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  1. I think this is a great idea in anything but the real world in which we are living.
  2. Time for an optician mate.
  3. Many people themselves apparently care, or else we would not have the easy plat problem at all. I would never hide something to stay on the leaderboards, but as long as I am on there it will have some benefits I'm sure. When you want to boost trophies regularly for example, which I do. When you are on the leaderboards and do not have any hidden trophies, many people will see that as a sign that you play by the rules. Of course you could still be a cheater (just a smarter one) but for many people in this community those two factors make up the tick that WakeUpHP is talking about. Vita trick gone wrong, auto popped online trophies from a hacked lobby, games he's ashamed of playing... The last one is unlikely in this case But still, plenty of good reasons for someone like him and that say nothing about the authenticity of his trophies or position.
  4. Yes indeed, this. In fact, PSNP seems to explicitly require that you can run your own servers for the trophies to be legitimate. Very odd, but maybe I am missing some information. The thing is though, in the case of these modified servers they appear to expose sensitive information about you like your console ID to whoever runs the server. I don't think any third party, including PSNP, should have that kind of information. A little while ago there was quite an uproar here over console ID's that were supposedly leaked. It feels weird to me to then just turn around and hand that information over to anyone who can get us some more trophies. (And for others: keep in mind that when you use an alt to access these servers the console ID remains the same )
  5. In my opinion something like that would indeed be needed. Because like I have raised in the recent past, as soon as I have the source code I could edit it to my liking before running it. Imagine something like giving myself a 10X XP boost or something. If that is handled by the server, adjusting it would in all likelihood be trivial.
  6. They despise boosting so much that they will pretty much ban anyone with more than 2 plats to their name. They're not going to give two shits about trophies, sorry.
  7. It is problematic because this modding group does not share their code with others so it can not be verified that earning trophies on these servers will be the same as on the original servers. Nothing about that has changed and it has been discussed in multiple topics over the last few weeks and even months. The CRT's stance is 100% clear: as long as these projects remain closed source then trophies earned can and will be flagged. If you do not care about the leaderboards (which becomes more appealing as time goes by to be honest) then feel free to join these servers on your main account. However, this modding group seems to hate not only boosting - but trophy hunters as a whole. So do not be surprised if they ban you on sight if you have more than a few plats. So a better option would be to use a secondary account and enjoy the online portions of these games that way. Make no mistake I applaud these modders and congratulate them on their efforts to bring some classic PS3 game servers back online. Being able to pop trophies legitimately would be even better, but it's a great development regardless. I hope they manage to iron out many of the bugs that still seem to be present.
  8. I used to be able to check someone's trophies at (if they had a public profile). That made it a lot easier to help someone in a situation like this. That method does not work anymore, is there a good alternative? Even with a vague question like this you could mostly figure out what their problem was.
  9. Doom 2016 would be worth going for the plat mate, such a great game.
  10. USA accounts do not seem to be affected at all. It's probably some server for EU region that is down and needs to be kicked back into action. I also have the problem, but I'm sure this goes for everybody with an account in this region. I have not seen a single EU player who has reported they can access the store from their Vita. All we can do is wait until they fix it (and hope that they do).
  11. Thanks for this. I have also been told that the 1.0 disc version of Pure Pool is a little more forgiving. so I bought a copy some time ago. Saves are incompatible though, so I would need to restart the 8-ball career completely while I am only a couple of games away from the final there on the digital version. Maybe having that disc version as a backup gives me the motivation that I need to finally get that finished. I also have the DLC but will probably not even attempt the 147 to save me what little sanity I have left.
  12. I have bought dozens of PS3 games since I last posted here. Among other games I finally managed to find a good copy of Afrika with trophy support in good condition and at a very decent price. I also got Teslagrad, Rambo and a few other semi rare titles. Luckily you can still find good prices when you're willing to be a little patient. One funny thing that happened was when I bought the Udraw and some games at an online second hand game shop. They emailed me that the Udraw itself turned out to not be in stock and what I would like instead. So I went through their store and gave them 3 options of games for that price and told them to pick any 1 of those that they would want to part with. When the package arrived they had included all 3 by accident. I mailed them and they did not seem to mind too much so that turned out to be a very decent haul. Especially because I had also found the Udraw elsewhere already for a lower price. Anyway, this is the latest batch of games that arrived this morning:
  13. I was quite lucky it seems, NASCAR Heat 3's trophies were way more buggy for me than this game. The only carreer trophy that glitched for me here was the 10 seasons one. My advice would be to close and restart the game every time an important trophy should pop soon. I had to do that to finally have the 10 seasons trophy to pop after my 12th season. Although simming a dirt season only takes about 10 minutes tops, it's still annoying. (Note: you can sim the truck invites as well if you pick " Race later" when it's offered to you). I also had problems with the split screen trophy for being the champion after 4 races. What helped for me was to make sure I only took the lead with my main account on the 4th race. An easy way to do this is (when doing it yourself with 2 controllers like most people will): Restart the game and go straight into splitscreen. Race 1: Win with your alt and be last with your main. Race 2: Be second with your alt and last with your main. Race 3: Win the race with your main and be last with your alt. Race 4: Win the race with your main and be last with your alt. As a final tip, most people seem to pick a dirt race at Jefferson to grind out the final wins. I find that doing Pocono in the trucks is faster and I never fail to take the win there. It's also 1 lap but a faster one than Jefferson. Stay in the draft as long as you can after the start and pass cars on the left. Switch to the right before the first corner and ride the wall to pass almost everyone else. Use the remainder of the lap to catch any runaway drivers and pick up win after win. You can get 40 wins per hour at Pocono this way. I like the way these games have slowly improved over the years. This one looks pretty good although it does have some performance issues. I have to say that running my own dirt team buying cars, hiring staff, doing the work and then running the races is as much fun as I have had in this sort of racing game in a while.
  14. I will be swapping out Assetto Corsa in favour of NASCAR Heat 4. I did not buy a wheel yet, and if I did have one I would have nowhere to put it right now. I will return to that one later. This way I might still have a chance finishing my second tier after months of hardly any time to game.
  15. I regularly add people for boosting but never delete them as soon as we're done. Over time some people have unfriended me, but the majority has kept me on PSN as well. So not to be an asshole or anything, but are you sure you're pleasant to deal with online if everyone deletes you right away?
  16. Toybox Turbos
  17. Sly seems to have finally taken a definite stance on RLTW and the level trophies, which removes any doubt there previously may have been. I am curious to find out if he even wants these accounts on the leaderboards at all anymore, even if the game was hidden. This was not a mistake by these users, they actively sought out a hacker to help them get these trophies. Most are trying to save their skin by playing dumb, but the vast majority of them will know that it involved hacking and CFW on the helper's part, which is pretty much the same as using CFW yourself in my opinion. It just takes less effort this way so it's even lazier. You might call it very stupid to do this on some huge and easy to access Discord channel. And yes, some people are just a bit dense. I mean, I have seen people ask to have RLTW bounty's placed on them in gaming sessions here too. But that also very much shows how widespread leaderboard manipulation is nowadays and how acceptable that apparently is for a lot of players. It wasn't just a handful getting caught here, it's likely in the hundreds. If you care about your leaderboard position, do you really want to continue competing against these obvious frauds? Luckily I do not give a damn about my own position on this increasingly meaningless ladder.
  18. I see you did not get these done yet, so thought I'd finally chip in after doing these in an hour or two the other night. I'm not sure what your digital racing abilities are, but for me these challenges were the easiest of all of the NASCAR games that have had them (that I've done so far). Driving aids: First of all, you can adjust the driving aids to your liking which helps a lot. I would not recommend turning them all off, because that will make the handling on some challenges impossible with a controller. I would not turn all of them completely up either, because that will slow you down too much for all but the easiest challenges. Instead look for a happy medium that you are most comfortable with. These are the available driving aids. I will explain a bit what they do and also what I would consider the best settings for someone who is struggling with most challenges: Driving - This makes the computer determine the throttle and braking. Always keep this one at 0% because anything above it will affect your speed. Stability Help - As the name suggests, this will keep your car more or less stable depending on the percentage. You can safely put this at 100% so that you can slam the throttle and brakes as you wish without turning your car into a wobbly mess. Steering Help - You can play with this one but I recommend starting at 50% and adjusting it up and down to see what it does for you. Off Throttle and Braking Oversteer - NASCAR racing cars are very heavy and have a lot of sway, which means that they are prone to oversteering. With a good setup, a steering wheel and a lot of talent you can use that to be faster, but because we both probably lack all of those things, let's keep these ones at 100% to eliminate oversteer pretty much completely. Wall avoidance - This is the last one and I recommend keeping it at 0%. For one, it allows you to cheese a difficult challenge. But it's of absolutely no use getting slowed down when you get near a wall, just learn to let go of the gas a little sooner if this happens to you a lot So as you can see, all the driving aids can safely be set on the max or min values, except one (Steering help) that you can play around with. General tips: Once you find a driving aids setting that gets you past a challenge, keep it until you run into problems again. Avoid frustration by restarting an already failed challenge with Options -> Triangle (and keep in mind that you can quickly change the driving aids here too by pressing Square). I did not adjust the setup of my car at any point by the way so the default setup is fine to use to beat all of them. Don't give up too quickly on a challenge, because you need to grind it sometimes and some of it needs a little luck too. But because they do not need to be done in order you can always skip to a different one if you're getting really annoyed. Specific challenges: I also have some tips for you for challenges where I deviated from the tactis mentioned in the guide at PST. Not that I really needed to look at those to beat the challenges, but I did look over them just now. So here are some specific tips that are probably easier to do then what is described there. #4 Gassed: This one puts you on Bristol with a large lead while you're running out of fuel. My tactic is to let go of the gas a lot in the first 2 laps. On those first 2 laps, build up a little speed out of the corner until you're about halfway on the straight, then simply let go off the throttle. Keep a little speed through the turn with minimal throttle. Once the engine starts sputtering, just keep the throttle down the whole lap. With driving aids as described above, your car will not become unstable at all. If the engine shuts down completely before the final 1 or 2 corners of the race, you need to save more on the first 2 laps. Also, look in your mirrors on the final lap and be prepared to block the second place driver coming out of the final corner. #7 Stay in the Draft: When I stayed in the draft for both laps I struggled to get close to the lead car. In the end I beat it by drafting on the first lap and making the jump just after starting lap 2. You should pick up the draft of the lead car when you get close to 200mph going into turn 1 on the final lap and clear him comfortably before the finish line. #8 Monster Momentum: You're at the wonderful Dover Downs where you are in front of the pack with tyres that are almost dead. With 0% driving aids you can hardly make a single turn, let alone defend both grooves from the pack. So my best tip is to not even try, but cheese this one instead. Again, using the driving aids I explained above you can just keep the throttle down pretty much all the way. Creep up towards the outside wall before turns 1 and 3, start steering into the corner full lock and try to hit the wall on the outside as late as possible with the throttle still fully open. This will hardly brush of speed, but it will turn your car towards the apex again. Accelerate out onto the straight and you should still have a comfortable distance to the cars behind you. It's only 2 laps and when done right this method will hardly ever fail. #12 Pit Gamble: I found that there is no need to pit. I got this on the first try with the driving aids as described above by just completing the laps and not making a pit stop. I even popped a tyre on the final lap but apart from losing some speed, completing the challenge was still a breeze. #18 Out Of My Way: This is the only other challenge that took me more than 1 or 2 tries. Passing 37 cars in 2 laps is a tall order. The clue for me was to prefer the inside line for passing because it's too easy to get stuck behind other cars on the outside. If you're only about 15th going into the final corner don't restart because you can get a major draft from the pack up front and pass all of them before the finish line. If you are struggling with a specific challenge that I did not mention yet be sure to respond here. Maybe I can also find the time to record my own solution to it. Good luck, if you can manage to give it another go I'm sure you can do it.
  19. A jew, a muslim and a christian walk into a bar. Bartender: "Is this some kind of joke?".
  20. I got this on the first lap I tried it getting completely off the track in the final corner. Once you know where to get a specific trophy (like the 20 meter rallycross jump one) they are extremely easy.
  21. This will definitely help 180 no scoping those damn squirels.
  22. Another fun fact: whenever someone posts something completely off topic here 454 people receive a notification about it. Welcome to Upcoming Server Shutdowns & Delistings, this is where we Upcoming Server Shutdowns & Delistings.
  23. I tried to do 1 level every night in the past few weeks running arcade mode over and over while watching some YouTube videos. I managed to finish it a couple of days ago and have done some DLC trophies today as well. Very happy I managed to get this pretty much done, despite my very busy agenda right now. Good luck to everyone still trying to go for it!
  24. Sony does not care about banning trophy hackers, this site does.
  25. Can five people make a trophy video guide please thanks.