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  1. Also, this trophy doesnt unlock for some reason if you dont ever get into that treasure menu. I never opened that menu so it didnt unlock, but as soon as I did it automatically unlocked so I think that might be a glitch
  2. Having played this game in 2 sessions, I can't seem to remember whether I bought both badge upgrades, but I currently am only able to equip 2 badges, and the badge seller issnt selling anything either. Does he only sells them from specific points or am I screwed and have to start over for just this 1 trophy?
  3. Is the "Say Hello to my Little Friend" trophy cumulative kills on the gun? Or does it have to be 10 kills within 1 chatper. I'm currently on the final grind to finish everything up so the party kills the enemies very quickly already now, and I don't have time to kill them with the gun. Otherwise i'm just gonna start a new playthrough quick and hopefully get it like that.
  4. Bought DMC HD collection, played the first 1 for around 20 mins and then I realised that the games are good damn hard. Never turned it on after that again. Should go back to it before I get my ps4 tho because I believe I will never go back otherwise. Maybe Mortal Kombat aswell. Only need to a few more ladder points for that trophy and then it's only the big grind left which I just don't want to do. I sometimes insert my disc and load the game up, check my progress and then I go straight to bed because I don't want to start it. And the final game I will most likely never come back to is Call of Duty classic. The veteran mode on that game is too brutal. But you never know, I had to restart completely with God of War II 3 times because of lost saves and I have it now so there might be hope.
  5. Gran Turismo 5 - 0.96% Grand Theft Auto 5 - 1.25% Modnation Racers - 1.71% Bulletstorm - 2.82% Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 2.84% Terraria - 2.99% Battlefield 4 - 4.46% Battlefield 3 - 4.48% Littlebigplanet - 5.00%
  6. Demon Souls, still need to get time to play it
  7. Metal gear solid 4, still have to start that 1
  8. Honestly, God of war 2. Played that game 2 times halfway already and lost save both times. Really can't get up doing it again.
  9. Favourite: Least favourite: x4