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  1. I will throw my hat in: United States Thanksgiving (November 28th): <<Pending>> Black Friday (November 29th): LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin Saint Lucia's Day (December 13th): Beyond: Two Souls Las Posadas (December 16th - December 24th): Mooseman Winter Solstice (December 21st): Wolverine Hanukkah (December 22nd - December 30th): Up Christmas (December 25th): Apotheon Kwanzaa (December 26th - January 1st): Minecraft: Season 2 Boxing Day (December 26th): Spider Man: Edge of Time New Year's Day (January 1st): Star Trek (PS3)
  2. Gigalomaniac here. Just finished Steins;Gate
  3. Please add me to Noir. 2 here: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Aiming for that top rank.
  4. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - PS3 (#250) "Does whatever a spider can!" Not really sure why I decided to make this a milestone. Guess it took me a while and no other game really struck a cord. Spent about 32 hours trying to get this platinum. Most of it very, very frustrated. The platinum hard mode runs could be maddening. Not because of the time limit, or the combo score, or even those pesky collectible spiders... it was the high potential for glitches if you are running fast through a level. Examples: the Sandman level was ripe for falling and dying while jumping from platform to platform as the game triggers cutscenes but does not pause your character or allow you to rescue him before forcing you to start the section over again, having lost all progress and time. Doc Ock -> glitched on the other side of a prison door while trying to pry it open to rescue a scientist. Vulture -> stuck outside of the hand to hand combat animation during the boss battle. Ugh. 20-30 minutes wasted at time was pretty frustrating. Add the busted camera angles while swinging and the imprecise targeting and levels like Electro were super difficult to manage. Gripes aside, I really did enjoy that the story involved 4 different iterations of Spider-Man, each having their own mechanics and level variety. Of course, the story is a nonsensical mechanic to allow for 13 villains to be used in the same game. But each villain had their unique combat and challenge when fighting them multiple times per level. The hack and slash combat was effective for the most part and allowed for use of different combos to achieve different goals, such as launching in the air or crowd control. It was no God of War, but it was fun and well animated. Visually, the game is surprising. The cut scenes and inter-level vignettes look rough, even for their time. The levels themselves carry a cel shading which lends itself well to the comic book aesthetic of the game. Not going to lie, those scenes were Spider-Man is slowly walking directly in front of the camera while a bit of dialogue with the villain is taking place, were CLEARLY an animator forcing the player to have to stare at Spider-Mans butt. Lots of shiny butt and exaggerated walking in this game. Probably could have done with a better game for my 250 milestone, but at least the Platinum showcases all 4 Spider-Man variations and carries on a bit of a tradition in having Marvel games on my milestones. 2 plats down, 3 to go in this series. Wish me luck!
  5. Maybe just leave the individual seasons in the main count. The collection and the definitive series can be a special emblem? Or vice versa?
  6. Honestly, there are 2 major factors playing against the list of games: 1) movie tie-ins are perceived to be lesser quality games and 2) most of those games are delisted. In trying to climb the ranks of the PP, I have found that getting my hands on all 17 is challenging. Only a couple are easily pulled from psn The rest, I am getting second hand or renting. Also, the games are a mixed bag, so there is no strong draw to really play them. Expanding the list would probably make it worse, as reaching 25 or more games for plat rank would be even less enticing. Maybe the Metroidvania PP concept can be borrowed. New, PS4 games can be their own list and the two lists can be picked from to reach plat rank. Or maybe by Movie type/studio breakdown: like a DreamWorks, Pixar, Other lists to build from.
  7. Ran out of time on one from my original list so I coped out. 0 - 6660 - 36 Fragments of Midnight - Vita NA - 1 - 1141 - Puss in Boots - 2 - 8762 - Ghoulboy - 3 - 7523 - God of War (PS4) - 4 - 4054 - Monster High: New Ghoul in School - NA - 5 - 2235 - Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus - 6 - 6056 - Guardians of the Galaxy - 7 - 6487 - Undertale - 8 - 998 - Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension - 9 - 8919 - Metagal PS4 NA -
  8. Finished up Severed, please put me down as Man of the Sword.
  9. Severed - PSVITA (#237) "Made Whole" This game is definitely a showcase of the Vita. It is a colorful graphic Metroidvania adventure game made by the same studio that created Guacamelee. The exploration is unique as it is presented in a dungeon crawling early 3D fashion, as you traverse from very discrete room to room by a single step. Each room may contain a battle, a puzzle piece, a secret, vases with crafting materials or a health fruit. Colored doors with switches gateway progress and a small number of "upgrades" allow you to explore previously inaccessible areas. Its genius is its simplicity. The graphics are nothing special technically, but the style is charming, jarring and bright. The characters are mysterious and the story delved out in small bites that leave you wondering where you will end up.The protagonist is a tortured, brutal girl determined to make right by her family in a confusing and despair-riddled Nether world and she looks more and more bad ass as she gets power-ups. The combat is really where the sweet spot is with this game. Again, its simplicity is its genius. The developers took a nod from Fruit Ninja and used the finger swipe as the primary mode of attack. You need to figure out how each enemy should be attached and learn their attack patterns to be able to successfully parry. While this sounds simple, it becomes maddening as you are surrounded by enemies with timer indicators showing you how quickly they are about to attack you and cause damage. Some enemies you can stymie by simply attacking a couple times, others you must parry to save health. This is further complicated by potentially hazardous environments, such as poisonous air or flotation timers that limit the length of time you have to complete each encounter. This forces you to come up with the more efficient combat order and technique to dispatch the enemies for each battle. The boss battles are varied and unique from the regular bad guys, often including the added difficulty of summoning other enemies multiple times. The game is also provided further depth by skill trees and "magic" which you can deploy in battle or to open up secret paths along the way. This adds to the Metroidvania mechanics, tempting you to double back to previous areas as you earn a new skill. The areas provide more power ups to health or magic bars, or a few ingeniously hidden secret items that you need for the platinum. Between its clever mechanics, charming style and engaging mechanics, this game is a true gem of the Vita. It is short, sweet, and fulfilling. Highly recommended.
  10. Movie Streamer here Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Happy Feet Two Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole Rango Terminator Salvation
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy - PS4 (#229) "A Little Help From My Friends" Oh gosh, I do enjoy each of these Telltale Games. This one may be on the lower end of quality for these games insofar as narrative and story options, but it is still a pretty enjoyable adventure. The character development relies significantly on the collective cultural value of the franchise, even though it does not tie in to any of the MCU storylines or character variations. If you read the comics or watch the movies, these Guardians will be immediately familiar to you and their challenges and turmoil quickly related. The story starts pretty epically with a battle against one of their most common big-name foes, causing a series of events which lead to the rise of another formidable enemy and a galaxy-extinction level threat, you know, as per usual. That fight was very well orchestrated and full of the expected QTEs. Each of the Guardians shows off their skills and personalities in their ongoing dialogue. This then leads to various, seemingly inexplicable, disagreements amongst the team, forcing you, as Peter Quill, to make decisions and lead. This is often interesting and provides an opportunity for exposition into each character's backstory and times in which you can improve your relationship with each team member. This is one of the few of the Telltale Games where the team over which you exert almost all of your influence is constantly at play. Most of the team, it is spread across many other characters and settings, making it feel a little less consequential .In GOTG, they kind of hit you over the head with the ramifications of some of your choices. Some of the "talk to all of the Guardians" sections are tedious and arbitrary, where you feel like the outcome was telegraphed before everyone stepped away. The ending is corny, in a pretty good way, as one would expect. There are several actions or paths which imperil some of the traveling companions which add stakes to your choices, but it wraps up neatly. At least it did for me. As mentioned, this game is somewhat "less than" other Telltale Games stories. The Batman pair are more fun and exciting than this one, while A Wolf Among Us just much more interesting, and Tales from the Borderlands just brims with cinematography and coolness. This game carries one of the best soundtracks, with a reliance on licensed songs to mirror the RAD mix #1. Very strong use of music accents the action. Only have a few of these left, Minecraft and a some of the The Walking Dead. Tough to know the developer crash and burned so painfully. Hopefully, another team out there that wants to push this genre further.
  12. Undertale - PS4 (#228) "Don't You Have Anything Better To Do" ...Apparently not. Due to positive endorsements and a fairly clever Platinum trophy name, I saved it for a milestone. Overall, I was disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high. I get it, it is meant to high-jack a gaming genre and subvert it. Subversion can be a strong draw (see: Headlander). This is probably what it does best. It is presented as an old school RPG, with action options upon each turn of a fight. It allows you to attempt to take alternative actions than fight. With little knowledge of the game, I ended up taking the Pacifist route. This gave each fight a unique variety, as I found myself attempting to figure out how to get out of the fight without beating the enemy/ies. This seemed more intriguing than the usual RPG grind. This draws most of the attention to surviving the mini-game, bullet-hell style rounds where the enemy attacks and you have to dodge harm. This was also super neat. Each baddie has a series of 2-3 unique "attacks" that keep you on your toes and makes the fights far more dynamic than any old school RPG could ever dream. The boss fights were all even more unique, somehow. With distinct mechanics for trying to survive. The game has a cute style and silly sense of humor, but it could not get me enticed at all. I found myself drifting off to sleep while waiting for the nonsensical dialogue slowly materializing in the word bubbles to come to an end. The 16 bit (or is it 8 bit [does it even matter?]) style was drab and often too dull. The best moments were when the game really took the events off the rails. The bit with Papyrus as the world's worst puzzle generator or the entire sequence with Mettaton as the killer robot trope were actually very clever. "Cooking with a Killer Robot", just excellent. The story was lost on me. Very quickly, I decided I could not be bothered by the incessant calls and repetitive conversations. This is probably the primary source of my disappointment. By the time I had to make my long walk to Asgore, it felt like torture being stopped every 5 steps for even more story. Needless to say, I did not bother with the post-game (continuation?) portion. Honestly, I do not mind, stories being told via text, or with somewhat repetitive dialogue. But this one just did not click at all for me. On to the next one...
  13. 1 here: Worms Battlegrounds Please sign me up.
  14. Have 4 here. Cat Quest Spyro 1 Spyro 2 Spyro 3
  15. Please update me to Champion of the Gods. I finally cleared God of War 2018.