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  1. This is the point i was trying to make
  2. I certainly dont. For me a platinum is the cherry on top of the most delicious cake youve been baking and preparing. I have SO many games ill never bother getting plat for, and so many that took me 4 times longer than it needed because i was busy being in love with the game. Im not even a trophy hunter
  3. Dont taint your profile with pointless games like this, there are so many more rewarding and fun games to be spending your money and time on. Playing and paying for a game just to add a platinum trophy to your profile is just ridiculous, these people are just addicted to the hit, its just like the sorry souls throwing money at microtransactions. They cant help it nor can they see their issue.
  4. Ew no
  5. Its just weird that they say no additional cost for owners of the complete collection on ps4, but not no additional cost for base game owners on ps4. Maybe its just a given and they didnt feel they needed to state that twice? Im getting it anyway regardless of if it does or not. Players that own Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition on PS4 can upgrade to Nioh 2 Remastered – The Complete Edition on PS5 at no additional cost.
  6. Shame it seems like its a paid upgrade from ps4 to ps5... but hell man, its nioh and i fucking LOVE nioh, take all the money you need
  7. This sounds like a great idea, thanks for posting this! Now i just need to find someone to trade with lol, id literally trade everything i have for this platinum ive played more than enough of rocket league
  8. Done this about 5 - 6 times and it doesnt do anything for me and a few others here sadly, its not a guaranteed solution and after 3 tries it unlocked the painted trophy only
  9. Whos arguing?
  10. Anyone buying a PS5 and not signing up for PS Plus to get 20 of the greatest games available on playstation included in the subscription is mad in my eyes.
  11. Id quite like to finish the game i payed for
  12. Deleted saves and uninstalled half a dozen times and no luck on getting car collector but i did randomly pop the trophy for a painted item while doing this somehow.. i just want to trophy, i have it on xbox cmon yo
  13. Someone posted this comment on reddit about car collector so i thought id leave it here. "I believe you have to collect 5 painted or non base game cars to get that achievement. As for the collect 150 items, that one is gonna be easy once the game works properly, just do the challenges, level up and collect rocket pass experience. The items again need to be non base game items that were given to you." Probably why it didnt pop for me as i had those 24 cars from when it first came out on xbox but i have that achievement before it was changed from 'collect all battle cars'
  14. I wonder if you have to unlock 5 cars on the rocket pass now its F2P for it to unlock, because i also have 24 cars but no car collector
  15. If i played this and got 100% on xbox will the trophies pop if i link accounts or will i get to earn them all again? Im not sure i want that or not yet but want all my old wheels and boosts