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  1. Exactly; I know what they were trying to go for, but it just looks terrible tbh.
  2. Iḿ not saying about the trophies images in the list, but the cover for the whole list itself; it's just static. Is it something I don´t understand or were they just lazy?
  3. I know about VCR tape footage. I own a VHS collection of my own and know about creepypastas btw. But im just saying what does it represent and got some answers.
  5. One of Tom's hot dogs from Shenmue. Could never have enough of that funky man's hot dogs, man.
  6. i've tried most of what you said when I was still playing the game, but stage 3 is such a mess because it requires a certain way to freestyle especially when the song is really slow.
  7. The Jetpack from GTA: San Andreas; I can not only fly to places and fight crime, but now my friend has stop calling me a buster.
  8. Wow, who in the right mind would think to name their game, Football game? Honestly this shit dont even come close to Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo, but Anyway what are your guy's thoughts on the game?
  9. How do you get cool ratings easily? I still don't know how it works.
  10. I believe the aspect of 'selling trophies' is a bit much and probably the only reason people do it is to get their rankings up or simply made them feel better for themselves. I myself am a hypocrite when I can to the selling trophies aspect and I know other people that have fallen under the same reason as well. the Rata games are 'actual games' with no challenge within each games' list ,though their intentions of making these trophy lists and/or games are unknown and could just simply be because they do it for trophies. Is it possible that they know about the trophy community or do they simply don't care? This all sounds dumb and crazy, but think about it.
  11. Oblivion Ratchet and Clank Future Trilogy Heavenly Sword Turok The Simpsons Game My list when it comes to games with no trophies.
  12. Dude, is this game real life leel
  13. I mean who the hell comes up with these title names for indie games? This is like avgn levels of horrendous titles.
  14. No, I went on the store as soon as I read your post and the store seems find to me; no desktop issues aside from the occasional load times, but that's it really. It may just be your phone then that's the only assumption that I have.
  15. Yes, I have seen this game from it's conclusion since my brother played through the whole game. I so far am almost done with route C, and have yet yet to even continue the game since September because I am the part where your supposed to go to the tower where the destroyed building near the ocean are (forgot what they were called; it's been 2 months since I played. And the story for me hasn't really build mainly cause of route B being a waste of time; I know what's happening so far and trust me when I know when a story is building up when the characters do moments that we memorable and made me care and this game imo has none of that. The characters are machines and they can literally die with no consequence (i mean take out the DS stuff and were cool) until later in the game where yorha gets a virus and their base is taken over.
  16. I know I'm going to get much hate for this, but I really don't like NieR: Automata. My reasons for hating this game: The pacing is rather slow with it's story and barely gives me any incentive to even care about them in the slightest. combat has little to no variety with combos with different weapons instead just a simple square and triangle that you can't even mix up with like some of the other Platinum Games The environments look dead and just the color in general used throughout the game just puts me to sleep (literally went to sleep with some parts of the game like 4 times even when i'm energetic af; this game just sets my mood to shit ASAP Side missions are very meaningless and quite frankly a waste of time doesn't give me any good shit to begin with especially after I've done like 10 of them and the rewards are just trash Not to mention you lose your weapons and items every time you die which is obviously not cool at all when I literally have +3 on some weapons and chips I actually used and since I pulled mistakes on my fights and died, I get absolutely shitted on because of it and get nothing from a some called "learning curve" in the game The difficulty threw me off throughout the whole game was playing on hard which is called normal in the game, and apparently very hard is supposed to be some kind of extreme mode, either this was a mistake by the developers or they're just assholes These are my reasons fro hating the game; I could go on about the negatives, but those are the ones that just ruin it for me. And if there are people telling me i'm bad at the game or whatever like that, I've done way more skilled based games under uncommon rarities and below and those games have flaws this one in particular is one of my worst games i've played since The Unknown City: Episode 1.
  17. Just started watching the show on it's second episode all the way to it's newest one and so far I'm loving the show. Although i've been a fan of WWE for about a decade, that whole wrestling motive just awakened. WWE was plummeting so much that I could not stand it anymore since 2015, but ever since AEW started I've been hooked on it ever since. Even though I don't know much about the wrestlers besides Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes, i've been trying to adapt with it and I think overtime it'll stick with me eventually. Loving the show last night, definitely hyped for Full Gear on November. couldn't watch the first episode (least there is the highlights) since I forgot what channel it was gonna be on at the time since I had other things planned.
  18. you need to hit the object that has the facecamo with the mk.ii by switching cameras. I don´t remember how since I haven´t played the game since May but Iḿ sure its square or circle I think, so make sure you control the mk.ii to the place where the facecamos are at and bump into it to earn the camo. look up a guide on where to find them. Hope this helps. 🙂
  19. I just got the Continuum Shift Extend platinum yesterday and would like to be promoted to Hero of Ikaruga.
  20. Man can't wait to venture into Gallowmore once again and finally be able to beat this time. Never got the chance to complete or even beat the game when I was younger when I got it on psn on ps3, and even my brothers had a demo disc containing this game; although now we can't find it anymore. Anyway trophy list doesn't seem too bad, ill probably play the original version again and playthrough it to get a good idea on what to expect.
  21. I'd also like to join this event, have earned a good chunk of the trophies in blazblue continuum shift Extend, also does that count towards the bonus requirement if I did the extend version of the game? hopefully I can plat it soon enough when this is over.
  22. This video really helped with the trophy and I just had to share with everyone else.
  23. I mean you could simply back up your save everytime you win and if you lose, just load up the back up save and your progress for the 10 ranked wins in a row will be reattained again and you can repeat it as much times as you want until you get the trophy. As for turtle, I recommend perform lots of vertical jumping with the occasional jump kicks to earn it, but they are better ways; this was one way i got it.
  24. I noticed that the date for when the game came out is on May 2016, which I believed is the around the same time and the reboot/remake (2016). Was this a mistake?