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  1. I messaged Binary Mill about it and they said they have a patch in the certification process with Sony. That patch is supposed to include the Sandbox mode that is referenced in the trophy description. For what it's worth, I looked at the trophy unlock rates earlier though and the 50 fruits and platinum trophies have ticked up to 0.1%...so maybe something has been fixed already. (Could be hackers I suppose)
  2. Completing a hard case seems like it will be kinda tough. I gave a hard case a try and failed miserably on the first operation. I'm only level 6 though so I'm hoping getting some of the higher level traits will help.
  3. What kind of coop does this game have? Couch, online, both?
  4. I did it over 3 weeks of pretty consistent playing. I'd guess around 60 hours...maybe more
  5. I think you're referring to the fast fly after dropping. It's one of the last skills you unlock from collecting gems. IIRC, for that specific gem you can go around the corner up the trees and glide back down.
  6. Ha that would be cool if so. I contacted them on Facebook and got told to put in help tickets with the zendesk platform on the website. That was 3 week ago.
  7. Harvest Boom for shooting 50 fruit is not working however the trophy for shooting 500 appears to be unlocking for some. I put in a help ticket with the dev but havent heard a response. I'd avoid this game until some news on an update is released.
  8. I picked this game up because I played it on PC a long time ago after watching a youtuber play it (so meta). I had a good time on PC but this version is so, so bad and filled with bugs/glitches. For example.. -If you leave for some social events you get your skill level permanently reset to level 1. -The tweeting part of the happiness mechanic stopped working and my character is permanently depressed. -The subscribers per video appears to be broken. I get about 8 subs per video now when I used to get 15k to 25k. (This one hurts for the 15mil sub trophy...) -After getting to the luxury mansion and above, I could no longer make collaboration videos. My character gets stuck in a wall and needs a game reset to become unstuck. -Character gets stuck in bed and requires a game reset. -Collaborators just disappear and requires a game reset. -Can't accept random quests if you have videos on your queue bar. The window for it grays out. -Helping a Friend quests will reward you with 0 subscribers. This quest has never yielded a subscriber reward All that being said, my character is now a divorced famous youtuber that is permanently depressed... so it appears to be eerily accurate in that respect.
  9. I got it this morning. It became available with the latest update.
  10. I was one upgrade away from a maxed out ship and the trophy when update 1.07 rolled out. Looks like more upgrades have been added and are required for the trophy now. I upgraded to the original max and the trophy did not unlock. If you're close to maxing your ship, you may want to finish it offline because the new upgrades require a lot of material.
  11. I'm also interested in this trophy if people get together for it! PSN: eGEORGE_ I'm on eastern time and have a headset
  12. Yea that's what I did for trophies for not losing a match. As for the toughest, they all felt about the same. Beating Rugal is pretty tough and worse when you can't lose. You basically have to win with two players because he can almost 1hko you. If you go out with your 3rd teammate he can kill you before you press start on the second controller...
  13. FYI the current guide also lists outdated materials for crafting warp cells
  14. I just got it so I havent been able to play much, but I'm thinking you can interrupt a match you're about to lose by pressing start on a second controller. That should prevent you from losing matches and negating the trophies. I haven't been able to confirm just yet though.
  15. Anyone experiencing this recently? I just cleared 3600 and it didn't unlock. I transcended and still nothing. Hoping someone has some insight.