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  1. They dropped the ball in a huge way. I can notice that Google thinks that too, because more and more PSNP trophy guides get ranked above the ones at PST and it used to be very much the other way round.
  2. I agree up to a certain point, you need to start somewhere or you will never start at all. But it's not like these are things that "we the people" are doing, it's all by the national or local government. They are able to put their focus on specific subjects, to prioritize bigger polluters in their laws and regulations. So when they conveniently gloss over large industries and focus their efforts instead on reasonably small consumer oriented measures, you need to wonder if you're not doing them a huge favour by calling out people on whatabouttism. Because often I feel like they are acting like they care oh so much while doing oh so very little substantial. To be honest, I feel like many of these regulations are mainly meant so we can feel good about ourselves in our own little bubble. A good example is the European regulation that forbids the production of vacuum cleaners over 900W. I bought one of 900W a couple of months ago and I now take twice as long to clean the house than I did with my old 1200W vacuum cleaner. So now I actually use up more energy and the best thing is that dust is still gathering up like crazy. So yay environment and yay health! (And no this isn't just me or bad luck, the EU recently had to forbid the use the energy label of vacuum cleaners because the tests that manufacturers were performing turned out to be highly unrealistic. Of course those kind of tests are already pretty well optimized, but this almost reached "diesel gate" status. It's the only thing the manufacturers could apparently come up with to trick consumers into thinking that this new generation of vacuum cleaners was actually half decent.)
  3. To be honest, it would be an excellent addition. It takes nothing away from other players. The only reason that it has not been implemented is that the site owner just does not have time or motivation to add it. I think it really is that simple. As is the case with other excellent additions and improvements that have been coined in the last few years. This website is the virtual definition of moribund. Sometimes I feel like it's the endless bickering and trolling that supplies it just enough energy to keep going
  4. It's definitely good enough for me if you take some time to look and think about it for yourself, so thanks for that. I'm not expecting an actual change anyway, let alone a purge of the profiles I pointed to. The thing is that people tend to get really worked up about this subject and that always seems so silly to me when the stats are so very skewed and oftentimes also outdated. Profiles that were not updated for 4 years, with not a single plat or completion percentage of any game over 20% is allowed to muddy the rarity waters and help make about 20 PS3 games ultra rare. Yes, let's definitely fight each other to the death based on shit like that
  5. Ah, thanks for that. I figured that what I said was the case because deleting some of my own 0% lists did nothing for my stats that I could notice. Thanks for the correction.
  6. You would be right if this site was opt-in, but it is not. You can add any profile you want yourself on the homepage of this website. The proof is in the pudding. You just have to go through the leaderboards yourself to see what happened as a result. The turnover point is around the 19.000-20.000th page. After that, there are about 60.000 more pages of people that are very obviously not trophy hunters. If they were at some point, it was maybe for a few days. All those profiles and stats are meaningless and should be purged. You also seem to think that a couple of people would be doing this, but it's a well-known practice. I challenge you to boot up any old PS3 game that has leaderboards that you can browse, you will find out that many of those players have been added here by someone at some point. Sometimes out of sheer curiosity, I have done that myself too. (By the way, you need to have at least 1 trophy unlocked because 0% games are not used for the stats.) I argue that having all these meaningless profiles bloating the stats actually increases the perceived difference between "good" and "bad" games in this discussion. Because only trophy hunters/whores are buying Breakthrough games, while a LOT of non-trophy hunters play the actually good games, pushing their rarity down. And like I said, many of them are counted in the stats when they obviously should not be if you want to only compare trophy hunters.
  7. People are fighting over meaningless data every day on this website. About 80% of the tracked profiles are just casual players or alts with not even a single platinum to their name. Most of your UR's are UR because the vast majority of the tracked profiles are not actually trophy hunters themselves. This is a point that is habitually glossed over because there is not a single person in this community that would benefit from acknowledging it.
  8. PS3's Rapala's Fishing Frenzy is supposed to be pretty good. I have it in my collection but not tried it yet. Partly because it has no trophies, which is probably why this is not a very good suggestion. It can however be played completely offline!
  9. Then maybe it's time to switch religions or something.
  10. Anything more to do with the stock PSN data is unlikely to be implemented in the website itself. You may be able to plead your case to Husky in this topic about PSNP+. That is a browser script that adds some great extra options to PSNProfiles.
  11. With Codemasters being part of EA now I do not expect this F1 game to make it to PS Now unfortunately.
  12. Yes. Post less. Read more.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean but it sounds kinky.
  14. Pretty impressive if you can finish in two minutes though.
  15. I started the multiplayer last weekend by grinding arcade mode. If you started the MP specifically to go for the plat, arcade mode is the fastest way to level up. Levels went up fine for me there and were saved (I am also NAT 2) I did need to go online in a public match to pop a level related trophy though.