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  1. Hey I got the Defiance Platinum (1.31%) and would like to enter. Nvm as it barely reaches the top 5 sorry again.
  2. TLDR sorry about that, ill probably do Chronicles of Riddick: Assualt on Dark Athena soon
  3. I would like to enter as I have the Black Ops 3 (PS3) 0.46% Platinum way back.
  4. Looks alright, but feels kinda tacked on there without really any thought. Still its nice at least.
  5. Jaffe doesn't work for Eat Sleep Play or Sony anymore sonI don't see why that would make a difference lol.
  6. Yeah nvm it started working an hour ago.
  7. Is anyone having a problem updating there profile here lately? I've been experiencing it last night and all morning; just want to know if there is some kind of maintenance I didn't know about or my internet is giving out or something at least.
  8. This was also my first COD when I was like 9 years old, playing the campaign kept me interested, MP was a little inducing but a competitive feel to it, and just the Spec. Ops missions were overall fun and memorable especially with a friend and I just have to say that this game still holds up even to today's standards with it's newer titles.
  9. I knew this game was going to hit it at some point but didn't expect it to come this sooner. At some point maybe one of the uncharted games gta 4, or mw3 will hit a million one day; such a rare milestone to witness again.
  10. I'm in, big fan of the franchise.
  11. Hey there is an error for the PS3 EU release date that was put twice for some reason now.
  12. Was there a mistake when the game's release date was put on the site, pretty sure I'm not the only one noticing that right?
  13. You should grind enemies on The Hunting Grounds, set the difficulty to Story, then grind away.
  14. Just use Juggernaut and for the race, Just use Crimson Fury to pass by everyone with ease.
  15. Mortal kombat i already did Twisted Metal