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  1. I am working on the Burnout Paradise platinum for PS3 at the moment. As usual I just tried to get the online stuff out of the way before the servers close, but the game is so much fun that I can't help myself and want to plat it too. It's a fun game with a very good trophy list and some free DLC as well. A lot of people will need to find themselves a new favourite game it seems, because the servers are still very lively..
  2. Okay here it goes: lol
  3. I went through your games on PSN itself and Teslagrad is visible there. So try to earn a trophy in a game and update your profile here. That should hopefully fix it.
  4. Heh, yes indeed. They seem to be doing this for every yearly iteration. I just bought the 2012 one for PS3 second hand for 2 euro's. I heard the trophies are grindy and hard, but that's okay. Are these games any good though? Because I never did much research into them but it really starts to look like a "Played one you played them all" situation.
  5. Thank you for that tip. I finally managed to track down the network pass in that huge list of downloads. I was only after the two online trophies for the main game and I have those now. So that's another plat secured for the future
  6. I have added that to my sig script yesterday. But while doing that I realized it's a bit pointless. Because this new feature is obviously intended to downgrade the easy plat games a bit. And the thing is: people often say how those games should probably just be a 100% without a plat at all. I am one of those people: I feel that it would be more fitting for those games to not have a platinum. So to then still distinguish the games that 'play nice' as good vs bad based on their completion percentages would be a bit harsh in my opinion. But if it's just because more ribbons means more awesomeness, well, I have that now
  7. Why are you so eager to hide the game? I would have let this play out a little more to be honest. Back in August of last year I flagged a player for RLTW who actually started a boosting session on this very website, requesting the help of a hacker who could put a bounty put on him and level him up fast. Quite magically, during the very next days he got those trophies. He was still on the leaderboards after a couple of weeks, after which I learned that RLTW was not flaggable anymore so I just let it go. But I just checked and he is still on the leaderboards now. That you would have to hide this game because you once said you had the intention of finding a hacker, is pretty effing steep. That the flag would stick (especially considering the incident outlined above) is even steeper. Even if you had, the same goes for you as is the excuse for others: you still had to fulfill the requirements of the trophy by yourself. I do not think you should be flagged for this at all. The trophy is either flaggable for everyone or for nobody, because we all know damn well that a good bunch of the trophy hunters who have been getting this trophy lately did not wait around for it to happen by chance alone. They have just been more stealthy about it than you have
  8. I went ahead and wrote a script that keeps track of my own ribbons. The result is in my sig. It could look better, but I was too lazy yesterday to search for and load the correct font into my script. Edit: The effort ribbon is based on the 75% threshold to make it look half decent for my own plat collection of course.
  9. About time they made these games (almost) free to play with all the microtransactions in them If it were 95% off I would probably get it because I liked the free preludes lately and do not care about getting the platinum in these type of games anyway. Alas it's still 19,99 in the Dutch store though.
  10. I would like to know what makes you think that. It sounds good, it really does, but I am curious how that would work. Because as far as I can see, these are just some extra ribbons on your profile. I don't think this idea is fleshed out enough for them to be implemented, but if they were, I would just choose to not really care about them. One thing I would never feel obliged to do is increase those numbers by playing certain games and not playing other games. It's a bit like the other idea put forward here a couple of times where you would have a ribbon showing how many times you are the first or fastest achiever. In my situation those would always stay at 0. For starters, I do not have the time or the talent. I also simply do not attribute any value to it. So I will just choose not to care. Just like plat stackers do not care about their rarity and will therefor not care about these new ribbons either. Anyway, let's not get too annoyed with each other over this because in the end Sly would need to do the work so the chances of this happening any time soon are slim to none.
  11. Oh please stop it with your sensical arguments. That's all fake news. We need to make platinum trophies great again! When I look at my own profile: I do all my POWGI games "legit" and it takes many hours to play through the whole game. Very enjoyable hours too! I will look back at doing those games wiith much pleasure. I'd consider it a show of "effort" too. It's as much a grind as any multiplayer XP grind and a far more enjoyable one at that. That other people use guides to do the same game in half an hour is really not my problem. About the topic title "Fixing the platinum". This will also not do anything fundamentally. The leaderboards will still be there and people will still be platting 99% games to go up them. The same easy plats will continue to be released. You would just be putting some band-aid on profiles so some of us can feel better than others again. Well goody. Just implement that UR leaderboard already and leave my profile alone. Edit: Oh wait, I just noticed that both my Sound Shapes auto pops AND my Motorstorm RC auto pop would add to my "effort" total. So 40 hours of POWGI puzzles no, auto popping plats yes. Please shoot me.
  12. I enjoyed PS Now, it's a good service and my connection was always decent. But I would still go for the console if you dont mind it taking up physical space in your home. Why: You can play a lot more games than are available on PS Now. If you know where to look you can get most of the games very cheap nowadays. You can easily get about 3 or 4 interesting games for what PS Now will cost you each month. Some rare games are more expensive of course. But chances are if you buy Deadly Premonition for $30 and plat it within a reasonable amount of time then you can sell it for close to the same amount. Some games only go up in price from now on probably I don't think it's likely that when PS3 consoles stop syncing trophies that you would still be able to do so on PS Now, so that should not really be part of the equation. I also do not think they are going to disable syncing unless some major security flaw was discovered that they would not bother fixing. Like I said: that's very unlikely and would probably work the same for PS3 games on PS Now. The only downside to the console I can personally think of is that you need to switch discs to switch between games. But if you are someone who likes playing the same game until it's done, then this should not be a problem for you.
  13. Yeah I always download the servers so I don't have to play online. This is great stuff, please tell me more.
  14. Correct, you need to own the game to unlock any of its trophies. It's a fun experience regardless though.
  15. I guess someone finally noticed that 3 times the 1 month price was less than the price for 3 months at once, which is not really how that should work.