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  1. Need help and willing to help with a good chunk fmof the online trophies. PSN: Hedgito
  2. I'd appreciate any help to get Lab Technician and All Arounder trophies. Also I'd be willing to help with any other multiplayer trophies.
  3. http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-reloaded-coming-to-consoles-april-2 Can we be expecting more trophies to be added with this new update? What are your guys thoughts?
  4. You should be able to do both in one Playthrough now that they're fixed.
  5. Too summarize trophies don't auto-pop, unless you played in the 'Close Beta'. You'll need to do as specified to earn the trophies you want. You must win now if you want Realm Royalty. It's not known if the wins before the current patch count towards, Jack of All Trades and Royal Master.
  6. Sorry to disappoint quick hot fix for bugs but nothing on trophies.
  7. From the looks like it he has leveled up some locked characters. My only guess would be get some heroes to level 12 at this point just spend that coinage.
  8. I love the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, and something I found so relatable was the 'Hedgehog Dilemma'. Even so 'Hedgie' was my first choice, yet being that it was taken I had to settle for 'Hedgito'
  9. Anyone have any idea how people are obtaining the Absolute Unit/ Decimation/ and Realm Royalty Trophies? My only guess is that there winning in different regions.
  10. Not that I don't believe but can you post a screenshot or verify that? How often do they patch this game? Do they still even patch it?
  11. If you look at you Profile and go to awards, you'll see the progress towards 'Master Collector'. You don't need to unlock the champions. If you spend gold and level them up that counts towards it.
  12. Cards are known as talents now. The update of course, didn't change the trophy description. You get one talent after leveling up champions to levels 2, 8, 12. If I'm correct, there a 38-40 champions. So if you get each one to level 2 you'll have 80 talents. Then you just need a few to level 8. Master Collector will be yours.