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  1. One could even argue 3rd most popular because 2 and 3 are basically the same game. I did not expect that to be honest, given the lukewarm reaction that this month's assortment of games seemed to generate on this site.
  2. The Sprint Cars game is very hard to come by here in The Netherlands. I love sprintcar racing and what I have played of the game so far was pretty fun. I am very happy with this purchase, because that's two games at the top of my PS3 wish list in one go and at a very reasonable price.
  3. Whenever there are real players online, by now they are mostly pretty damn good as you might imagine. But when you turn off cross play (it's in the options under gameplay) and play in a region where it is not prime time gaming hour at that moment in time, then you have a good chance of only playing against bots. If you hang back a lot then, staying slightly ahead of the fog, then you can wait while the AI kills each other. I have had wins with only 1 or 2 eliminations while playing solo. When you have a friend who can play Duo with you, then it's pretty much a walkover as long as you only run into bots. You can easily get 10 or 11 eliminations per game then, but do move faster towards the middle in that case. If your friend can drop you the legendary items (s)he finds of forges and you focus on looting and forging as well, then the legendary items trophy is very easy to get too. I know many people will prefer a bigger challenge and will consider this the chicken's way out (pun intended), but in my opinion it makes this plat a 2 or 3 out of 10.
  4. I am working on Realm Royale at the moment and it's surprisingly fun to be honest. Mostly because I am now mainly playing against bots since TazDevilz1987 told me where to turn off the cross-play feature
  5. Damn CFW users everywhere. In other news: farty towels.
  6. PSN: The closest thing I could find resembling a robot. PSNP: The pink robot character I used for years in a free arena shooter called Nexuiz. Great times, until it all went to shit.
  7. Just hopping on the downplaying bandwagon. I had not even watched a clip. I have now, looks like a pretty delibrate action to first take off the guy's helmet and then try to bang him over the head with it. Anyway, the only thing I know about American Football is the little bit of NFL 11 I played on PS3. It was broadcasted over here for a while some years ago and I tried to get into it, but could not really make it work. But I know a fair fight when I see one and this wasn't one.
  8. A helmet like that weighs the best part of nothing at all. You're basically swinging a cotton ball around.
  9. Yes it sucks. There are a couple of games on offer at any given time mostly because they are cross buy. It's pretty much the same for PS3. I guess it was bound to happen and I regret not buying a couple of more games I had my eye on back when Vita sales were still a thing (IN EUROPE!).
  10. This just in: Vita 2 will have an 80's retro design because the Vita 1 didn't fail hard enough and they want another chance.
  11. Did you have a used copy? Then the code might have been used already. You could try and find a new sealed copy of the game and hope that the included VIP pass still works. The date printed on it is usually not correct, I have used Codemasters VIP passes (F1 2012 comes to mind) years after they should have stopped working according to the included pamflet.
  12. Weird how that works eh, I have the exact same thing. Maybe that only works for us averagely skilled players? More practice is not always better for me, that's for sure. It used to be the same when I was still a defrag player. I could spend nights on end trying to shave off a couple of milliseconds of my personal best, take a long break and suddenly be tenths faster. It's weird but a bit frustrating too at times
  13. Mediocre debate, I rate it a 9 out of 10.
  14. A hacker accidentally my first platinum, is it bad?
  15. You can use a PS3 controller when playing on the PC app. In fact, it's what I am using at the moment. If you connect it with a USB cable, it will work out of the box. Some features of certain games that rely on the DS4 touchpad might not be available, but those will be few and far between. Edit: it can and will still be connected to your PS3. So when you press the PS button or disconnect the controller from the PC, your PS3 will turn on. I found no easy way to prevent this, so I just turned my PS3 off for now.