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  1. Damn.
  2. Make sure to do your research before buying.
  3. I don’t know why it didn’t pop, guess the best course of action to take is to do the chapter all over again and hope it registers.
  4. I have completed the campaign, finished chapter 4, and didn't get the trophy for finishing chapter 4. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. Level 408 now.
  6. Another year another easy plat.
  7. Great guide as always Andrea!
  8. No problem I will be back for season 27
  9. MLB 15: The Show is hard to find now from what I have seen from the Vita version
  10. Sign me up for the league
  11. I would assume the online servers are shut down? The last achiever for Triple Winner was July 9th of 2019 and I'm stuck on the Please Wait... screen for a while now.
  12. PSN: FallacyUnknown Feel free to add.
  13. Battlefield V.
  14. PSN: FallacyUnknown I play everything but I play Overwatch on the side for fun.
  15. Huge Success is easier now too, just got the trophy a few minutes ago.