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  1. You win the daily award for taking all of this far too fucking seriously.
  2. That may even make me buy them again. Small fun games with a couple of trophies for having some quick fun on my Vita. No shame, just game!
  3. Well, I played quite a lot of games last night and, yes the game is what I was hoping it would be. It's toned itself down from Pool Nation to fit in better with the calm snooker theme. The gameplay is as smooth as I hoped as well. I managed to get the trophies for high breaks up until the 75+ points one without a lot of trouble. The 147 will take a little practice, but it will come in time no doubt. About the online, it works fine too, I played a couple of nice lagless frames. The only thing I do not like so far is the referee's voice. It sounds like he is using a microphone but the referees in real life do not do that. Other than that, no complaints at all really. So if you're looking for an inexpensive billiards game with nice graphics and good gameplay, without expecting a whole fleshed out story or a lot of added features, then I do not think you will regret picking this one up. Edit: the game corrupted my save file it seems. And I am getting a little worried about the championship trophies...
  4. Thanks for the information all. Then I will just get the physical copy for now. Maybe the DLC goes on sale but if not, I am not much of a onehundredpercenter anyway
  5. The game is delisted? Damn. So Burnout Paradise Complete DLC Edition does not actually contain the game itself? Using "Edition" in the title was a very unfortunate choice then. Edit: According to some online articles, this version should contain the base game too. Who's right here?
  6. Snooker Nation is now indeed live in the store. I have bought it, it's only 9 euro's and Cherry Pop definitely deserves my money for this one as I bought Pool Nation (one of my favourite PS3 games if you had not noticed already) at a discount. I have not played it yet, but will do so tonight. As far as quality is concerned, I guess it comes down to what you are looking for. If you want the official players and tournaments because you are an avid snooker fan, then I can imagine you would like to go for the other game. If your primary concern (like me) is to have some great snooker gameplay with very fluid controls then this game should be a safe (and not very expensive) bet. Having said that, I have no idea how the other game plays of course, might be great too! I will come back tomorrow to give my thoughts on this game!
  7. With a pretty awesome thing called a "hyperlink" that points to a new Uniform Resource Locator.
  8. You people have it all wrong. This is part of a bigger plan. Sony's ultimate goal is to gradually move away from games altogether and become a social media driven coupon website.
  9. From the makers of Pool Nation (PS3), it's Snooker Nation! I am happy to see this game with a platinum and this is a must-buy for me at some point. I hope it plays exactly the same as Pool Nation, the controls in that one were perfect in my opinion. The 100% for Pool Nation was far from an easy task, but a tremendous amount of fun too. So I was always sad to see such a great little pool game being outsold so hard by the pretty bad Hustle Kings, which has awful pay-to-win microtransactions to boot. I really hope this one will sell better! As far as the trophies go, I see no online stuff in the list. Getting the 147 will probably be quite hard though.
  10. Because they did not put enough thought into the design of PSN when it was developed, unfortunately.
  11. It's in the FAQ they put up about the name changes. I can not be arsed to look up the link. But basically all your old usernames remain tied to your profile forever and you can revert back to them at any point at no cost. Edit: It was not very hard to find, it's even in the blog post: click Relevant excerpt here for convenience: Q: Can I revert back to my old ID? You can as long as the old ID doesn’t violate the Terms of Service. You can revert back to any of your previous IDs by contacting PlayStation Support. Q. Do I have to pay to revert back to an old ID? No, reverting back is free. Q: What happens to my old online ID? Can someone else take it? No, your old online ID is only available to you. So I don't know where the 6 months thing came from, but all evidence points to that not being a thing in the actual implementation of the name changes.
  12. https://my.playstation.com/profile/MrLee05/trophies tells me "Not public."
  13. Agreed. Adding the trophies the way they mostly are now is often even a bit of an insult to the actual game. As a good example of how things could be: I played Twin Robots on Vita and although not very hard, it's a good game with a pretty decent trophy list. You need to finish the game, get all the collectibles and finish each level with both robots alive, which can be a small but fun challenge. It's still a 1 or 2 out of 10 when you use a guide, but at least the trophy list matches the game and after finishing it. you can feel like you are done with the game too. It's damn fun and I can recommend it. The reason why so many people (like me at times) defend these quick and easy games is that they are actually mostly fun. They are often well produced and especially for the Vita great fun for their small install size. But we need to keep in mind that this is mostly because of the hard work by the developers. All Ratalaika does is make sure they work on Vita and PS4. As a programmer myself, I am pretty sure that still takes a little effort. But most of their input is the trophy lists and those, for the most part, plain suck. The unfulfilling trophy lists is why I stopped buying these games pretty much, so they are losing customers because of the crappy trophies too. I am sure I am missing out on some fun games for my Vita (sorry hard working devs who meant well) but I just do not enjoy getting the trophies for them anymore.
  14. I think it's safe to say that the few people at Sony that cared about trophies are long gone. So don't expect an update to Sony's system any time soon. The PSN level being capped at 100 has been pretty tragic for some time now and could (should) have been fixed long ago. If you want to see any other changes, you should advocate for them on this site. But what you should not ever expect is Sony to implement changes to suit PSNP statistics. Let's take rarity for example, it means very little on PSN itself. Almost every plat is ultra rare there. And in the end, we should not forget how this site (and ones like it) are part of 'the problem' too. People primarily use cheesy-easy-peasy plat stacking to gain as many spots on the leaderboards as they can in a short time. It's not so much for their PSN trophy card as it is for this site and others like it. Companies like Ratalaika make a living off of PSNP more than off of PSN itself. Why do you think they have such an active presence here? Because they know where to market their 10 minute plat games. WE are part of the problem and the longer we deny that and put it all on Sony's doorstep, the longer any 'solution' will take.
  15. What we should keep in mind is that Ratalaika does not develop these games themselves. What they do is come to an agreement with a developer where they take an existing game and publish that game on platforms like PS4 and Vita. So the developer makes a usually pretty good game, and Ratalaika adds the trophies. The profits are then split (obviously). It's a pretty good deal I guess for both parties, because the developer has to worry very little about platform specific stuff themselves, Ratalaika fixes that for them. This is also how they can publish games at a very big rate, new games seem to pop up almost weekly now. So to recap: you need to thank the developer for the neat little game. But as far as the very easy trophies are concerned, that's all Ratalaika. They do it specifically to market these games towards trophy "hunters" that are looking for quick plats. I do not judge that, I have bought a couple of these games myself because they are excellent for Vita. And I don't think we would have had those games otherwise to be honest, especially not on Vita. It's an interesting phenomenon though, that's for sure.