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  1. Do you have any tips for play with others? Kids keep asking me if I want to trade 130s and then trapping me in a box. What is a "130" ???
  2. As of today's patch, SSD 4 still cannot be completed. Epic has opened up another trello comment card about errors with defeat waves not spawning enemies. The original bug report was related to SSD 5 so it appears they changed the defeat wave to a timed one to "fix" it but they did not fix any other waves. The fortnite reddit has reports of people encountering bugged SSDs as far back as plankerton. This paired with the fact that trophies are straight up bugged is baffling. The can neuter AFK War Games missions but cant actually get game progression to work... Avoid this bug fest like the plague if possible.
  3. I'm currently on Twine SSD 4. Wave 3 of this defense is to kill 250 enemies but enemies are not spawning. So it is currently impossible for me to complete the defense and progress towards the SSD6 trophy. I found a reddit post with a lot of people saying they're experiencing the same problem. Current speculation is that it has to do with where you place the amp for SSD4. I put mine to the farthest southeast... I'd skip that placement if you're wanting to avoid this bug. For anyone else experiencing this, I was able to find this bug listed on the fortnite known bugs listing. So maybe itll get fixed soon for us. Edit:Update 8/9/19 The community tracker for bugs has this error tagged as fixed for future update so I'm assuming this will be correct for the next update on Wednesday
  4. I'm interested in this if anyone is still working on it
  5. My stats page only shows 7 nuggets acquired which is incorrect which happens to be how many I've picked up since the update. I think my nugget stat got reset to zero. I think @Velvet may be right an we will have to get 100 again.
  6. Anyone having issues with the 100 gold nuggets trophy? I played the game for months and assumed I accumulated 100 over that time (been spending them on and off). I reset my farm to work on plowed tiles and it dropped my gold nuggets count to 20... I've gained some new nuggets since the update but still no trophy. What was your experience with this trophy? Did you unlock it with all 100 in inventory? Did it randomly unlock after acquiring a nugget post-update?
  7. No thanks.
  8. Anyone interested in trading maps or sharing map portals? I'm in tier 13 and the maps are getting pretty pricey to acquire off the trade market. It also seems like expanding the elder influence for shaper fragments may require a lot of extra maps. We could also combine resources to open up portals to breaches or the alluring abyss. Edit: Message me if you'd like to try to figure something out or post below to get your name out there. My PSN ID is eGEORGE_ and I'm in the eastern time zone. If we end up needing something more formal I can create a session on the site. Also I think there is a region lock on the game because I couldn't party up with a friend from Germany.
  9. Yea I've received a few of those maps with a guaranteed Beyond boss, but I haven't encountered the boss needed for the trophy. I think one of the symbols on the Atlas represents where a guaranteed Zana quest will spawn. Can probably farm those nodes hoping to get the right map and Abaxoth.
  10. I messaged Binary Mill about it and they said they have a patch in the certification process with Sony. That patch is supposed to include the Sandbox mode that is referenced in the trophy description. For what it's worth, I looked at the trophy unlock rates earlier though and the 50 fruits and platinum trophies have ticked up to maybe something has been fixed already. (Could be hackers I suppose)
  11. Completing a hard case seems like it will be kinda tough. I gave a hard case a try and failed miserably on the first operation. I'm only level 6 though so I'm hoping getting some of the higher level traits will help.
  12. What kind of coop does this game have? Couch, online, both?
  13. I did it over 3 weeks of pretty consistent playing. I'd guess around 60 hours...maybe more
  14. I think you're referring to the fast fly after dropping. It's one of the last skills you unlock from collecting gems. IIRC, for that specific gem you can go around the corner up the trees and glide back down.
  15. Ha that would be cool if so. I contacted them on Facebook and got told to put in help tickets with the zendesk platform on the website. That was 3 week ago.