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  1. I would do that and probably not much else if I'm honest.
  2. Well, The Netherlands is pretty damn small. On top of that, I have the impression that there are not too many PS3 collectors here at all. Game sellers like to pretend that there are though. Oh, and the Dutch are notoriously frugal. We generally do not enjoy spending money at all As a consequence, for some games supply and demand seem to function upside down as of late: Games that are actually hard to come by can be found relatively cheap when they finally make an appearance. Simply because they are not "known" for being rare. I enjoy buying them whenever I see a good offer. One of many examples: the USA-only World of Outlaws Sprintcars game that has been on offer once in about 4 or 5 years time (!). I managed to pick it up for about 15 euro. And then there are also games that have gained a reputation internationally for being rare and expensive. They are being set at very high prices based on that reputation, even though many more copies are actually available. As a consequence, they pretty much never sell. A good example is Afrika, which I bought for 50 euro's about a year and a half ago. Then it was the only copy on the mentioned website in about a 6 month span. Now there are regularly about 4 or 5 copies for sale. They all have prices starting at 150 euro and going up to as much as 300 euro. I could pretend that my own copy is now worth 4 to 6 times more, but that means nothing if it would never sell. And I know that it wouldn't, at least not over here.
  3. Unfortunately not too many new additions to my own collection lately. I have been too busy with other stuff. Good to see others are stil extening their own PS3 stack though! I noticed a couple of posts about Alice: Madness Returns lately. I already platted the game digitally a few years ago - great game - but I have been meaning to add it to my physical collection as well. The price appears way too high to me though, at least here in the Netherlands. On our biggest online marketplace for second hand goods there are no less than 10 copies available right now. All of the sellers are claiming the game is very rare and have put a price of around 50 euro's on it. I'm not sure how many more copies will need to surface before those people start realizing it is not so rare as they pretend. 🤓
  4. I do not think the emulator for PC should be taken as a benchmark for Sony when talking about full backwards compatibility on a PS5 or PS6. Sony should still have all the source code and technical details about their own system readily available. I really hope their own appraoch would be different than some guys on the internet (even though those can sometimes deliver stellar results). The Cell processor was notoriously cumbersome to develop for as a game programmer, because there was a lot of manual managing of memory and CPU tasks involved. Adjusting your existing game code from PC or another platform was pretty much the same as a complete rewrite. Cutting corners would lead to either bad performance (because of mostly idle SPE's) or bugs that could be incredibly hard to debug. No wonder that studios that got the best out of the system were the ones coding games from the ground up for the PS3 specifically. All that labour has already been done though, we have the games. Give a small group of talented PS5 programmers half a year with all the information that is available and I truly believe you could start seeing great results. But those people are (and probably should be) working on the PS5 or even the PS6 already. Sony will not spend that time, talent and money to give us PS3 backwards compatilbity, just so we can play games we mostly already own. So yeah, I take this new Classic Games Preservation Society or whatever with a grain of salt. Whenever Sony thinks it can get away with half assing anything, they absolutely will.
  5. I'm with @Sergen on this one. I enjoy the POWGI and Pic-a-Pix games as a relaxed way to end the day on my Vita and would only use a guide when I get stuck. Same goes for many other puzzle games. But then I have little problem with using a walkthrough for many point and click games, because they are still an enjoyable experience for me that way (art and story). So if others get the same enjoyment out of using guides to beat other puzzle games as fast as possible, who am I to judge?
  6. No, the correct link to use for the British Broadcasting Corporation is
  7. Any thread I could think of that would actually be helpful already has the same information readily available by other easily accessible means. This is a big undertaking that would - at best - simply mirror that information. I normally applaud community labour to preserve and collect resources like this. But to be honest, this effort seems not very well defined and based on misunderstandings to begin with. My advice is to punch out of this one while not too much time has been wasted on it. If this came about from personal interest, take a look at the resources I posted earlier. You will have a much better time with it and can spend your time getting the still available PS3 trophies instead.
  8. Call of Duty Classic has no physical release as far as I know. I would love to be proven wrong and put it on my watch list though. Also, why are we reinventing the wheel? This will take a lot of effort, to create something that is already available. If you want to play it safe, there is this page for all offline PS3 plats (digital only is denoted). You can also use PSNP+ here to immediately spot unobtainable multiplayer trophies (and not only for PS3 but for all games). Sony did not shut down all servers. There are plenty of PS3 multiplayer trophies still available. There are active servers on PS4 like there are active servers on PS3. However, it too has a disappointingly large number of unobtainable trophies already. Because of server shutdowns and other reasons.
  9. Yes definitely. And if you would believe it, WRC 6 was even worse. As soon as the tyres sense a puddle, you just fly off the road as if aquaplaning is something that happens everywhere all the time. They toned it down a little for later games, but it's still pretty laughable. The physics as a whole are very floaty. The only place in WRC 7 where they make sense is on the ice stages to be honest. On gravel and asphalt, it's pretty appalling. That is why I am grinding out wins, stages and mileage in WRC 7 on a couple of the Sweden stages, simply because I get so annoyed with the physics on gravel and asphalt I also share your thoughts about the weight of the car. Shifting weight is incredibly important in rallying or racing in general, but it seems to be completely ignored here. If Grand Prix Legends got this right back in 1998, how come an officially licensed WRC game can still not get its head around this in 2021? Anyway, I really do not want to crap on this franchise too much. I have had plenty of enjoyable hours with these games, even if they are not the best. I just regret them starting to feel like a chore more and more over the years.
  10. Thanks for your replies. I am glad I am at least not the only one struggling. I tried again last night and I just can not push at all using these controls. The last game I enjoyed in this series was WRC 6 on PS4. I had great fun trying to beat the top times at Great Orme. At some point I was top 10 in the world there using a controller. But then I could still really throw the car around with a controller. Since WRC 7 it has only been a chore to be honest. I can not seem to get into attack mode at all, I have to focus to just keep the car on the road or else I am done for. I guess I will just put this one on the back burner until I buy my new wheel combo.
  11. I am very glad Duke Nukem Forever has not been mentioned so far.
  12. How are you folks racing this game, with a controller or a wheel/pedal combo? It feels to me like this game is geared towards wheel and PC users more than ever in the series. (The partnership with Fanatec and the mouse cursor pretty much gives that away from the start). Now, I have been a reasonably adept sim racer since the 90's, so I can appreciate the WRC games going more in that direction. However, it feels like the console experience seems to suffer when you just want to use a controller. It may just be me, but I am having a really hard time even trying to keep my car in a straight line using my stock PS4 controller. I found some settings online for deadzone, sensitivity and other control settings, but that only marginally makes it better. Do I need to wait with this one until I buy my sim rig later this year, or is there some special setting I have not found yet?
  13. They sound like a funny bunch
  14. I just did MotoGP 17 so I might try to knock out one of the other ones off of that list too. Looks like MXGP 2 and/or Aces of the Luftwaffe could be doable even for me. Much appreciated heads up again @GUDGER666. It's a shame that you need to do this, but I thank you for it.
  15. It does not have a roadmap but going through the trophy descriptions will tell you which mode you need for them. I will start in career to tick of the majority of the trophies in there first. There is a lot of stuff to be done in other modes too, but I think it indicates them well enough in that guide for it to be pretty painless. It looks like a fun plat for a change, instead of the grind fests that the WRC games had become over the past years.