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  1. Dude just make an alt acc or play it on another platform. Not playing a game your interested in because "trofy too long" is one of the dumbest excuses that I've heard a thousand times. People like you are the sole reason why I believe some games never do that well and that whole paragraph makes you sound like you've never heard of the word fun. This game is really fun especially with friends, who cares if a trophy takes long to get if the game seems fun to you then it shouldn't be an issue to obtain by then. It isn't that hard to ignore a games trophy list once in a while to enjoy a game like this. Have a little fun for once is what I'm saying to you.
  2. My longest plat was Mortal Kombat - 6 years, 3 weeks. I was working on it for years but I finally got around to finish it recently.
  3. Yes to PSNP. You can't really be banned on PSN for hacked trophies on PS3.
  4. Yes.
  5. Alright i got the trophy a week ago thanks for the advice everyone. Now i just need to focus on getting gold rank for the platinum.
  6. I haven't gotten any claymore kills in my 60 hours of siege. Trying to place in a very well hidden spot is so hard almost no one falls for it because of the laser that just sticks out so much. Does anyone have any advice or tips to getting claymore kills?
  7. Hey don't worry just buy the PS5 version it comes with intergrade for free along side it.
  8. The Chad Hentai vs. The Virgin Evil
  9. So ive beaten the stories on hard by accident because i forgot you needed to play on hardcore. Can you just start up the last act of each story on hardcore to get the trophy or do i have to start over from the beginning of each story?
  10. Welcome to Call of Duty.
  11. A Gazillion dollars. 🙂