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  1. Okay Jeffrey Eppstein then, or Jimmy Saville. Whatever, still pointless.
  2. I am not sure about the PS3, but PS4 should be safe. Its software is based on FreeBSD whch should be storing UNIX timestamps as 64-bit value. That means you can still sync your trophies as late as December 4th of the year 292,277,026,596 AD.
  3. You hit the nail right on the head there. It's Sony trying to hop on a popular train without even knowing its destination. This new store yet again proves my point of Sony having no clue how to code or design anything but the consoles themselves.
  4. I would also expect it to be a lot of technical issues though. PSN as a whole has been incredibly badly designed from the get go. Every new addition seems to demand shedding incompatible functions from the past. There are numerous examples of this over the years I have been using PlayStations. I honestly would not be surprised if this was yet another example. Porting the old game library to the new store format could very well be a mammoth task not worth the time and money. Take the search function as an example. I am a modest programmer and somwehat of a database designer and even I know that search functions should not work the way it did/does on the old store. It seems more like a huge lookup list that was either compiled from a list of expected search terms or even manufactured by hand. It was useless. Sony has no clue how to code anything other than the consoles themselves. Everything is badly designed and slow as a turtle on a tricycle. The stores are shit, the site is shit, the apps are shit. It's all shit. Edit: just took a look at the new store. It's awful. Who keeps coming up with this this crap?
  5. I would and I do. But I know I am not the majority so I can not expect Sony to make business decisions based on that.
  6. Which was my earlier point in this topic too. In the light of all the shit in the gaming industry and Sony in particular: if the censoring of some (alledgedly underage) titty is the hill you want to die on, then you probably need to sort yourself out for a bit.
  7. This is like screaming to not let Michael Jackson die. You would need to dig up his corpse first.
  8. I too am now playing it because of the challenges potentially going down soon. The game has its issues. I do not like the combat a lot, it feels clunky at times. Using the X button for pretty much every action was not a very good decision. I keep having to drop a melee weapon or move a fuel can out of the way to pick up loot for example. The driving is hard to control. The glitches are numerous, And despite all that, I am still enjoying the hell out of it!
  9. Last year I got 55th place in the Xonotic Defrag World Championship. That's about it.
  10. Yep, as anyone who has done some work on "customer service" will know, this has the "we are not gonna care or do anything but we pretend to take you seriously so you will hopefully buy our next product" all over it.
  11. To everyone all of a sudden shouting "1984!" about this: What the hell were you doing trusting closed source proprietary voice chat software in the first place?
  12. You could very well be right. Or you could be wrong. I see no reason to risk it. It's only a couple of hours of playtime to unlock 3 crews and rake in the points every day without any trouble.
  13. I am making sure to do some different things that should have no consequences for my progress but should trigger a save anyway. Like going out of and returning to a stronghold with fast travel and only quitting to the menu a couple of second after the "Saving..." notification disappears. Hopefully it works, but if it does not then oh well. I am enjoying the game tremendously anyway, despite its glitches.
  14. Do games count where my interest in them expired? Seriously, because of what bZytHuM- writes I am hesitant to announce a particular game's code will not work anymore. I only have experience with "VIP" passes for online play, and results vary wildly even for the same developer. I have succesfully redeemed a code for F1 2012 on PS3 even though it said on the card it should have been expired a long time ago, for others I was not so lucky. Maybe that's because they expired, but more likely someone else already used them. But if I say in a blanket statement "online codes for game X do not work anymore" because of that, it may cause other people to not even try at all.
  15. T Leaving the stronghold could definitely be a trigger for it. I see this a lot too and use the same method that you described (fast travel). Last weekend I had a storm glitch on me. Lightning continued when the storm had already gone away. Fun stuff!