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  1. It's not that far off. I beat the main Tour in like 10-15 hours. Some DLCs are way shorter or easier than others so it's like 45min to 2 hours per DLC. I got every achievement in the main game except the accolade one before finishing all of the DLCs. Then you've got Bikes. It's like 5 to 10 hours for the main tour, DLCs are shorter than usual and can be done in less than an hour. The whole career mode with the stars system was a lot of fun. My only gripe with the game was the accolade and bike level 15 trophy, it is efficient but mind-numbing to do the same skill event over & over. Had to listen to podcasts and zone out.
  2. Hardcore mode is something they added in a patch. Basically it makes the cars driftier and harder to control, which you don't really want. Some cars like the Venom are already difficult to tame as it is. Brake assist should definitely be off because it takes control away from you, you want to be able to go as fast as you want. Manual transmission allows you to use more of the RPM range, which is useful if you want to take corners faster. That guy in the video is pretty good at keeping the Lycan in check. Perhaps you are too heavy on the throttle ? Try to be more gentle while turning, accelerate gradually when you're exiting a corner. Basically "slow is smooth, smooth is fast".
  3. Usually you can find the best car for any event by looking at the leaderboards. I used manual gearbox for the whole game, I think you could get away with automatic but things like brake assist, hardcore are a no-no. Almost every time, the ghost has a rolling start which means you have to do at least 2 laps to have a chance to beat it. Like in races, you have to be faster than the AI in corners, so try to cut as much as possible without getting a penalty. Drifting is a big waste of time so learn the limits of the car to get as much traction as possible.
  4. I don't think there's a specific app for BIKES, it installs the same game but the car content will be locked unless you pay, just like DLC packs.
  5. I have played a lot of Burnout, NFS, GRID... Driveclub definitely fits in the arcade category, but you need to approach it more like a Forza Motorsport game. Practice managing the throttle on cars like the Venom, braking points on different tracks. Usually, drifting means you are losing precious time. Still, you shouldn't be afraid to plow your way through the pack in the beginning of a race, it's easier than trying to overtake everyone cleanly.
  6. Don't forget that slipstreaming goes both ways, they can also use it. I remember a DLC race where you have to reach a certain speed in a slow-ass hatchback, there's basically only one straightaway that allows it. I had to stay behind the pack and use slipstreaming instead of being first.
  7. Yes, I could start these events offline on an account with 0 progress.
  8. Damn, what a rant. I personally don't see anything wrong with the game. Coming off Forza Horizon 4, this is a breath of fresh air : there's absolutely no fluff. You just start your race and it loads almost instantly, retries take even less time. You can even restart in a championship without redoing the whole thing. Also love the rush of adrenaline when you're going at 200+ mph and can't see shit. I mean this is an arcade racer, but you still have to brake at the right time, moderate the throttle on extremely powerful cars like the Venom. I can't recall a single time where I thought the AI or the ghosts were rigged; it was always my mistake. There's maybe a couple of times in BIKES where the 1st guy is just too fast, but that's it.
  9. Maybe you're just trying too hard to get clean laps. The AI will sometimes smoke you on straights but you can easily overtake them in corners, plow your way through. "Clean laps" mostly means avoiding dirt or falling, but you can hit other riders without a penalty, unlike car races. You could also focus on specific objectives and then start the event again to clean up the rest. Don't forget to use drafting and to lean forward when you're in the back of the pack.
  10. Well theoretically, if you were to efficiently get the plat before shutdown, that would be a long and boring grind, but you'd be Club Level 15 anyway, even before finishing the main Tour. If by 100% you mean doing absolutely everything the game has to offer, I think some accolades are related to online stuff. It would be wise to mop up any online related stuff (Clubs, player challenges, replay) on DC & Bikes before shutdown.
  11. When I was completing all the DLC tours, in some events I was able to use "locked" cars (like the LaFerrari and Renault RS 01) even though you have to complete special objectives to actually use them in custom races. Maybe it works the same for Club cars ? Edit : So I tried what NamoPh said, I used both my main account which is part of a level 30 club, and a dummy account with no progress. If you have already unlocked a car by being part of a club, you can still use it offline in those specific events, and in custom races. If you haven't unlocked a car, you can still use it offline but only in these events. It seems after the servers are pulled, these cars will be locked off outside of career races.
  12. I had trouble unlocking this achievement. I had to do a few more than 5 challenges, but I think a sure-fire way to make a challenge count is to wait on the menu (a few moments before the timer ends) and then when the notification appears, you can "accept" it and it will show you how much Fame you earned.