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  1. Instant buy, the monster designs look wicked and combat is looking even better that the 2020 trailer! Hot stuff 😁
  2. It happens with all sorts, its kind of annoying, if you play a demo or a beta it lists it as the actual game with -/- trophies and if you go to hide it, it still doesnt list which is which so you could end up hiding the actual game on your profile. Not found anyway of getting rid of it yet unfortunately so now i only play demo/beta/extra content on a new profile
  3. Everyone on reddit says its a PS4 game and its playable through back compat, so it probably doesnt have a PS5 version so im gonna guess it wont have a new trophy list, i shall hold out on playing until then to do playthrough for DLC, never played the DLC so thatll be nice
  4. Looks like good fun, some challenging, some grindy, game looks great too, huge fan of action combat games with nioh being my all time favourite so i hope this game will feel like a good pvp version of games like DMC, Bayonetta, Nioh e.c.t
  5. Damn this game is great, just chucked 5 hours at this, im having a blast. Love me a good RPG and this is a proper one. Im rolling with the punches (no save scum) no crashes, no bugs and it looks and functions great compared to Wasteland 2, this is easily up there with Div Original Sin 2 in terms of control and easy of use for a controller version. Then again 5 hours in not really alot for me in a game like this but ill update this post over the next week or two.
  6. Oh i read it as 4.900 Not Playstation 4 🀣 still, hopefully reddit was not wrong about the ps5 one
  7. No one mentioned vertical trophy lists on PS5 here πŸ€” was reddit mistaken? This is a huge thing for me so im surprised
  8. GOT EM
  9. And if you check in the storage?
  10. Just wanted to post about how my progress has started saving again after every 4 rounds. There was a mid season 5gb patch that probably fixed the issue introduced with season 4 πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  11. EDIT: Progress is now saving again every 4 waves after latest patch πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Ive been stuck being saved on wave 37 since i posted, no matter how far i get in advanced start it just wont save my progress πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ i dont think its a change they made i think its a bug from the launch of season 4 when they updated things to do with dead ops, my tutor said bug fixing is like fighting a hydra, you fix 1 bug you create 2 more, i have posted a bug report and its been 3 days since trying to play so maybe they will/have sort it 🀞
  12. I dont get checkpoints anymore, anyone else? I start at wave 37 no matter how many waves or floors i make it through πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  13. Seems they have stopped checkpoints in advanced start, got to 44, get sent back to 37 every time i try again πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  14. You had to have claimed both on the store when they were free, if you only claimed one of them you are shit out of luck, they were seperate, not combined like some others than just give ps5 version free
  15. Funny i did the really big bastard mission this very morning and was like, "dude how on earth did i not get that, i blitzed it." So it was the damn cutscenes i skipped huh, i think it does that too when you get a photo with Abigail because i did every as fast as i could but no dice.. silver medal
  16. Why would anyone hope not an update or native PS5 version, "i dont want it so it shouldnt exist!" So weird, not like rockstar are only capable of doing 1 thing at a time with 9 studios across the globe
  17. Still not lost shields except when i got bum rushed by two massive geth doing the geth outpost sidequest, and my mako during a thresher fight almost blew up. It aint my first rodeo with insanity but man its totally different now you can aim, and the AI doesnt have a clue what its doing. Its definitely way easier to me
  18. Im 77 hours into the game and havent even finished route A, this thread is frightening and exciting at the same time. I am so in love with this game
  19. I was under the impression they do respawn, ive had chests in the same location, which i know you get more each world tier, but if a chest doesnt give primo gems is a respawn, there are just hundreds of spawn locations like a halo 3 forge map
  20. Ive noticed my shields havent even broke once, im playing with the new legendary leveling system not classic, so that might be why, but it feels like a joke, barely even a scratch, havent used any medi gel
  21. I got knack 2 taken off me dunno how you guys kept yours πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ ill probably lose this one too πŸ˜”
  22. Perfect excuse for a fresh playthrough!
  23. Been loading slow for me for couple weeks too, only when i open a forum post, no lists, games or guides are slow, they load instant, using google chrome on my phone, just started happening one day but hasnt gone away
  24. If you are going the team games route, make sure you have a real opponent on the enemy team, definitely can confirm being on same team as real player against bots doesnt work
  25. If you couldn't choose hard was that your first time through? That could be why, you may have to do the replay version. You can get them on normal, although hard has better loot and is not that much harder for me. I just found this on a forum though.. "Doesn't the 24 hour rule apply? Parts don't drop until you wait 24 hours after the last attempt." May have to try again tomorrow, in the mean time its be a good idea to farm a D50 it took me so long to get one back in the day before targeted loot. Like over 100 hours! More info I found for you "Actually there are four parts needed to craft your Liberty. You forgot to do Viewpoint Museum mission to get Pistol: Sight & Rail. You have to do all those four missions in specific order, otherwise you will not get the parts you need. No matter what difficulty you play on."1) Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism - Capitol Building2) Pistol: Receiver & Paint Job - American History Museum3) Pistol: Sight & Rail - Viewpoint Museum4) Pistol: Grip & Tags along with the Kendra's Liberty Blueprint (needed for the first time only) - Space Administration HQ Also maybe check the lady blueprint vendor next to crafting bench in the whitehouse