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  1. Welcome to Call of Duty.
  2. A Gazillion dollars. 🙂
  3. Yeah add me in as well, i got the DS1 DS3 BB and Demon's soul platinumed.
  4. Ive definitely noticed some frame rate drops on some cutscenes later in the game. However it didn't really affect that much during gameplay, but the game still ran quite well on a base ps4
  5. They ripped of mostly from duke 3D's and doom 1's cover. I never understood where this game has been.
  6. Why does the cover look like they ripped off Duke Nukem 3D?
  7. I knew this game was gonna flop over the amount of delays it got, but this I never expected to happen.
  8. Putting the 'Dead' in Dead by Daylight.
  9. I just want to put out that the Nightmare modes for both doom games have basically been tweaked to play like the original (DOS/PC) games version of Nightmare Mode. Essentially they increased movement speed for enemies by twice the amount they were originally supposed to before the recent update to the game. I know they want the player to have the experience of these games' difficulties to be true to the original game, being brutal as it was. Enemies such as the Pinkies can be absolutely annoying to deal with now with the increased movement speed. Doom 2's already difficult Level 29 being just a bit more difficult than it already is just makes it bothersome now. I platted 1 twice on my second account but I had to see for myself if 2x enemy movement made much difference and like I said it's mostly pinkies and imps (probably) that benefit from the recent update. I honestly couldnt tell if a Cacodemon or a hitscanner such as the shottgunners or chaingunners benefited from the update for Both games. Anyway, I just wanted to point this out in case anybody was going to platinum these games.
  10. I was planning on doing one but the problem was the proper motivation. The other friends i had working on the guide hadnt work with me at all and we ended up just dropping it altogether. Honestly sorry about having it be a let down to you.
  11. I gotta ask, if i buy the starter pack, will i be able to trade if I spend the 500 credits from the pack or do I have to make an individual purchase for credits for it to count?
  12. Any studio in the industry making a movie based on a video game only care about how much it will sell rather than getting the source material from the game and translating that into a movie. Scott Pilgrim and Mortal Kombat (1995) are movies that come in mind are dedicated to the source material and put more effort put into it than other video game films. There's video game movies that tie into the main series of a franchise such as Dead Space: Downfall and Aftermath that connect to the plot between/during each game and gives us more insight to their respective world. Nowadays if films based on video games were made, they would have to pull in all of the stops into making the film as close to the games as possible to please their fans. Honestly its just up to the studio's decision to make video game films good because it's what the fans want or bad for the sake of what's gonna make them more money.
  13. I dont know how to see my new trophy level on psn. I collected one to see it update but it hasn't moved. Any ideas?
  14. Lately i've been noticing my controller has been having a problem with the x button being a bit loose. I don't how to fix this properly and i want to know if there is a way to make it press normally again without unscrewing my controller just for one minor issue I'm having.