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  1. Press F for effort.
  2. I don't think that should be necessary. It's perfectly okay to not like this game, or any game for that matter, without having to delve deeper into its background or meaning. If that's needed to appreciate it more, then maybe the criticism is fair to begin with and the game didn't do a good enough job bringing its point across by itself. Personally I thought it was pretty good. Not the best I ever played, but certainly not the worst either. Definitely interesting and unique in its own way though.
  3. Is it possible to change this system to always include the flagging reason by default? Surely that should not be too hard or time consuming to add and it would make the disputes a lot more efficient.
  4. I did not have to dig back far, as your post was only a few days ago and it stuck out like a sore thumb. In these modern AAA games you don't get to pick and choose. You will get these broken ass live service looter shooter games the way they want you to have them. Boring open world games, moslty with a roadmap that will likely never be finished and grindy gameplay that should entice the so called 'weak minded' to buy loot boxes based on gambling mechanics. If it's fine for you that gambling mechanics are now in just about every modern AAA game (because drug addicts are born like drug addicts anyway, or some shit) then you do not get to rage over this fucking atrocity that's just a different piece of the same hideous pie. Or else we really sink to a level of something not being bad because you're not affected by it personally.
  5. I really didn't want to do this, but I just can not help myself. The irony, it's over 9000.
  6. On this page I do read: "We may close your account if you don’t use it for 24 months." But "may" is not "will" or course.
  7. Are you maybe confusing PS+ with PS Now? PS+ would give you access to that month's games for the remaining days. This month those games are The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19. It would not give you access to any other PSN games, unless PS+ in your country is wildly different from what it's like over here Edit: or do you mean with the remaining credit on your card? Then I am still confused, because that credit will not expire so there is no reason to do it quickly.
  8. This game was made for 12 year old girls (from Germany even) and they are mostly not trophy hunters. Is that not exactly what I just said? Then how do you repeat what I just said and somehow turn it into your argument... I do not believe this game mostly exists to appease trophy whores, because it doesn't. It's part of the whole Bibi Blocksberg 'franchise' if you can call it that. It would be like saying the CSI PS3 game was only aimed at trophy whores. Or that Super Meat Boy was developed because someone thought there were not enough ultra rare trophies yet Not a single gamer I know in real life plays games for achievements or trophies, it's only me who got the bug. Although here it may seem like we are with many, we are still a small minority of the gaming public. Sony tried to push trophies as something that every gamer should go for, but let's be frank: they failed. Just like they failed to make PSN into a social network. One might even wonder how long trophies will stick around, especially when someone at Sony starts figuring out that it DOES produce trophy whore crapware that brings the system down to a mediocre level at times. Then they could go the expensie route: better quality control. Or they could just ditch trophies altogether. Which one would you pick if it was your own money? Anyway, when it comes to Rata region stacks, I understand both your argument and your sentiment towards them. But you can not just dismiss any easy game you would not play yourself as "trophy whore shovelware" when it is clearly not intended to be that at all. That other people use it as that is NOT this game's fault. Also, I am a 40 year old man with a PS4. If I had children, some or all of them might be girls and around the 12 year mark. What games could she actually play on my console? No wonder she would pick her girly games on her iPhone. (Although I also like to pretend my hypothetical 12 year old would not yet have an iPhone). To summarize: LEEEAVE BIBIIII ALOOOOOOOONE Seriously, I don't want to start some fight. I mostly appreciate your contributions to these forums, but I do think it would not hurt sometimes to keep the bigger picture in mind instead of centering your thoughts too much around trophies. Games existed before trophies and they will continually long after them. Some of those games will be easy and/or aimed at 12 year old girls and that's fine.
  9. If you can only look at gaming from a trophy hunter's perspective, that's a pretty narrow minded view don't you think? To me the game looks fine for what it is: an easy and colourful video game aimed towards 12 year old girls. I'm pretty sure you will find even less trophy hunters in that demographic than normal. And to be honest, I don't think they are looking for an RDR 2 epxerience when it comes to horse riding And also: this game probably only has trophies because every game does. So that some people will use it to 'pad their stats' is not the game's fault (as if you would need this game for that, with the avalanche of region stacks that hits the store every week). I mean, if I grow cucumbers, they are not automatically trash just because someone puts them up their ass instead of eating them. That's on them, not on my beautifully smooth, tasty and of course rock hard vegetable. Apparently, Bibi Blocksberg was first an audio series in the 80's and later turned into a cartoon series. In the past couple of years some 'real' (not cartoon) films have been made called Bibi and Tina. All the games do belong to this same 'franchise'. It looks pretty fun for the age group it's all aimed at. I'm even reasonably surprised none of that stuff has made it to The Netherlands.
  10. If that would retroactively give me instant access to all games that were once on PS+ , then I am certainly all for it
  11. Yeah if I think the service is good enough to go through that trouble, then I will just as happily pay for said service
  12. This is a lot more tempting now. I already though it was an excellent service and it just got even better with 4 blockbuster games rotating every couple of months. In fact, once the concept of free time becomes part of my every day life again, I will probably buy a quarterly or yearly subscription. Probably involves making a new account once a week and enjoying the free trial ad infinitum?
  13. Well, if I had to pick a couple to skip, this game would be one of the easier choices
  14. Nah I don't think they are pure evil at all. I am not a black and white kind of guy. It's just that I had this mental picture of Activision with red glowing eyes parading Infinity Ward's helpless body around like a zombie puppet on a string. Just like when I think of EA, I can nowadays only see a fat sweaty troll fast asleep on a pile of dead studio corpses, dreaming of a perfect future without middle tier studio's so that the only alternative to AAA is indie games. But I'm sure there are good people working there as well. I do think they are taking monetization way too far, because it is actually changing the games you play. But then again, they do it because enough people still lap it up, as you rightly point out. It's still greed though, because enough never seems to be enough. They are willing to gamble away their own product nowadays, just to make even more profit for just one more extra year. That means that there will definitely be a breaking point though. That single moment when people finally find something more fun to spend their money on than senseless microtransactions for useless digital stuff that you need to rebuy for every new release in a game series. That is when the shit will hit the fan, because there is simply no graceful way back for companies like Activision from this ever more greedy approach to game monetization. As for me personally, I won't get worked up about this kind of stuff. I just play old shit. I still have so many PS3 games to still get through that it really does not bother me at all. So I'm not angy and I don't have an axe to grind. I just talk about the things the way I see them. Now don't get me onto the subject of Formula 1 racing on the other hand, I will be raging here all night Edit: And as far as panikooos goes, if you didn't call him a troll he would probably be disappointed. So either feed him with confidence or don't feed him at all
  15. Ehm... Well, yes. Actually I do think of them like that. I'm not sure everybody means the same thing with "developers" in this discussion. It's not "the developing company" (Infinity Ward in this case, who could be held accountable as an entity for sure). Rather, it's about the actual people that are told what to code, how to code it and when to have it coded. They have absolutely no say in anything about the game at all, let alone whether or not there will be loot boxes or some shit like that. To attack those people as viciously as they reportedly are, is like blaming some dictator's atrocities on his baker. Then again, I never trust Activision so this time is no exception. They are not known for giving a fuck about their developers at all. I have not looked at this in depth, I try to steer away from these controversies nowadays (because it's always the same and nothing ever changes) but for all I know this may be some desperate guilt-trip-pity-card on Activision's part to try and steer attention away from themselves. But maybe I have become slightly jaded One thing I did see was "Please report on facts and not rumours", although they fail to point out that those rumours are completely in line with Activision's actions in the past. Look what they did to COD: MW Remastered: First only made it available as a package with another game. Microtransactions/loot drops were put in after release. They resold the same DLC packs as the original game... ... And did so at a higher price. This stuff about MW2 is actually... well I'm not saying this is better, but how the fuck could it be worse? To nowadays think that there would NOT be microtransactions in this game is at best 'slightly naive'. Did those people only learn about Call of Duty two months ago or something? I am actually impressed some people can still be bothered to go ape shit over stuff like this.