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  1. Thanks for the response ill get right too it then.
  2. So is this game's servers still up globally?
  3. i would like a code
  4. I would like the code, ty
  5. MarioMan200 please download my creations
  6. MarioMan200 Need downloads for mods karts and tracks
  7. I thought it was today
  8. So i've finished DMC1 DmC devil may cry, GoW GoW 2 GoW 3 ghost of sparta chains of Olympus bloodbourne
  9. Based on the people of the site
  10. My PSN ID was orginated from combining the Characters Mario and Mega Man into one name, They were my 2 favorite franchises and 200 was from Mexican Currency I had at the time so that's how MarioMan200 came to be.
  11. Its honestly a broken system where people can win any battle just by having the biggest wallet.
  12. I feel like as trophy hunting can be an experience if you feel like your up for it and getting that sense of accomplishment is really satisfying and it gets to the point where it can be competitive and sometimes frustrating experiences but yea maybe ill have fun with a game first see if its any good and if a list feels too hard or a 100+ hour grind eapecially with multiplayer, I'm not even gonna bother so in reality, it really depends on the person's perspective of this kind of stuff.
  13. I'd go for raccoon city
  14. I change my mind
  15. Fuel is unattainable