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  1. I could have sworn i saw on the subreddit that the rest of the DLC was canned. The rogue like mode was incredibly difficult to implement which is why they turned it into this randomizer mode. Not a confirmation that there wont be more, but i definitely recall them talking about it not getting more support passed this long delayed addition.
  2. I say grow up and get a grip.
  3. Wow you really do go around trashing games non-stop 🤣
  4. If its any help to you, vita still allows for the item ID exploit, but honestly the latest update on PS4 is really good if you like the game, it added a metric fugg tons and its well worth it. But i still play vita for the portability, its a great version and still worth your time, but there is no cross save.
  5. I definitely struggle finding online games sometimes, best way i managed 50 online matches was everytime i finished a mission, i would get set back to the hub and before sorting any of my loot or perk points, id search for a match, on average id say it took about 4 - 6 mins to join up to someone. The trophy you are talking about is absolutely solid legit, im level 60 something, with a great build and knowledge of the game, and it seemed impossible, enemies are doing like 400% more damage with a similar increase to their health. Definitely boost that one. If you want help id be more than happy, just hit me up with a msg if you like best of luck inquisitor! Edit: just realised you were just on about xp boosting which is easy i think, i was talking about the trophy for doing i think 10 missions on hardest difficulty. A level 5 basically starts a mission on highest and lets the high level player beat it for them. Again if youd like help just ask me on ps4
  6. Disagree
  7. I personally feel they took all the great elements from the metro games and blended them into a gorgeous 'open world' environment while also enhancing the gunplay and customisation aswell. Open world is in quotations because its far more of a big location then say, the one map of HZD or GTA, and each one of these big locations are completely different to each other ( a total of 4 ), while also breaking up the big locations with the more traditional linear levels the the other metro games had. The story was also much more interesting for me this time around but at the same time the Russian accents ended up taking away from them, as ( and i mean no offence ) but it all comes across as very monotone and moody, which given the games setting, i guess its somewhat fitting. If i could compare this to any other game which i dont like doing, it would be S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I would highly recommend this game but i would also highly recommend playing the entire series, i love seeing the evolution of games in a series, and i had many many fun hours spent playing them all. Hope this was good enough for you
  8. I loved everything about this game, and its my favourite Metro to date.
  9. That trailer was destiny level of epic-ness, i cant wait to give it a go i dont really enjoy multiplayer but free is free, would like some trophies but no trophies would also be okay with me, i remember seeing PUBGs list and thinking some would be very tricky and take a very long time. Time will tell, 7pm tomorrow baby!!
  10. If you have the DLC btw, you can go get the gold serpent ring +3 from the ringed city and farm in NG for an easier time
  11. Haha get your wallet out.
  12. I would love some new trophies, this game is fantastic, ive been saving all the trophies i have left for when i make a new character on release. I tried asking 3 times on state of the game livestream, but they didnt respond to me question so i dont think anyone knows. But i think there will be would be even cooler if it was like monster hunter iceborne!
  13. They mentioned rebalance in the patch notes iirc, im pretty sure it is, i got to last level on my first go first try after update, never made it past first level beforehand. Could have been luck i suppose
  14. Dont take cover, just stand at the edge of a wall and shoot through it, youll never die as long as you have a wall to shoot through. Its an exploit that ive found works in too many third person shooters. It makes 90% of the game trivial.
  15. If you mind control enemies with axii they get one shot by their allies, and if you are in a 1 on 1 you can literally beat on them while they are idle because they think they are on your side. Its so cheesy believe me, beat death march no problem with this
  16. Oh my god..
  17. I got the rank 25 one at 27 just keep going, ive noticed tons are delayed in this game, got well over 25 sniper headshots aswell yet no pop. Just keep going.
  18. I did all the pizza deliveries and hes still only 1 and a half stars, ive read all emails, beat the game. I feel like mine is broke, im on 118 hours played now
  19. Could just move on..
  20. Im also looking for a taxi if anyone wanted to help me out? It would be very much appreciated, was quite bummed to learn normal mode has 10,000 carry weight compared to 250 in survival... have to say my motivation rapidly declined. 🤣
  21. Thats the opposite for me, my backlog so big, having no trophies makes me less inclined to come back because i have so many other games i havent played yet or ones not finished. One day ill find the time but