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  1. When I think about Rainbow Six Quarantine, imma be thinking it's about what's going to happen if we don't have a vaccine for the coronavirus.
  2. I've done the purp master 6 times already on multiple stacks on alt accs and I'm positive my method works. Basically when the game gives you a direction to move the controller, point to that direction and shake the controller till that note finishes and then move on to the next. I could post a video on what I just described just now if you guys like too.
  3. Its like they are literally telling you to play their hit song.
  4. Ok so you clearly didn't get that my post was just a joke (that's number 1). I was referring to the music video titled, "Wear the Purp", that's where i got the purp gang from. Im surprise you're saying this masterpiece is worst than Orc Slayer when you clearly haven't played it yourself.
  5. Bro who do you think you are dissing WWA like that? Purp gang represent up in here. This game will stand in the tests of time of being the ultimate experience on the Playstation 4. Period.
  6. Same, I thought it was put on here twice on accident. It may be some area in so Asia territory.
  7. COD: triangle warfare? But jokes aside, the UE5 looks very awesome, its like the gameplay look like the cinematics from a movie in real-time.
  8. I am still going to play and platinum TLOU1 soon enough and most likely ignore the 2nd game, mainly it didn't held too much of my interest and after witnessing the recent leaks of the plot for the game being complete shit, in kinda glad I did.
  9. I would say I am bread, but that is highly subjective. It just takes a whole lot of practice, and with enough patience, it literally became one of my fastest ultra rares.
  10. Secret levels are not required.
  11. Well the original release of Doom literally tells you nightmare isn't even remotely fair when you select that difficulty option.
  12. @LessThanLeo are you going to get on soon?
  13. @Eternal21 You think you can host a trophy world for me? I'm on most of the day.
  14. Yes because it still counts as restarting a checkpoint. Are you sure you didn't mistakenly turned on a modifier or died as soon as a mission began and hit last checkpoint. Because it can invalidate the run that way.
  15. So I've gotten the platinum in about a day and figured out so things that need to be addressed and give you tips on how to past missions quickly without sacrificing too much time. - You DO NOT have to do 'No Russian' to obtain the "Immortal" trophy. - You CAN hit Restart Mission as soon as you die. You don't have to Mission Select everytime you fail. - A lot of these missions can be completed within a matter of minutes by just speedrunning the level by quickly sprinting to the objective before your teammates get there. It's much faster to go on your own instead of waiting around for them to catch up because they can spawn near you when go far ahead in some missions. A lot of these combat sections can be easily skipped by just running through. Be a bit cautious on some sections because your not "Immortal" . - ALWAYS go for the riot shield that's in missions 'The Gulag' and 'Just Like Old Times'. - If you think your confident on your skills you can go for misc. trophies during your immortal runs to cut down time for the platinum. That's about as much as I can think for the trophy itself. I know there are other threads about this, but I wanted my reasons to be shown off more. Anything else you want to add just pm the thread.