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  1. To be honest I rarely look at my trophies on my consoles. I much prefer this place. When I do, it mainly to quickly check if something popped that should have. But even then I prefer to update here and look at my own list on this site. So I can imagine someone wanting to clean up their profile on here on not care too much about how it looks in other places. Also, we probably should start differentiating our terminology based on what we are actually talking about. I would like to coin the term "dupe syncing" or "duplicate synching" to be used in conjunction with "late synching" because the two things are not interchangeable. "Duplicate" because that covers any number of additional syncs.
  2. Who would that someone have to be, for you to trust them? And what evidence would they need to supply?
  3. This year alone at least 16 presidential elections will be held or have been held across the globe. It should be a comfort to many that "The Blonde Adonis" is only eligble to run in one of them. And I challenge you to name any of the candidates in the other 15 elections, let alone make up an opinion about them Anyway this problem will fix itself once PS5 comes out and Sony shuts down PSN for PS3. Then we will finally be able to sleep again, knowing that although the fun has been spoiled, at least it has been spoiled for everyone.
  4. I don't think this thread was a mistake and unless a lot of posts were deleted I think it's till pretty civil. I do think it was a mistake to attach a poll to what was supposed to be a discussion topic. It's like asking people to vote before the presidential debate has even started. Edit: let's put in a "mutually inexclusive polls are stupid" for old time's sake. Oh internet, you have given me so much drama and entertainment over the years. I will miss you when you're gone
  5. This reminds me I should visit my cousin some time soon, to finally sync my Killzone 2 online trophies on his PS3.
  6. This game is basically a plot shaped hole. And a boring one at that. Sorry, I just did not enjoy it at all.
  7. I am all in favour for it. Although it does depend on who is wearing the costume.
  8. I strapped it to my wrist while jacking off and got fastest achiever.
  9. I'm going to the Wizard of Oz to ask for help. Whoever wants to go with me, be ready by dawn tomorrow.
  10. Sorry I am dragging up this thread again. But I have been playing the game again lately and I need to vent some anger. It really feels like they bought the assets (mainly tracks) from the previous publisher, put them into Unity game engine one morning and stopped optimizing as soon as the game stopped crashing. During lunch they watched a 240p NASCAR video on YouTube to bring everyone on the 3-man team up to speed on what NASCAR actually is. In the afternoon they merged the driving model of a tank with that of a go-kart. To round up the day they tied it together with some still images and the ugliest menu system I have seen in about a decade. Then they called it a game and fucked off home. NASCAR Heat 3 and beyond can suck my balls.
  11. Good to see Eat Lead mentioned a couple of times. The game is atrocious with afwul frame rate and clunky controls. I have picked it up and thrown it away in a rage numerous times now. It's piss. I am still intent on platting it some day of course.
  12. Only half? You're giving me too much credit
  13. Yeah I am not going to make a Malaysian account just to get a lazy and buggy rehash of a game that I have not even finished yet in its better iteration on the PS3. But to those who did, you have my blessing and I hope you will receive a patch at some point. But considering how 2K will probably take a major financial blow from this temporary mistake on the storefront of a single country for a single game, they will probably just go under instead. We should all join hands and say a prayer for them :<
  14. Damn these family members. Not satisfied with only hacking your trophies they go on to fuck up the whole website as well
  15. Must.... resist.... looking.... at.... profile.....