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  1. oh wait is the physical edition not out yet?
  2. can any one confirm that buying the disc allows you to go back to the patch before master was patched
  3. your a life saver thx man!
  4. @Spidey0891 did you purchase items with real currency or in game currency
  5. Over half the trophy’s didn’t fucking auto pop I hate this stupid game
  6. its probably them jail breaking there vita
  7. No u can’t have both on at the same time as they don’t allow the activation account to be playing 2 different games
  8. Not sure as I wasn’t the one who tested It
  9. Yea hopefully when a new perk gets released it unlocks with upgradeing that one but if not we will have to hope they patch it to Auto Unlock
  10. I complained to activation support already gonna do a live chat today
  11. It looks like you can’t earn the trophy twice as it dosent auto pop
  12. this game is hard but not impossible I'm close to done i have almost all of the n sanely perfect relics i think I'm at 34 or 35 now. And I'm at 15 platinum relics cortex castle is done thank christ.dont give up and keep trying you will get there. I should have this plat by mid or late next week edit ment to say 25 platinum medals font know how I hit the one instead of the 2
  13. This actually works just tried it to see the ending wow. I will say I did it only to see the ending as I was curious. I do hope there isn't any other type of exploit that completely ruins the plat as this one literally changes nothing As you still have to do everything else still.
  14. glad you got it gg
  15. i just did it by selecting the tutorial chapter and played all the way through on insane