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  1. Or in fact be able to erase it from their memory.
  2. Did trophies sync correctly on your PS3? Because on PSN itself your PS3 Dark Souls plat is not listed as being achieved yet.
  3. Who could forget that Christmas day or the days leading up to it? I think the real question is why you would want to put him in your avatar. Is it in anticipation of Far Cry 6: București Edition?
  4. Way to get worked up over some box art. And also, that's pretty rich coming from someone with the obnoxious dictator avatar.
  5. Oh you're just trolling. Okay.
  6. I have not heard about the 'hacked' (probably just glitched) servers for a long time. I have not been able to find them myself when I went for the plat a couple of weeks ago, but then I did not look very long for them either. You're probably better off just starting the grind. Every hour wasted on trying to find these servers is an hour you are not gaining XP. It's not too bad at all, but that does depend on what method you can use. I had the original game so after removing the patch I could grind pretty quickly solo.
  7. Mine is F1 2010 at 1.55%. I platted it recently more than 5 years after starting the game. It's not very hard, just a little grindy in both the single and the multiplayer. It was part of my mission to plat all F1 titles for PS3 (and in due time for PS4 too). I only need to grab the online trophies for F1 2012 to complete the PS3 games.
  8. I do not see any evidence at this point that the actual games are on it at all, where is the information that supports that claim? What I think this person means is that they appear to have been tested somewhere along the line. The test probably failed and that might explain the game list it did get, which some might describe as lackluster. Better games maybe just didn't run well (enough).
  9. I would like to see a game that rewards trophies for the correct use of you're and your
  10. Games that didn't have trophies on the PS3 but did have achievements on Xbox
  11. No, you can't and should not force other people to leave you alone. But if the gameplay of the multiplayer is yet another massive deatmatch then that sounds like something we got at least a thousand times already. With just about any adventure and/or open world game it is often a mistake to think that the gameplay of the multiplayer will be an extension of the singleplayer. It very rarely is. Most of the time the expertly crafted and immersive world along with its core gameplay mechanics get dumped completely in favour of: kill everybody. In my opinion this goes for far too many games. You will get the standard FFA, TDM and some other team or objective based gameplay but using single player models and maps and that's about it. All that is good from the single player, everything that makes the game unique in my eyes, it's all dead in the water as soon as I hit the online servers. I have not played RDR2 yet, but in the case of RDR I think it brought a little more to the table. I did the plat for it a little while ago and friendly free roam was my place to be. If anything like that will end up in RDR2 then I will have no problem with that game at all. That mode did more for me to keep me in the spirit of the single player than many other games out there. Although after a while RDR did get a little boring. It's a big world, but other than gang hideouts there is not a lot of fun to be found in the free roam. It almost felt desolate to me compared to the single player, even though you have real people around you. I played RDR about 25 hours to get the platinum. I can't imagine doing it for the 900 hours that RDR 2 is rumoured to demand. And to conclude this bit, I am so happy that I don't give a flying toss about my completion rate. Now I can just pick up the game at some point, clear out the campaign and if the online sucks I can happily ignore it. Who cares. Don't put up with shit you would otherwise not put up with, just for some trophies.
  12. I have a couple that are close, but my rarest that is not ultra rare is Watch_Dogs for the PS3 which is at 5,34%. I had a lot of fun with the game and it's pretty easy. Without any grind to speak of and the nerfed drinking game I would have expected it to sit much more comfortably in the very rare zone. Other reasonably close calls are Tomb Raider for PS3 at 5,48% and Just Cause 2 at 5,40%. (I know nobody asked about that but I just wanted to mention them because I liked them so much )
  13. I dislike the hate train as much as you seem to do. It seems to take less and less for a lot of people to spin wildly out of control. Thank you social media, where even the most meaningless of knobheads can finally feel like they matter in this world by starting or partaking in yet another witch hunt. "I hate these people too. Please subscribe and like." On the other hand, you can hardly hope everybody keeps quiet that the game is utter shit to keep the hope alive that a patch will come out some day.
  14. I am playing it on PS4 using remote play on my Vita. Not sure if that's super smart or super stupid.
  15. From what I have read, casino's did not do very well before gambling was invented. As for computer games, I think they did quite well already. Comparing regular gambling with gambling mechanics in games is comparing apples and pears. One thing exists because of itself, the other exists because apparently it can. When you look at gambling legislation, it's a bit like any other thing that you would rather not have at all in your society but will happen anyway (prostitution, drugs, gambling, etc). You try to regulate and contain, hoping that people will not flock to illegality. But like I already pointed out, games can be games pretty well without this unwanted stuff. My guess is that therefor it will just be banned outright in most if not all European countries. "Do you NEED to give away a hooker with every car to sell it? No? Then just sell the car". I think and hope that's what will happen.