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  1. If people stop working save, quit and reload and everyone SHOULD all come out at once and itll fix. They also released an update for this on 26th of april so if you are from the future this issue shouldnt be a problem.
  2. Stop buying this shite you muppets
  3. This reminds me i need to make post why i dont get how people like gerkin on their burgers... 🤪
  4. Another game for "trophy hunters" 🤪
  5. Its currently bugged guys, if you go on their discord people have been having issues on playstation, xbox, epic and steam since yesturday, so dont worry if you see it costs money devs have definitely confirmed its just an issue that they are awaiting to be fixed
  6. Why cant you just play for fun anyway
  7. I get into matches easy with crossplay on and main region Europe, second region i have set to US East
  8. Have you seen some of the shite people buy just for platinum trophies? Ofc we wanted to play apex for trophies on top of the fun it offers
  9. Not even going to bother, what a waste of potential
  10. I find it doesnt track time when it doesnt update to the current game im playing on my profile. Example if i played nioh yesturday but elden ring today, sometimes on the list of games on my profile still says nioh was the last game i played even if im currently playing elden ring, it then starts tracking time again when i restart the game and get that showing as latest game played. Im talking about the games section, not trophy section of your profile page. Might be worth a check
  11. Did you upgrade the pylons, i searched all over and on steam and xbox the issue always seems to be they didnt upgrade them just checking you made sure
  12. Hey guys i just read in a steam forum that they missed MN on chapter 16, rushed for that chapter on a second playthrough and got the achievement after getting MN rank so maybe it doesnt need to be all in one go?
  13. I didnt import save and got every collectables on my first run and none of the trophies popped for collectables except the one for finding every one 🤪
  14. Skip it, theres like over 300 and you essentially need to play every mission twice, and only some show on the map and thats only in open world