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  1. i never knew the vita model affect the trophy pop that might explain the few bugs i received
  2. There is possibility the satyr sometimes not accept L1 + X simply died and restart again.
  3. As for update in 2020 there is no update or patch If a trophy not pop up simply do it again mine glitch 3 times and one of the is the challanges
  4. yep i get bug 3 times on my playtrough to platinum there is no definitive way simply to avoid bug The most irritating part is bug on trophy challenges
  5. After so many retry i managed to finish only 2 times few things that i notice each enemy can knock back and stagger you to death Sometimes L1 + X not work simply the enemy have different move patterns what i do is simply died until the satyr accept my L1 + X
  6. #170 YS Memories of Celceta I spend almost 48 hours to get this and i have to say its okay game for me. I love fast paced combat, sidequest, and stroyline. The only difficult part is find out which part of the map required for 100%. I highly recommend this game in vita or PS4.
  7. Platinum 168: Persona 4 Golden (EU) Im glad i can do 2x platinum for P4G
  8. Hi there, after i can get two risette trophy here is things that i do: 1. Try to figure out which negative status effect you have not get (poison, panic ,rage etc) and write it down. 2. Let the party died, each member give lines even the MC when he died. 3. Its okay to level up s.link but its better to have some member not reach help recover ailments. 4. Boost up ailment by having persona with skill "Stagnant Air" 5. Start farming lines some enemy have its unique lines too.
  9. Hello i need help to change my avatar when i try to change my avatar the website reply " 1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 49.9712kb, and was skipped" so what should i do? thank you in advance.
  10. Hello, first of all im so sorry im bumping an old thread. Second, here is my build solo kill and thanks to abaharaki for the build, im able to solo Gemini Illecebra. Im a divine user 99/1 Divine arm VI. Offerings row 1 : Bloodshot Demon, Stone Arrow *3,Thunder Head Arrow *3 Offerings row 2: Volt armor ( i forget the name i think its Thunder god Amulet), Genesis Seed, Healing Seed *3 Sigils: Stone Damper, Volt Damper, Throw amp, Armor Extend, attack and defense amp 25% Third, its time consuming battle im finished the fight at 32: 23 minutes.
  11. If ronald contact dissapear then you cna check your map or you done with car hunt. I dont remember exactly but in order to 100 complete most side quest need to be done except those that can be repeated.
  12. Definitely still platinumable. Online lobby still have few players to this date.
  13. if the critics are good and the game reviews mostly good i might try this game. most sony exclusive are good, but then again the zombie apocalypse thing have been done multiple time so i keep my expectation low.
  14. Most the fight yes you can , but all the fight nope. 4.5 mil is more than enough to beat the story mode. you can spend few gil only in consumable and armory, and if you can find invisible weapon then you spend zero on weaponry
  15. once i almost beat it this ff12 on ps2 i just dont like the idea i have to do specific task to summon rare monster back then. Now with internet , guide and stuff managed to get platinum. Also 4x time speed really make yiazmat doable this time around