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  1. where is Dissdia NT? That game had a Only on Playstation print on the older covers. I know it got ported over to PC, but would've been cool if they did that.
  2. I choose Borderlands 3. need that series done.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation seeming the trophy description is abut misleading.
  4. So so far I'm almost done with the first episode but I'm wondering do I have to beat the 4th episode to get the trophy and do the secret levels count towards the trophy?
  5. I noticed that the date for when the game came out is on May 2016, which I believed is the around the same time and the reboot/remake (2016). Was this a mistake?
  6. Yes you can still play SP even when the servers go down it'll only effect the MP portionnof the game.
  7. @XxIsa-GxX thanks for the advice man, but i already had the plat now.
  8. Currently on mission 9 HAH, but mission 3 is so damn hard to a rank I got a 5398 SP because it took a hit.
  9. Did that and never woked with physical copy.
  10. Have you touched the ocean floor?
  11. Nevermind about HI SCORE Player I got it after beating the first stage. I couldn't see the extra 0 at the edge of the screen because my TV aspect ratio is too small.😅
  12. Also how do i get HI SCORE Player? Ive gotten scores around 4500-5000 everytime and still didnt get my score posted on the leaderboard. I'm on HI score mode if anyone thinks im doing it wrong @KingGuy420 No, you don't have to beat the game to earn the score-related trophies. Ive gotten the last one in stage 5.
  13. I dont know how people are doing it but it's kinda hard to traverse through the game even within those time frames. Must be very skilled or an exploit that I don't know aboout or am i just crazy?
  14. Ok I started up the game digitally and it works fine now. No need for a response.
  15. So I played the game for the first time and thought it was great and all. Since i wanted to go for platinum, I continued on to my 2nd playthrough going for Assassin and tarantula emblems. But after I passed act 1, it would never load the game at all. I tried it again, even watching the cutscenes, but it never loaded after the results screen of act 1. So I deleted the game data and backed up my save data. When I now load the game, after the autosave screen, it shows the title at the bottom right corner and would never load. I have both the digital and physical copy of the game (using physical). The disc copy I have has no scratches, markings, or smudges on it. Countless times it tries to load, but gets stuck and I even tried downloading the digital copy, but it says my storage is full even though i have over 50 GB of storage left when it's download size is 27 GB. I don't know what to do and theres barely any info online on how to fix this. So now this game for me is both unplayable and unobtainable as of now. If theres anyone having any suggestions, let me know because I'm pissed. Edit: I installed everything in the game when I played.