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  1. I would buy Microsoft, that should do it.
  2. The P symbol does not appear on their PSNP trophy profile, I think that is what they mean. That probably also means they miss some perks like more frequent updates. I'm sure the site mods or admin can fix this for you. If someone knows the right staff member to tag please feel free to do so
  3. Yeah you do need a good connection, especially in multiplayer. I am on quick optic fiber but unfortunately sometimes my ISP seems to mess up the routing to Google servers and they do not respond for up to a minute. Battle royale games can get frustrating when you only get a black screen.
  4. Are there any GeoGuessr players here on PSN Profiles? I have been pretty active on the game for the last few years (since the Unspecified Virus of Unknown Origin struck basically) and still find it heaps of fun. If you don't know what Geoguessr is, it's basically about being dropped on a random location in Google Maps Street View and having to find out where in the world you are. You can play by yourself just to try and get good scores, or play against others in the very active multiplayer mode. The Battle Royale game mode is very popular and enjoyable and is worth checking out. If you enjoy the game too maybe share your profile (this is a link to mine) or just some stats that you are proud of, like this: Explorer mode: 47 Gold Medals and 17 Perfect Scores. Country Streak: Best streak of 101. US State Streak: Best streak of 142.
  5. Unfortunately it's not possible to have multiple accounts on the same Vita. When I got mine there were a bunch of digital games on it but to use it with my own account I had to wipe all of them. That includes wiping the save files too. If you have PS+ then you can absolutely store them there of course. Passing the Vita back and forth would grow old fast for me and would not be something I'd like to do on a daily basis. Maybe both chip in the money for a second one so you can both play on your own Vita? That would make it easier to both grab some Near trophies or knock out the online of games together.
  6. I am normally not into twin stick shooters but I enjoyed Riddled Corpse Sex immensely. It runs great on Vita and after doing that version I stacked the PS4 version too because I enjoyed it so much. Probably very easy for a seasoned player but perfect for my level.
  7. Let's start a kickstarter right away to pay for the fine when he violates his NDA
  8. 8129
  9. Yes it is. You will need someone to spectate though and I do not think there will be too many players online anymore. I see you have none of the online trophies either yet, so your best bet is to find a boost partner with a gaming session and start knocking it out.
  10. That topic will probably prove very helpful.
  11. 8120
  12. I just love starting new games and playing a little of everything. Every now and then I will focus on a game that I am in the mood for and pretty much only play that one until it's done. That gets boring fast though. I have plenty of obligations in this world to worry about. So at least have my gaming be whatever the hell I enjoy at a particular moment
  13. Ah, I see. Well, the CSS gods will probably want my head on a spike for this, but you could simply replace <table style="width:100%"> with <table border="2" style="width:100%"> to get that same effect. If you want more nice stuff on your table you are going to have to look into inline styles I'm afraid
  14. That looks like a table to me
  15. Yeah you can not paste it as raw HTML. It's for when you find a table on a webpage and want to copy and paste it here. So instead, just put that stuff in a file with an .HTML extension, open it in your browser, select the table with your cursor, copy it and then paste it here.
  16. You can copy and paste HTML directly in the text box and it should retain the formatting and styles. Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Data 1 Data 2 Data 3
  17. 8117
  18. 8114
  19. Playing on the PS4 and the release of the PS5 have not diminished my affection for the PS3 in the slighest. I have about 100 PS3 games not loaded onto my profile yet and more coming in at a steady pace each month. (I am actually expecting a package of 7 used games today.) I don't look at trophies anymore when I buy PS3 games and I'm trying to let go of them when selecting what to play as well. This week the trophyless F1 Championship Edition peaked my interest so I am playing through a simple career mode trying to unlock all the in-game trophies instead of the PSN ones. It's fun and the only 'reward' will be to allow myself to move the physical game to the "done" shelf.
  20. I would not be able to make a true top 5 if you gave me a year to think about. So instead I will limit myself to a top 5 of British comedy series that I have rewatched at least 10 times: 1. The Thick Of It 2. The League Of Gentlemen 3. Bottom 4. Marion & Geoff 5. One Foot in the Grave
  21. Never forget adequate lubrication: 8102
  22. Hah, it's you again. Next thing you will be telling us that the Telltale games are actually very difficult because you need to start the game by pressing X manually with your hands and everything.
  23. 8097
  24. Thanks for the shoutout mate. You have a great thread going here. I enjoy your other responses on the forums too and judging by your like count, many others do as well. Keep it up! As for me it will probably be a quiet gaming year in 2022 with work, lots of DIY work still left to do and now a baby on the way as well. But even if I do not get a single trophy next year, as long as everything else pans out nicely then I will be a happy man. And now back to WRC 5 on PS3 to leave the year on a round 150 plats
  25. 8093