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  1. I'll do the honors then. 5 more Just ignore them Word sudoku Crypto One word Tic tac letters 5 new 10 plat running total
  2. Since signing up I have completed: Wordsweeper by POWGI Word Maze by POWGI Random Heroes: Gold Edition Energy Invasion Squareboy vs. Bullies Current running total of 5 platinums for me.
  3. Ugh, I have been in a game funk. Had a few games lined up but could not bring myself to play them. Instead, finally booted up Sayonara Wild Hearts. I had penciled it in for a milestone plat. It did not disappoint for me. Visual, interactive album with rhythm/action gameplay and a high score arcade mechanic. Stylish and basically only visual cues provided. I was more than happy to go along for the ride. Recommended to anyone that finds the concept even remotely intriguing. Not enough to clear my funk entirely, but a nice step in the right direction.
  4. March 2021 Wrap Up Previous update: Last Update as of 03/02/2021 Total Games on List: 41 New: 3 Eliminated: 3 Completed: 5 Did some damage to this list this month, Did not stick to my goals, but the rumor then news of the stores closing prompted a stronger push to crush some of these games to make room for others. I did a quick trolling of eBay for some delisted games, picked up Hannah Montana, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania and Madden NFL 11. Yup, did that. These do not really push up the completion time for these lists much, so not a lot of progress lost. Since my last update, I platinumed Ben 10 Omniverse, Brave, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Hannah Montana (yup), and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. With the confirmation of the stores closing, I will probably be laser focused on clearing my backlogs for PS3 and PSVita to just make room for some last purchases. New Stats as of 03/31/2021 Total Games on List: 44 New: 3 Eliminated: 3 Completed: 10 PSNOW List (10): Completed 1 Owned (18): Completed 9, Eliminated 2, New 3 Hard Mode (16): Eliminated 1
  5. Between this and the PS3 event and store closures, it is really an opportunity to pare down my backlogs and help me make decisions on what games will be abandoned and which I can remain hopeful to have time to finish. Want to start out clearing up some of my more fluffy platinums from my Vita in order to make room for some purchases before the store closes. Won't list just yet, maybe as I accomplish them. For the sake of my tracking, based on the PSVita leaderboard ranking, I currently sit at 90 Vita platinums. I will count up from here until the store closing date.
  6. Saints Row 4 and Gat Out of Hell, Strider, The Raven, and Stikbolt are PS4 I believe. The PS3 version of SR4 and The Raven may also be in PSNow for stacking. The rest would be streaming only. Might be worth booting up The Wolf Among Us to see if the latency/lag is that bad for you. I had no problems with it as it is not a twitchy action game.
  7. I figured I might as well throw out a quick list of some less prominent games to check out, from my experience, if you decide to take advantage of the offer. I have had the service for a while and have been generally satisfied, if not always blown away. Trine - 2D puzzle platformer, there have been 4 of these, but I am not sure if everyone is familiar with the original. The Wolf Among Us - Telltale gem. Besides the first The Walking Dead, this is probably the most intriguing Telltale game. The Saint's Row series (3, 4, and Gat out of Hell) - Open World silliness. Probably the least serious, tongue in cheek of the genre. I had a blast with all 3. 3 and 4 have the full DLC editions on PSNow. I think the plat for 3 and 4 require a work around due to an online trophy, heads up. Strider - Metroidvania. Shiny, sharp, challenging but totally fair and doable with just a bit of practice. Guacamelee - Metroidvania as well. This one has a ton of personality. The platforming for 100% can be frustrating. The DLC is also included for this one. The Raven - Mystery adventure game. Cool story for the genre. Stikbolt! - A dodgeball action/puzzle game. Silly, fun, not very taxing. Of course, the Sly Cooper, Infamous, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, the David Cage adventures, LEGO, Sonic, Batman etc. franchises are well represented, but there are a lot of great hidden gems to check out. For $1, it is totally worth giving them a chance.
  8. If you have PS+ and use the cloud, you should be able to access your PS+ cloud saves from the XMB menu in PSNOW. I have successfully moved files from PSNow out to my PS3, should work in the other direction. From the PS Now terms: • Don’t support PlayStation Plus auto-upload to online storage. PlayStation Plus cloud saves can be transferred manually to PS Now, and vice versa, using the Saved Data Management functionality...
  9. Sonic Adventure does not have its DLC on PSNow, neither does Sonic Adventure 2. Several games do have DLC included. Just read the description of the game in PSNow or look at the edition. Guacamelee, Saints Row 3 & 4, some versions of the Borderlands games, Bioshock remastered games come to mind. If it is the Ultimate, Complete, GOTY editions, it will come with whatever DLC that version includes in retail. In summary, most don't, but some do include DLC.
  10. That is a solid list, nice mix. Finally getting my hands on Thumper, Moss, and Paper Beast. I often eye them when on sale.
  11. Thanks for running the show. I really like this event and appreciate the effort yall put in. A long break is welcome. Sorry. I was planning to go big. My last 2 CWCs had a very tough final round. Did not mean to be evil. Good run though. Thought I was not going to be competitive this season due to Dragon Age, but the tourney soaked up a lot of that time. I fully expected @Jello or @Psy-Tychist to run away with it this season.
  12. Haha, learned from my last trip into the CWC finals... GG however it turns out.
  13. Could not remember if Winterfest or Extreme were free. Logged out to check the store. Looks like your options are accurate. I pretty much always wait for sales, so I must have picked them up at some point in the US store. It is a bummer that they are convoluted due to the Olympics DLC. The game was ultimately worth getting the 100%. I jumped on it expecting Riders Republic to come out and basically replace it.
  14. @Jello that was a solid last fixture. I think I took it. Two Parsecs from Earth is a bit deceptive for a Ratalaika Game. How is the CWC going to work with the 5 league winners + GTA_Darren? Congrats on the tourney win, btw. Will it last an extra day?
  15. The platforming and combat are both choppy. The camera and collision detection are weak which leads to some seriously cheap falls. The combat is combo and dodge based. It works fine, but shows its rigidity since the platinum required the game be completed in the hardest difficulty. The action RPGs you mentioned have a fluidity to the combat that is not present in Remember Me. I can recommend the game on its story and style. For a linear, action platformer, it has a pretty good story. It is also somewhat short.