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  1. Lately i've been noticing my controller has been having a problem with the x button being a bit loose. I don't how to fix this properly and i want to know if there is a way to make it press normally again without unscrewing my controller just for one minor issue I'm having.
  2. Jump club aint even that difficult. The ones you should most definitely leave is jinx and egg scramble as those are typically the ones i lose on the most.
  3. I'm having times where the game starts lagging every 10 seconds. That and probably blue screens, but its rather rare for me.
  4. Finally got infalliable. I swear i got 4 wins, left 2 games, then got the 5th didnt unlock. I thought it was patched. Sorry about that.
  5. 35 wins. Infalliable can get the fuck outta of my sight now because this exploit is patched.
  6. Fall Guys. Imagine.
  7. Yeah, just won a game of Hex with 3 others and i didnt get the trophy. I got a win just in time beofre maintenance started. Idk if it messed up my win or not.
  8. Look let's face it. Everyone hates everything. Idc how something holds up, everyone hates it at the end of the day.
  9. Mission Failed, we'll get'em next time.
  10. Ill try it in a bit. @Kittet3 it worked man thanks for helping me setup.
  11. Ill try it in a bit.
  12. Its set to level 9. What else am I supposed to change. If anything I am gamesharing someone from norway. Ok i turned the parental controls off. Im still having this problem.
  13. I got an error message saying that im missing privileges; "Online service is disabled on your account due to parental control restrictions." What does this mean?
  14. This video really helped with the trophy and I just had to share with everyone else.
  15. Man I really hope the game comes back. The pursuit shall never be stopped by Sony. Not today. Always wear the P urp.
  16. Before I started trophy hunting.
  17. Dissidia NT's 300 treasure trophy. I finally decided to comeback to this game after uninstalling some big games piling up for a year so now I'm ready to sit down and finish up the damn treasures. Literally have to sit through 30 minutes to level up once and thats like for the next few hundred levels.
  18. You know this dlc may be hard af, but a true whiteboy never stops his pursuit of money so ill keep trying to get it done.
  19. Just abuse the auto aim and plan out whenever your move is going to be. Your biggest concern is to get mile high club done. There are way worst veteran playthroughs than this game.
  20. That sucks man. But why delete it and refer to another guide compare to your own work because it wasn't good enough? Its your guide, you should make it base on your approach for the game and how people will catch on with your work.
  21. I was just talking about a turok remaster the other day with my brother, wishing it happen. Then I see this and im thinking, shit i might the future lol. Cant wait to buy this. Now give us Buck Bumble.
  22. WWA: Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money
  23. No there hasn't been a guide on this site and trust me when I say this as me and a group of my lads are going to develop one real soon.