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  1. It looks like there is a prompt that you can type commands into as well. It probably needs a keyboard connected for that to work. (Imagine there being "fly" and "noclip" commands...) Have you managed to work out how to bring it out again?
  2. Now that Sly appears to have banned your profile from the leaderboards, I think it would be the best moment to ban your forum account as well.
  3. This is not uncommon for a WC and it's very rare to cause any issues. Most national teams do not have casuals/ultras in the way clubs do. Poland is being outrun in the first half. If they manage to keep them from scoring you'd think the Saudis would have to run out of steam at some point.
  4. Yes I do. It is an automatic script, there is no need to submit updates. I just launch the script manually a couple of times a week. Only reason being this website will sometimes stop responding and bug out the update and I am too lazy busy to process that better right now So yeah, all people need to do is post their profile name in this topic if they want to join.
  5. That was a satisfying goal. Iran completely deserves this win. Happy for Alireza Jahanbakhsh, I like the dude.
  6. There are plenty of places to discuss that already. What you see is what you get here. The original topic starter has not been on the website recently so the first post will probably not be updated soon. Take a look at my page if you enjoy this little project, I try to update it a couple of times per week.
  7. @karpathoulas667 you came in at number 8. Nice one! That brings the total number of entrants up to 125.
  8. This is a comment that everyone who wants to tackle this game needs to read. Most people will be used to full lock into a corner and using throttle or brake to make it round. Doing that in a sim like AC introduces a huge amount of understeer. That means you're steering too much, causing the front wheels to lose grip and start sliding. After adjusting my inputs to some values that I found online it has been quite manageable with a DS4 up to now. Some cars are still hard to control, but overall it feels fair. With that I mean that if I mess up, I know why it happened and how to prevent it next time.
  9. How was the game allowed to continue for so long with one of the players very clearly completely knocked out.
  10. The person who started that has not been seen in a while but my page is still up and tracking everyone who signed up.
  11. That's because the question is actually not really relevant for most completionists. As far as I have seen they will mostly play 1 or 2 games at a time until they are finished. How to return to a game after months or years of not playing is a question better answered by players who not religiously try to keep their profile above 95% at all times.
  12. Brad Philpot's breakdown of Perez's "accident" is quite convincing in my opinion. As far as Verstappen's reaction in Brazil, that's a very NASCAR-ish thing to do. "Okay, you can mess me over, but one day you will get it back." I do not think that it is something that belongs in F1, but there you go.
  13. That's it, season over. I am happy that Leclerc got second in the end. Verstappen is a very deserved champion this year but if Mercedes continues improving into the next year then it will be a very different season. Ferrari will keep messing up like they always do unfortunately. Of course: so long Sebastian Vettel. I remember being at Spa in 2013 with at least 90% of the crowd booing him. After he started sucking, they started cheering him on again. What a strange world we live in. Anyway, one quite important question for me: does this first season with the new ground effect cars give enough reason to finally abolish the atrocity that is DRS?
  14. I'm sure you yourself know now, but just for others reading your post: it still works fine. After the race you will get an error message that says "Player was not in race" or something like that, but it will still count the race as completed/won.
  15. I got the trophy after switching back to dirt championship after finishing career. Simming the dirt championships only takes a couple of minutes per season. I simmed all races and got the trophy after the 10th season.