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  1. i need a certified item if possible i can trade a painted
  2. i can confirm if you bring any ps4 save over to the 5 it will pop all trophys.
  3. oof i played each map and did it but id didnt work
  4. oh intresting ill try airship
  5. this trophy will not unlock ive done it serveral times
  6. oh wait is the physical edition not out yet?
  7. can any one confirm that buying the disc allows you to go back to the patch before master was patched
  8. your a life saver thx man!
  9. @Spidey0891 did you purchase items with real currency or in game currency
  10. Over half the trophy’s didn’t fucking auto pop I hate this stupid game
  11. its probably them jail breaking there vita
  12. No u can’t have both on at the same time as they don’t allow the activation account to be playing 2 different games
  13. Not sure as I wasn’t the one who tested It
  14. Yea hopefully when a new perk gets released it unlocks with upgradeing that one but if not we will have to hope they patch it to Auto Unlock
  15. I complained to activation support already gonna do a live chat today