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  1. Yeah VR looks incredible, youre gonna have a blast with it.
  2. This game looks soooo fun! Just saw the trailer on the store, what a total mix up of genres and games. Cannot wait, trophies dont look to bad but these type of games are always pretty tough, intresting you mention you can use mutators still. Nice to know i can fall back on that if i just get tired or frustrated
  3. Im sorry but theres no way its as jam packed with useless openworld garbage as AC: Odyssey. I couldnt care less what anyone else is saying about this game. There is just no way it as repetitive, uninspiring, watered down or as dull as Assassins Creed. I just finished my platinum at level 63 with 68 hours game time and after a really enjoyable frontloaded fisrt 20 hours, the game drags on and on. Chapter 5 through 7 was so painful, i would have given up on it had i not just bought it off amazon. Secondly, i fail to really see much difference in any other open world games ive played, but maybe thats the problem. Maybe its not different enough. Maybe its more longwinded as Red dead redemption 2, maybe is more predictable than Horizon zero dawn, maybe its more cookie cutter than Skyrim, but you know what? I fucking doubt it and i dont care what any website says about any game i played. I can wipe my own arse.
  4. You complain trophies exist? Can you tell me why you are on a thread about trophies for an upcoming game on a trophy website? Something doesnt add up.
  5. Im sure you have but make sure you are checking in with nessa in act 1, when you pick a gem reward, you can buy all the other ones available from her. Im following this guide currently and im lvl 34 in act 3 and its working great so far. This game is tough as heck though, i need to go back to college just to learn how to play lol
  6. Wow amazing! So it is true. I could never finish the first, a bit too hard for me, got really lost but id certainly buy this one aswell because i had alot of fun
  7. Then quit. Crazy..
  8. Crazy..
  9. What are you talking about, not only have i i been playing all day for the past two days with absolutely no issue what so ever, but these issues were fixed in 1.06. 🤔
  10. If your lucky enough like i was you can find someone or a real life friend to just help you swap your stuff to a new character, its really quick and easy, plus you can even buy something for all your caps and get them sent over too.
  11. Hi there 😉
  12. Sorry its been ages! All i did, as i said was use the chest strat if you know what that is: you fill an indestructible chest up you find early on with barrels of water oil and poison, then i watched someone speed run the game on youtube 🤣 they completed it waaaay faster, and i had to keep pausing and stuff. Seriously, give it a go, its a great game and as you can see, i scored the platinum quite recently. Totally worth it if its your jam.
  13. -Edit: forgot to mention im talking about DOS1, as i saw someone talking about playing THAT one. The chest strat i can only imagine is very much doable in the 2nd game, making a mockery of honour mode while still remaining butt clenching - Just incase honour mode sounds daunting, having to play a 100+ hour game on max difficulty with permadeath.. just ignore that and enjoy it. Save that till the very end because i beat this game in just under 6 hours using the OP chest strategy and that playthrough was super fun. Its totally worth your time playing this game and the platinum is very much achieveable with a little bit of preplanning. I am so incredibly excited for DOS2 you have no idea how happy i was to see the trophy list appear last night 😁😁😁
  14. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  15. Cant recommend this enough. Just got this today myself doing the exact same thing before even finishing my cup of tea
  16. Feel free ill help you out: OnlyCass
  17. While i havent started up my playstation version yet, trying to get certain achievements on xbox ended up being quite a pain. One specifically for setting off no alarms always gave me trouble. Theres something im missing with that one and im still not quite sure what it is. Overall though its very manageable, as the game isnt all that long. Alot of them are straight forward if you make use of game saves at each chapter. There is one for completing the game with permadeath but you can always quickly reload if you think somethings about to go wrong. The ones for the extra mode called breach arent that hard, but are quite dull and a little time consuming because of it. Great game though i have to say, even with it being a weaker entry to the series, but easily not the worst.
  18. Ive played loaaaads of it on Xbox One, but i cant comment on how the it performs on the PS4. I have however, just bought it again on the EU sale for £17.99, because i think its very much a great game. There are lots of things you can do inside this very simple idea which is, survive. There is a story mode (wow, its awesome) in which 2 of i believe 5 episodes are out now, and can only imagine are free for owners of the game. Theres a sandbox mode with a variety of difficulty settings and maps to select. There is also a challege mode to truely test your ability to survive. In the game you explore a big open world/map/level where you simply have to survive by any means possible. Create fires and melt snow for water, hunt rabbits and track deer, scavenge supplies and be careful, you are the only hungry thing out there.. ive played it since it very first lauched in game preview on Xbox, have been there for every update, addition and revamp of entire systems and UI. Its fantastic. As always, any game im unsure on buying but remain intrested in playing, i buy it at a discount. If you can pick it up on the EU sale right now, what can you lose? It costs the same as a 'Large Dominos Meateor'. Whats going to provide you more satisfaction? A video game that easily has 100s of hours of gameplay to offer you, with much more support and additions to come, or a pizza with 'fresh' from frozen ingredients that you be wiping goodbye by next morning. But hey, im just one person who likes something you may not. All you can do now is research and research until you are happy that you feel you do really want this game and will be okay with the fact you may not after spending what i guess in america is $40.
  19. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Sign me up RIGHT NOW! Holy smokes.
  20. I think the most important question is, how sexy am i going to be able to be in this game? Nothing i love more in an MMO that roleplaying a sexy female knight 😏
  21. Meanwhile in coronation street... 'Bethany Platt to become a lapdancer in controversial new storyline after sex abuse ordeal.' 'David Platt to be raped in harrowing story line... as the show tackles male sexual assault' What a stupid load of bollocks..