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  1. The latest update has brought in more problems than it could ever solve. Looking at the amount of consoles semi-bricked by the install and the way my GUI is now more sluggish than ever before... Coupled with even worse friendslist problems than before it seems... Sony appears to be pretty adamant about killing off PS3 as quickly as possible :< Who knows, the Uncharted 2 thing might just be a small problem that will get fixed. But if it is indeed victim of this new firmware, then this should be a wake up call to everyone that still has PS3 online stuff to finish!
  2. Only 1 AAA title.... lawlol. The FIFA franchise alone has released 4 different titles on the Vita already... And that's EA, their only motivation is easy money.
  3. You're right, PSNP doesn't care and neither do I. The thing is, you could easily have a friend do it on your couch. Not even co-op, but straight up beat a hard part in a single player for you. How could we ever notice? We can't. So in the end, it's only about what kind of trophy hunter you yourself want to be.
  4. Your average internet user will probably not know about Google Cache, but most web pages are stored in there. So for anyone that needs some information from the site at this moment: Google the guide you need Click on the little triangle next to the search result Pick the In cache option ???? PROFIT Another option is to just put cache: (yes with a colon) in front of any URL you might want to visit. For example, when I click the above link it turns out not to be the correct stickied guide. Not a problem: Click the link of the correct guide Put cache: in front of the URL in the location bar and press Enter You will be redirected to the correct archved page in Google's webcache. This works fine in a browser like FireFox and Chrome, not too sure about others. If the triangle is not in the search results then the page will not be archived unfortunately. But in the case of this particular website, that will be very rare because it's indexed very well by Google.
  5. Home and Away has never been obtainable. This user (and 2 others) 'hacked' the trophy. Feel free to report them, I'm not going to bother.
  6. 2017: "PS1 looks ancient, why would anyone want to play this?" 2018: "Let's release PS1 Classic because everybody will want to play this!"
  7. As mentioned in the original post, this game is peer to peer so this game has no online servers. As long as PSN is up, this game will be playable online. Something a little more useful: I recently did this game with some friends and one of us had a terrible lag problem. If you experience that too (up to the point of disconnection/freezing) you need to switch from WLAN to LAN (so connect to the internet using an ethernet cable).
  8. Patreon is a bit different than kickstarter right? Basically lots of people paying a small amount on a monthly (?) basis to fund someone's ongoing projects. I would prefer something like kickstarter. I liked the PS3 game so much that I would happily make it my second ever Kickstarter project to back.
  9. Of course you are right, I will be the first to tell you to "play what you want to play". But I do feel a lot better about my backlog now that I have a lot my most important games "safe" after a year of doing primarily PS3 MP trophies. Because there was only a small amount of real grinds (most of which could be done solo yay!) and I met some nice people on the way, it never felt like "work" either.
  10. You might want to check your games with this list of PS3 games with offline platinums and set those aside for the time being. The list is not 100% complete I think, but it's close enough to be a good starting point anyway. I have made a spreadsheet with all my games that uses that info, but also the amount of online trophies for each game if it has them, the difficulty, etc. It's very handy to decide what I will be tackling next.
  11. Yeah that's what it's like when it works as normal.
  12. Thanks for letting me know that I can't enjoy a game because it is at 97,5% completion. Usually only people who have an epic ultra rare trophy card themselves dare to take such an elitist stance on this subject, so well done. Yes, if a game can do that to your memory card then you should blame Sony for designing a piece of crap console that allows that to happen. Your memory card got corrupted, it happens.
  13. Be happy that you did not start this game yet. Because you say you value 100%, I think you should keep it that way.
  14. Apparently you and I care about as much about our leaderboard position: not at all. But for some people (this player is top 1000 in the world) it does matter. It would be like me telling a top 100 meter runner not to worry about their unusual blood levels. That something like that would not matter to me does not mean it should not matter to them.
  15. Yes, no, maybe. I don't know, should you? Maybe start by telling us what you are expecting or hoping to get. Because right now, the only thing that can happen is that people who like the Vita will say yes, other people will say no. How is that going to help you?