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  1. Shame to see that did not work out, but congrats on finally getting the plat anyway!
  2. I should have done some more research before I made my bold claim. Since the original message it seems the statement was pretty much retracted. There is no real evidence that Sony is about to disallow anymore Vita games in or after 2020. All we seem to know now is that support from Sony's side for developers who make Vita games appears to be dwindling down. And that only makes sense I suppose. Actually I am surprised that there is still any support for it. If that is good news depends on whether or not you will enjoy seeing twelve stacks of the same game when the PS5 comes out Personally I can't really be bothered picking any side in this argument anymore. I am mainly glad to see that more and more people are making the distinction between indie-dev->good/neutral and rata-publisher->bad nowadays when they attack these easy stacks. My own trophy hunting has been slowly decreasing the last few weeks, even more than usual, because of work and trying to keep my house from falling down. Up until about a year ago I would have felt the urge to play and plat some easy game on the Vita for my trophy kicks, but I can't really be bothered anymore. I will just do a couple of races in some racing game so that I will plat it in about a month or two, or sow and harvest some fields in Farming Simulator 16 on Vita so I can plat it in half a year
  3. I think I read somewhere that Sony will stop accepting new games for PS Vita (digital) some time in 2020, so around the time the PS5 is likely to be released. I'm not sure if that is something they usually do, because PS3 got the occasional digital release long after its sell by date. So who knows, you may be right and we would be looking at even more stacks after the PS5 gets here. The question will then be if that will lead to a new movement within this trophy mad community. Maybe a new site wil spring up that will only allow you to be on its leaderboards with 1 stack per game or whatever.
  4. Hey good looking. Would you like to try my... Midnight Deluxe? Wink wink, nudge nudge. I'll get my coat.
  5. Thank for putting up this poll. It will give a nice general idea of the popularity of these different suggestions. The suggestions that are leading the polls are very sensible additions imo. But I think we should keep in mind that in the end it is Sly that will decide what he wants to work on and if some features are even something he wants to add at all.
  6. If that is the case then holy heck. I know that sending millions of e-mails in a short time span is not the easiest thing to do anymore but a company like Sony should be able to pull that off I hope. Anyway, I think it could be interesting if people who did not receive the e-mail would list their provider instead of their recent spending habits. I am with Gmail and received the e-mail without problems. In general Gmail is fantastic for handling bulk email on the receiving end. But I do know that Microsoft (Outlook/Hotmail/etc) is pretty bad at it. They will often drop e-mails they consider 'spam' (and that treshold is low) completely into /dev/null without even a notification to the sender. Some may even get through whch makes it all the more puzzling and sometimes simply impossible to solve.
  7. No I did not. Every EU player who has enabled commercial e-mails in their account should get this e-mail. The fact that a lot of people don't receive it is not by design. That a lot of people who did get the e-mail could not see the code is not by design. Sony messes up... in varying degrees and all of the time. For example: I got two e-mails, one with "code unavailable" and one with a valid code. They really want every EU player to receive this code and buy something in the store with it. They can't send this e-mail to everyone of course, you need to opt-in or otherwise it's spam and Sony gets in trouble. Also, they tailor the tag line to your own spending habits to personalize it and make it more convincing: - Have you bought a lot recently? Then thank your for your purchases and have this code as a reward. - Have you not bought a lot recently? Let us entice you to do so with this code. - Have you never bought anything ever? Then have this code to make your first purchase. This is how marketing works
  8. In RDR you can do the level ups normal too. Grinding XP in private games without the patch takes a little time but is not too bad. I spent about two (boring) afternoons on it. Also, if you were to compare that with something it would be the instant level-ups in GTA 5. And even those are usually ignored on PS3 version as far as I know (but I would like to be told I'm wrong in this case). But the whole GTA 5 flagging is a bit of a mess and far to arbitrary to my liking. If they find out you were actively looking for a hacker to put a bounty on you, then you get flagged. So basically you can hack this trophy as long as you are being stealthy about it. That's a really weird consequence of this whole situation in my opinion. Personally I find trophy hunters who get RLTW now far more suspicious than people joining hacked black ops lobbies. But oh well, glad I'm not on the flagging team I guess
  9. The same goes for the POWGI games. Play those normally and you're easily looking at 25-30 hours for them. Those are exactly the games that are targeted here though, as most sit at above 95% because stackers use guides for them. (By the way, nothing shows your intentions of wanting the ribbons better than calling the games shitty and the people who use guides or click through VN's dirty. The ribbons are not just some fun extra fluff and are sure as hell not meant like that either.) I think we also have to think about unwanted side effects. Because sure, you can release those cats on the island with the rat problem, but will you end up with a cat problem instead? It's an interesting thought experiment to find all the potential negative effects an even greater focus on rarity could have. I can name at least 3 I think.
  10. Exactly. This proposed change would take some of the very limited development time away from the rarity leaderboard. Most people who would like these ribbons are people who would like a rarity leaderboard even more. Because in all likelyhood they care about rare trophies already. Most people who would not give a shit about the ribbons only care about the main leaderboard and hardly care about rare trophies (why else would you stack 95% and higher plats five times?). Trying to get them to 'change their ways' dangling some ribbons in front of them is likely pointless. Combine those 3 things and I just do not understand why we are even still talking about this. I would much rather have a list of proposed changes and the chance to upvote some, all or none of them. And I am pretty sure the rarity leaderboard would end up a lot higher than these (sorry to say that as the only person who actually has them on his sig already) silly ribbons.
  11. There is a third one: the game is good but I already have it so it's a shit month anyway! 😫
  12. It's very hard. I would rate it 8 or 9 out of 10. I would not even begin to think about putting this game on your profile if you care about 100%.
  13. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. So I will go with The Smurfs Remastered.
  14. I have tried my hand at Pro Season and without a steering wheel I find it too hard on all tracks except Austria. There I managed to get into Q2. I almost made it at Canada as well but was bumped at the last second. That mode is silly without a wheel but I won't be buying another one any time soon. I had a racing wheel for my PS3 but hardly ever used it. And unfortunately, the triggers of a PS4 controller have so little travel that I just can not make it out of a hairpin in anything other than 4th gear with my trigger happy fingers. I do feel like Pro Season is a special case. That is at least somewhat skill based. Just like the time trial trophies in previous (PS3) titles at least required you to get a certain lap time. The time trial trophies in 2015 are just stupid mindless grind and zero skill. They're just...well, annoying At least half of the trophies feel like wasted time. I know that goes for all trophy hunting, but I don't think there's a need to rub it in like in this game
  15. Because you ask for most annoying trophy list and not game, I think F1 2015 qualifies. The trophy list seems to have been created by someone who simply hates trophy hunters and trophies in general. "Spend 180 hours minutes on Silverstone". Okay, why though? "Do 50 laps in time trial on the Russia track in a Marussia" Because hehehe Russia-Marussia, get it? "Go 50 laps around the horrible Singapore track in a slow ass car" and "do at least 50 more laps in another slow ass car". There is more of that and it's still only time trial. Quick Race is equally uninspired and annoying. Those all have to be 'clean' laps and since the game is pretty stringent on what a clean lap is , it's never fun or challenging unless you want to botch every second lap or so and take twice as long. I really feel like the Codemasters employee who cooked up this trophy list keeps whispering "you're my bitch now" in my ear while I'm driving.