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  1. @Jello, we meet again.... Good luck!
  2. Just took a few moments to check out the Master List, the spreadsheet and the open PP threads. Trying to help a bit. I found a couple of PP missing from one or another. The following are missing from the Master List, but are on the spreadsheet and have open threads: ArcSys Fighters Harry Potter Idol Rally Yuri Zombies This one is missing on the spreadsheet, but is on the Master List and has an open thread: Compile Hearts This one is on the spreadsheet, but not on the Master List and has a closed thread: Yakuza Also, any update on the PP threads not updated for an extended period of time?
  3. Got all 6 for when this gets updated to include Miles in the count.
  4. You may have PS+ and PS Now confused. Checked on PS4 app for PS Now and the game is available.
  5. Huge list with lots of variety in game styles. Decent sale for indies. Some gems to consider, in my opinion - (with reasonable platinums): Guacamelee Spirit of the North Cat Quest I and II Bear With Me Ghost Giant (VR) Timespinner 11-11: Memories Retold Yoku's Island Express Tesla vs Lovecraft Late Shift The Little Acre Oxenfree Tons of these games are in my backlog already. Looking to check out: Pistol Whip Afterparty Return of the Obra Dinn Celeste Twin Breaker The Artefix Mundi games
  6. Just Cause 3 (#500) "King of Medici" Dabbled in this game back in 2017, right after it was included with PS+. It was overwhelming with its mechanics and sheer size. Opening the map and realizing the area you land is actually just a small piece of the huge map was far too daunting. After a couple of missions, I dropped it. Now a bit more than 3 years later, I finally sat down and committed to get this one done. Once I settled in, I was reminded of the beautiful and colorful the backdrop for this story , the varied traversal and combat, and, again, the enormous size of the world. Rico is a good protagonist. Probably one of my favorites for an open world game. The story is fine and so are the other characters. The colorful and bright island setting really is a great contrast to most games of this type. It feels like everything is dark or post-apocalyptic. Everyone was playing Mad Max due to it shuttering its online components, but this game felt so much more attractive to play. The guns, cars, helicopters, upgrades, etc etc, felt endless. As did, the challenges and collectibles. Truly, the bloated nature of the filler content here was the only drawback. The developers seemed to have been enamored by some of the challenges they created, so they made the world huge to fit them all. 112 challenges, 300+ collectables, 100+ bases to liberate. It was just way too much. Maybe half the size would have been ideal. The DLC is pretty cool. Such a shame that some of the upgrades and new mechanics were saved for the DLC. I would have really made use of the Wingsuit Engine/rockets/minigun throughout the entire game. Also the mech-suit was pretty fun and the Loochador was also a bad ass boat. These should have been part of the main game for sure. Would have been even more fun. Overall, really enjoyed this game. It was just way too long.
  7. This event speaks to me. While I am sure there will games that will end up escaping me, lacking infinite time and all, I do want to crush the majority of my final list. So far in 2020, I have 100%ed 31 PS3 games, so I will use that as a gauge for what is possible. Also, I am subscribed to PSNOW and will include some of those games on this list, hoping they stay around long enough for me to finish them up, kind of like an extended backlog. Many of the games are on the shorter side, which I guess is good, haha. Finally, I have a hard mode list which is my wish list for finishing. Total of 38. PSNOW List (10): Owned (13): Hard Mode (15):
  8. Another update, chugging along. Currently at 19/29. Definitely going to keep trying, but losing hope that I will hit all 29. Mostly because I haven't felt like booting up a couple of the games that I have left. I guess I do have the alternates to fall back on. There is still a couple of months left, who knows, maybe I can power thru the rest of the list. A - The Adventures of Tintin (Movies)B - Batman: Arkham Asylum (Batman) C - The Council (Choice & Consequence) -> CompleteD - Detroit: Become Human (Choice & Consequence) -> CompleteE - Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood (Artifex Mundi) -> CompleteF - Forma.8 (Metroidvania) -> CompleteG - G-Force (Movies)H - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Hitman)I - Iron Man 2 (Marvel) -> CompleteJ - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (Shonen Jump) -> CompleteK - Kingmaker: Rise of the Throne (Artifex Mundi)L - LEGO Legends of Chima (LEGO) -> CompleteM - Marvel's Spider-Man (Spider-Man)N - Noir Chronicles: City of Crime (Artifex Mundi) - > CompleteO -- First Swap -- Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (Ratchet & Clank) - CompleteP - Prince of Persia (Prince of Persia) -> CompleteQ - Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn (Artifex Mundi) -> CompleteR - Ratchet & Clank PS4 (Ratchet & Clank)S - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (Metroidvania) - CompleteT - The Walking Dead: The Final Season (Choice & Consequence) U - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Uncharted) -> CompleteV -- Second Swap -- Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (Batman) V+ - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (LEGO)W - Where the Wild Things Are (Movies) -> CompleteX - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Marvel) -> CompleteY -- Third Swap -- Timespinner (Metroidvania) -> CompleteY+ - Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Spider-Man) -> Complete Z -- Fourth Swap -- Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Price of Persia) -> Complete Z+ - Steins; Gate 0 PS4 (Science Adventure) -> Complete Project Platinums represented and progress below. Just wanted to keep track of how this event is also pushing my completions there Movies: Started year at 10 (Gold). Currently at 13 (Gold) Batman: Started year at 0, Currently at 0. Choice & Consequence: Started year at 12 (Silver), Currently at 17 (Silver) Artifex Mundi: Started at 9 (Silver), Currently at 15 (Gold) Metroidvania: Started at 6 (Silver), Currently at 9 (Silver) Hitman: Started at 1 (Bronze), Currently at 1 (Bronze) Marvel: Started at 5 (Silver), Currently at 8 (Gold) Shonen Jump: Started at 0, Currently at 1 (Bronze) LEGO: Started at 15 (Silver), Currently at 19 (Gold) Spider-Man: Started at 2 (Silver), Currently at 4 (Gold) Ratchet & Clank: Started at 3 (Silver), Currently at 6 (Gold) Prince of Persia: Started at 0, Currently at 5 (Platinum) Uncharted: Started at 0, Currently at 1 (Bronze) Science Adventure Started at 3 (Bronze), Currently at 4 (Silver)
  9. Great game. Souls-lite Metroidvania. Def recommendation.
  10. Finally got the last platinum. Update me to the The Prince, please.
  11. Maneater (#487) "Platinum" A snack-sized open world game. Where many games tell a long, complicated story and/or fill a huge world with endless collectables and quests with checklists and percentages counting up to 100%, this game.... actually does the latter and seems to relish in its almost shamelessness. It has framerate issues and crashed a couple times on me. It takes place overwhelmingly underwater, which is typically leads to a challenging navigation and it does here too. The game is pretty, but not impressively so. All of this suggests it is not a very good game. On the contrary, it is quite good, mostly due to its premise and willingness to really embrace the concept of allowing the player to become a Maneater. The simple and somewhat repetitive combat is very satisfying, as you can begin to thrash bigger foes or come across your first beach full of humans. The framework of a sharkhunting reality show narrated by Chris Parnell is perfect for this kind of game, as it simplifies the story into 9 or 10 chapters that play out like episodes of the show bookended by brief cutscenes that further your antagonist, Scaly Pete. Each Chapter is almost functionally the same: you enter a new area of the world and have to complete basically the same missions or hunting, population control and revenge, while hunting the same collectables. All the while, you gain new evolutions to power up your shark and collect nutrients to use to level up your evolutions, and gain levels to grow from a pup to a mega. It is super short of this sort of game, full completion at 10 hours or so. There just is not a great deal to explore and each area of the world is compact and quick to travel to. The map is populated with your mission and collectables as you advance thru each chapter, making the task of completion less bothersome, as some items are deep underground/water or high flying over some bridge. Overall, it is cool, fun, and mindless. A great popcorn platinum that does not overstay its welcome and uses growth as progression to lead to an inevitable conclusion. It has many deficiencies, but they are easily overlooked
  12. That ended up being pretty close. Those URs of yours were adding up while I was running around in Shantae, haha. Good job!
  13. Been trying to suppress my insane competitive side this season. I thought I would have been doing worse by now. Being within striking distance makes it very tempting to ramp back up. Must.resist.urge....
  14. Managed to come back for some more. Total of 274 for the day. 14 games completed from my backlog.
  15. Up to 201 for the day. Will plateau for a while or the rest of the day. Other engagements call. Nice excuse to clear some quick platinums out of the backlog.