when compared against its franchise counterparts.
  6. The Saints Row 4 DLC was great. It played like a DVD commentary on the game and had some of the most ridiculous themes put to video game format. I wish there was more to the funny/silly open world genre.
  7. Up to 4 here, Uncanny X-Men I think Marvel Ultimate Alliance Deadpool Captain America X-Men Destiny
  8. Marvel Ultimate Alliance - PS4 (#200) "Platinum Award" Big milestone called for a solid game from the past. Originally, I was aiming for a certain bullet hell game from by trophy list to mark this achievement. A few stars have kept me from lining up the platinum. On to this game: the gameplay, leveling, and power mechanics continue to be classic Action RPG fodder. Completing the game three times was a bit boring, but it is really the best way to get thru the requirements for the platinum. The characters are numerous and varied. Each has their own techniques and skills which change how you use them both when running solo in their own missions and when in a team. It is tempting to use an offensive powerhouse like Sabertooth, but some others have very critical support skills. The enemies can be a bit repetitive, as with most dungeon crawlers. The mini and main bosses are varied and some require certain steps to be taken in order to debilitate or even strike them. This sometimes mean unnecessary and out of place quick time events, but alas this game is a product of a different era. There is some pesky grinding, like those 100 arcade modes and the 500 ledge kills, but there are tried and true techniques and locations to make the grind as painless as possible. This one was lingering incomplete in my trophy list for a while, having started it with a co-op buddy who was not able to stick with it. With its completion, my completion rate crept above 98%. A few more titanic games remain to clear.
  9. Finally got to 9 here: Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PS3) Lego Jurassic World (PS4) Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (PS3) Lego Movie: The Videogame (PS3) Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PS3) Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Vita) Lego The Lord of the Rings (Vita) Lego Ninjago: Nindroids (Vita) Got quite a few in backlog, so I plan to keep going.
  10. Lego Ninjago: Nindroids - PS Vita (#198) "Master of Ninjago!" Enjoyed this variation of the Lego formula. 31 short levels which varied from the usual puzzle-solving point a to point b to vehicle levels, and several boss fights. The repetition came in trying to accomplish the set challenges within each level. These levels were all pretty short, none lasting more than 5 minutes, many can be completed in less than 100 seconds. Being portable made this even more appealing. The number of skills is limited, so you don't spend an unnecessary amount of time swapping between characters. Also, you do not have a side kick to get in your way or get stuck far behind you in the level. The story is more interesting than retreads thru movies, as it allows for actually telling a full story.
  11. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - PS3 (#194) "4 Play" (Milestone #6000) First brush with this franchise.I know it is not representative, as this was crafted to be a Co-op experience. Decided to have a go as a good option to play with a good buddy of mine you moved away a few years ago. It was pretty fun with a few choice sequences. Riding on the back of a robot and having a shooting gallery, jet packing down a shaft dodging obstacles, and teaming up to plow thru slews of enemies in arenas. Unfortunately, the game glitched a couple of times, which was disappointing. Caused us to re-start sections. Some stretches felt unbearably long and some coop sequences were more painful than I am sure they intended. Those raft sections in particular were crap. Overall though, these negatives were few and far between. The game successfully married the franchise to a fun coop adventure of adequate length. With a plat name like "4 Play," I could not resist the urge to add it to the Milestone list. The trophies were split three ways. About a third was directly related to playing the game thru, another third were tied to using the variety of weapons, and the last part was related to performing a specific task or playing with the other 3 characters. The list was not unfairly difficult or grindy.
  12. Batman: The Enemy Within - PS4 (#193) "I am the Night" It is a shame that Telltale Games went out the way they did. Their formula matched different source material well. The Batman series does well in this medium because of the intrigue and detective work. Bruce Wayne's double life is perfect for the various conversation choices and makes for good cinematic action sequences. This series picks up right where the last one left off. John Doe pursues you for assistance as a new villain appears in Gotham. Each episode carries a strong narrative theme and the characters are well developed. Only once or twice did I feel as though the conversation was carried in an unintended direction based on the conversation choice selected. The stakes increase pretty steadily through this series to a fairly predictable, but still satisfying climax. Another solid entry from Telltale. It stands tall next to The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands in its storytelling and excitement.
  13. Titan here. God of War - PS3 God of War II God of War III Remastered God of War: Ascension God of War: Chains of Olympus Will end up with all 7 soon. Likely with a bit of a gap between #6 and #7.
  14. Snow Moto Racing Freedom - PS4 (#192) "Completionist" Finally got back around to finishing this one up. It was lingering on my profile, unfinished, for 4 months. I remember growing very frustrated by the snowmobile mechanics. One bad hop or bump against a competitor would knock me out of the race. Guess I was just not feeling it at the time. Once I got back into it, the platinum was quick work. This game is in the same vein as the Riptide games. Simple, low cost racing games. This is not to say some fair amount of care went into its development. The levels are nice and crisp and the snow lifts into the air and tracks nicely. The worst of it was the weather effect of fog. Those forced races in the fog were ridiculous games of memorization and luck. The freestyle mechanics of earning points or boost for tricks was decent, but the physics never felt right, so it comes off as an after thought. I think racing games are just not for me. A couple of admittedly, and widely regarded as, easy games took far too much time and effort to finish up. This one and Truck Racer. I did enjoy a few of the kart style racers and found WRC 5 to be dreadfully boring. I am open to suggestions for better racing experiences, but it might take me a while to truly give it another try.
  15. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice- PS4 (#191) "Done" That was a hell of a ride. After getting thru 5 God of War games, it was interesting to see a very different take on a similar story: an individual having to endure extreme trails and strife to save someone. The similarities go further in that Hellblade is also a hack and slash game with platformer/puzzle elements, high fidelity graphics,lofty production values, and an other-worldly adversary. I will avoid spoilers, as I heavily recommend this game to anyone with the stomach to explore its heavy themes and imagery. It is a work of art in many ways. The story telling, pacing, sound design and world building are excellent. The game is best played in the dark with head phones. The immersion can be exhausting, as it certainly demands a great deal from your focus and drive. The combat system was meager but sufficient. I am glad they did not bog the story down with multiple weapons, power ups, etc, even if that led to sacrificing a bit on the fight sequences. The traversal was also a bit lacking in that I do not understand why I had to hold down a button to have her move at any appreciable speed. The puzzles generally had the same goal but had clever and variant solutions. You spend a great deal of time attempting to open doors locked by runes. You have to scour the world to find the shapes to open the door. Ultimately, the developers fearlessly attempted to depict a challenging subject matter and succeeded.